Hunter Valley Colonial Medical Practitioners


Patrick Thomas Tighe



Patrick Tighe arrived as surgeon on the James Laing in November 1840.

He was listed as a qualified Medical practitioner for Newcastle District in 1847 and 1848. (3)

In 1849 he was employed as coroner at Campbelltown and held an inquest into the deaths of two women who had been murdered in January 1849 (4) 

In April 1852 Thomas Humphreys was sentenced to nine months imprisonment with hard labour for cutting and wounding Patrick Thomas Tighe at Campbelltown on the 27th January. They had been friends, often drinking together, but Tighe accused Humphreys of stealing his cloak and after quarrelling, Humphreys beat him severely with a bludgeon.

Patrick Tighe died at Campbelltown in 1858. The Sydney Herald reported on the inquest.....  An inquest was held at Campbelltown on 22nd October 1858 at the house of George Fieldhouse, the sign of the Jolly Miller, on the body of Patrick Thomas Tighe, apothecary and generally known as Dr. Tighe. It appeared in evidence that deceased had been drinking for the last three weeks, and was occasionally subject to fits of intemperance, during which he took no care of himself, and was frequently an inmate of the lock up for protection as well as punishment. Dr. Scouler certified that death was the result of apoplexy produced by habits of intemperance, and the jury found a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony. (1)

Catherine Tighe responded in correspondence soon afterwards.....To the Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald

Sir, Having seen an uncalled for report on an inquest on the body of the late Dr. Tighe from your Campbelltown correspondent which ran thus: Patrick Thomas Tighe apothecary" I beg to say that he was a legally qualified M.D. for many years in Europe and also legally qualified in this country for eighteen years, which I have his diplomas to prove...Catherine Tighe. (2)



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