Free Settler or Felon?

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Newcastle in 1841

Population in 1841

Town of Newcastle - 1252  Military Detachment - 125  Hexham - 80


Ash Island Australian Agricultural Co Beech Street
Bolton Street Church Street Custom House
Dempsey Island Glebe Hexham
Hospital Hunter Street Iron Bark Hill
King Street  Lake Macquarie Newcomen Street
Pacific Street Parnell Place Perkin Street
Police Office Scott Street   Stockton
Tickhole Watt Street   Wolfe Street



Ash Island - Find out more about Ash Island here

Edward Bedford

Charles Vincent




Married Couples - 17

Single Men -  199

Single Woman 12

Arrived free -  Men 50; Women 24

In Private Assignment - Men 144

General Total - 245




Patrick Deegan

William Hill

John Mosely

Thomas Smith




William Anthony John Burkill

William Croasdill

William Croker

James Croft

Abraham Fielding

Alexander Flood

Jane Fraser

Robert Grigg

Robert Harlock

Mrs. M.A. Jay

Edward Priest

Henry Usher




George William Jackson

J.M. Scott

C.P.N. Wilton (Parsonage)




Robert L. Bower




Dempsey Island - Find out more about Dempsey Island here

John Baker




James Morley




Hexham - Select here to find out more about early Hexham

Charles Dee

William Ledgerwood

William Sparke

John Tunney




W.S. Proctor




Francis Berry

Thomas Buxton

John Fleming

Jesse Hannell

Thomas Harrison

Edmund Hayes

Bennison Laverty

George Napier

Ann McNamara

Malcolm Perry

William Salisbury

Robert Tighe

James Wills




Thomas Hardes

Thomas Hyde

William Thornton



Henry Ashton

Edward Biddulph

Mary Ann Cooper

Richard Griffiths

John Jones

George Kennewell

Samuel Langham

Frederick Lawson

William Lucas

Johanna McCarthy

Edward Sleigh

John Smith




Jonathan Warner

William Brooks



Thomas Bridges

George Brooks

William Wilton




John Hannell

Finlay Kerr




Parnell Place - Select here to view an image of the Sandhills at Newcastle dated 16 May 1855, showing cottages near the old Gaol in the area that became known as Parnell Place

Christopher Vincent Dowling R.C.C.




James Hannell

William Rouse

Samuel Wright




Police Office

Standish Callaghan




Lieutenant Fraser (No 3 Stockade)



John Hayes (Pirate Point)




Barbara Beckett

William Clarke

James Cornish

John Elliott

John Field (Gaoler at Newcastle)

Henry Fenwick

John Fenwick

W.B. Fenwick

C. C. Greenway

James St. John Ranclaud

Joseph Sewell

Donald Shaw

Henry Styles

M. Thomas

Samuel Webb

William Webster




James Limeburner



P. J. Archer

Isaac Austin

Mary Ann Brunker

James Campbell

John Henry Crummer

Michael John Davis

James Augustus Erskine (Commissariat)

George Felton

E.C. Furlong

John T. Henderson

Simon Kemp

Emery Lockett

James McGreavy

William Page

Henry Rees

Elizabeth Rowell

Alexander Walker Scott

James Steele



Alexander Brown

Richardson & Hudson




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