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Hunter, Williams and Paterson Rivers

Following are Links to some of the Hunter, Paterson and Williams River Maps listed in the Catalogue at the National Library of Australia, State Library of New South Wales, Hunter Living Histories and Lake Macquarie History sites.  Some of the Names and Places mentioned on each Map are in brackets

1. Map of Parishes in the County of Durham.......

(Peter Cunningham, William Ogilvie, Charles Cameron, William Bell Carlise, George Forbes, John Blaxland, Crawford Logan Brown, S. Irving, Thomas Horton James, J.M. Davis, Francis Forbes, Henry Dumaresq)   Online


2. Map of (James) King's Grant....

(Williams River, Hunter River, Raymond Terrace - Pennington, Hood, Henderson, Windeyer, Graham,  Siddon)  Online

3. 1857 Plan showing the extent to which the lowlands on the River Hunter:  and its tributaries between Oakhampton and Hexham were submerged by the great flood of August 1857.  Online


4. Map of area adjacent to Hunter River above Maitland....

(Wolsingham, Gosforth, Middlehope, Hunter River, T.M.W. Winder, Vicars Jacob, R.C. Pritchett, Beresford Hudson, Henry Hawes, George Cobb, Dr. Rutherford, William Hicks, James Reid, Timothy Nowlan, H.D. Owen, W Wilkinson, William Innes)   Online


5. Map of Properties adjacent to the Hunter River......

(R.C. Dillon, Francis Eagar, R. Kelly, James Smith, W. Hickey, James McClymont)  Online


6. Map of Properties adjacent to the Hunter River...

(Bowthorne, Hinton, Ahalton, Parker, Smith, Hindson, Eagar, Kelly, Hickey, Eales)   Online


7. Carmichael, Henry. Sketch of admeasurement : with the view of ascertaining the true boundary lines of certain farms on Hunter River 1850......

(Bowthorn, Parker, Webber, Smith, Hindson, Eagar, Dillon, Kelly, Hickey)   Online

8. Sketch of Forbes Town, Parish of Brougham on Hunter River....

(Parratt, Quinnell, George Forbes, James Atkinson)   Online


9. Plan of Oaklands adjoining Tomago Estate  Online

10. Farley near Maitland  : the estate of Captain Hungerford arranged into suburban allotments....

(Fishery and Wallis Creeks, Dagworth, T.V. Blomfield, Veteran's grants, R. Hungerford, W. Radford, W.C. Wentworth, E.D. Day, David Maziere, G. Hawker)  Online


11. Map of sundry allotments in the town of West Maitland

the property of J. Weller 1840. Online


12. Plan for Mitchell's Ford over Hunter River. 1840 - 1849.....

(Nowland, Innes, Leitrim, Oakhampton, Melville)   Online


13.  Plan of Ravensfield estate /

divided into 24 allotments 1850 - 1857.   Online


14. Plan of properties adjoining Fal Brook, Parish of Vane. 1833.....

(James Glennie) Online


15. Plan of properties adjoining Fal Brook, Parish of Vane. 1833....

(E. Cullen, D. Kennedy, Edward Alcorn, Henry Snell, D. Poland) Online


16.  Plan of part of the estate of Oswald, Hunter River  1847.

(Hunter River, Luskintyre, W.C. Wentworth, J.T. Hughes, Lochinvar, Harper's Hill, Windermere, Duguid)   Online


17. Plan of Osterley, Hunters River . 1855.  Online


18. Plan of Newcastle and Port Hunter. 1840 - 1849.

(Platt's Channel, Throsby's Creek, A.B. Sparke, A.W. Scott, Salt Works, Maitland to Newcastle Road)    Online


19. Map of the coal properties in the Newcastle district . 1900 - 1909  Online


20. Plan of Raymond Terrace, N.S.W. 1837. Online


21. Tracing showing position of 640 acres : applied for to purchase by Mr Michael Cunnean in County of Durham 

(Goorangoola, Camberwell, Vane, Fallbrook, Robert Lethbridge, Captain W. Russell, J. Brabyn, J.B. Weller.)    Online


22. Plan of area between Paterson, Hunter and Williams Rivers, N.S.W.  1830 - 1839

(Middlehope, Barford, Houghton, Uffington, Seaham, Eldon, Thornton, Wilmott, Horton, Butterwick)    Online


23. Detail plan of part of area between Paterson, Hunter and William's Rivers, N.S.W 1830 - 1839.

(Butterwick, Seaham, Hinton, Ahalton Farm, Magner, Hindson, Eales, Capel, Eagar, Hickey,Warren, Scott, McClymont, Major Sullivan).   Online


24. Map of allotments adjacent to William River, N.S.W.

(Seaham, Dixon, Torrence, Still, Fisher.) Online


25. Tracing from sketch showing Hugh Torrens 2000 Acres  in the parishes of Seaham and Butterwick, and Andrew Dixons 1600 acres in the parish of Seaham  Online


26. Plan of land sold to D.F. Forbes and John Hooke, on Williams River. 1836

(Mackay, Tabbil Creek,  Online


27. Tracing from survey of farms, Williams River. 1836

 (Alexander Warren, Walter Scott, Sarah Supton Still, A. Fisher)  Online


28.  William [i.e. Williams] River at Seaham and under 1831.

(P. Sinclair, Adam Smith, D. Sinclair, D. McLeod, Alexander Warren, J. Newton) Online


29. Tracing showing position of 1180 ac. at Wallarobba, Durham

(John McDonald, Baxter, Chapman   Online


30. Tracing showing properties adjacent to Williams River 1833.

(William Foster, Charles Windeyer, James Dowling, Miss. A.M. Windeyer, Mrs. Thompson)   Online


31. Tracing showing properties adjacent to Williams River : 27th Oct. 1836

(Lawrence Myles) Online


32. Plan showing 100 ac. of land in the Parish of Uffington : Co. of Durham, applied for by W. Reynolds 1840 

(Allman, Fisher, Binder, Thompson)  Online


33. Sketch showing the measurement of Clarence Town : and three farms in the Parish of Uffington, Co. of Durham. 1832.

(D.C. Orpan, Francis Allman, Reynolds, Binder, Whitmore, Lowe & Marshall, Clarencetown)  Online


34. Tracing of sketch showing the hundred and forty acres : the Parish of King, Co. Gloucester.

(James King, Newton, James Gill).  Online


35. Plan of 640 acres of land adjacent to the town of Dungog / Henry Carmichael Online


36. Village of Paterson, Parish of Houghton, Durham 1849Online


37. Sketch of village of Paterson, N.S.W., showing outlet roads.

(William Henry Chapman, William Lawson. Public Landing Place)  Online


38. Sketch showing a portion of ground in the Parish of Houghton 1833 - 1835.

( J.H. Boughton, Mrs. S. Ward, E.G. Cory) Online


39. Tracing of land between Paterson and Allyn Rivers, N.S.W.

(Francis Blower Gibbes, Charles Boydell, George Townsend, Hugh Frazer, John McIntryre) Online


40. Tracing showing the property of James Dunlop, in the County of Brisbane.

(George Blaxland, J.B. Bettington, James Dunlop, Robert Campbell, A.K. McKenzie, Gummum Creek) Online


41. Plan of 30 acres of land at Long Bight Swamp, County of Gloucester  1852. (William Russell, William Barber)Online


42. Cross, Joseph. Map of the River Hunter, and its branches : showing the Lands reserved thereon for Church purposes, the Locations made to Settlers, and the Settlement and part of the Lands of the Australian Agricultural Company at Port Stephens together with the Station of the Mission to the Aborigines belonging to the London Missionary Society on Lake Macquarie, New South Wales 1828.   Online


43. Durham County Maps - Discover Collections - State Library NSW - Online

This 1843 map of Durham County shows the various land grants and purchases in the area at the time. It was compiled for Baker's Australian county atlas: dedicated by the publisher to Sir T.L. Mitchell ... showing the various parishes, townships, grants, purchases and unlocated lands, 1843.


44. Lake Macquarie Map - Lake Macquarie History site -

Lake Macquarie: Parish of Awaba, County of Northumberland, Shire of Lake Macquarie. Parish map in 4 sheets and reference sheet: South East Sheet


45Map of the River Hunter - Map of the River Hunter, and its branches : shewing the Lands reserved thereon for Church purposes, the Locations made to Settlers, and the Settlement and part of the Lands of the Australian Agricultural Company at Port Stephens together with the Station of the Mission to the Aborigines belonging to the London Missionary Society on Lake Macquarie - National Library of Australia (Henry Dangar's 1828 Map)    Online


46. Barrallier's 1801 Map - Hunter River - Hunter Living Histories    Online


47. Robert Dixon's Map of New South Wales c. 1837. National Library of Australia   Online


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