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Extract from Huntington's History of Newcastle...... In 1836 Newcastle boasted of 704 residents but in 1842 there were 1377, and the following names are among the inhabitants of 1842.

Ecclesiastical department 
Rev. C.P.N. Wilton M.A. Church of England;
Rev. C.V. Dowling Roman Catholic Church;
Rev. William Brooks, of Lake Macquarie;
John Bulmer, Presbyterian teacher;
Mr. L. Lightbody Wesleyan teacher;
Mr. D. McGraw a miner and local preacher.

Medical Profession
Dr. George Brooks, Colonial Surgeon;
Richard Ryther Steer Bowker
William Wilton.

Government Officials
Captain Armstrong
Lieutenant Armstrong of the 99th Regiment;
F. Becke clerk, of the peace;
Samuel Bartlett, superintendent of convicts;
Charles Bolton, Custom House officer;
Captain J.H. Crummer, Police Magistrate;
James Field, gaoler;
L. Kerr, clerk of the goal;
C. Milligen, assistant gaoler;
J. Rourke, turnkey;
J. Hudson, Government barrack contractor;
George Jackson pilot;
J. Grey, barrack sergeant;
Walter Scott, superintendent of Government works;
Martin Richardson , Government contractor;
Jesse Hannell, chief constable ;
Thomas Harrison lockup keeper;
Alexander Flood postmaster;
J.A. Erskine, commissary
R.J. Bowen coast officer.

James Hannell,
Joseph McGreavy,
Wicks Norton,
William Rouse
Robert Tighe.

School teachers
George Fulford,
Miss Hasking,
Mrs. Jay

Lawyer  Henry Boyce, whose place of residence was Lake Macquarie.

Francis Berry,
George Kimble,
William Pepperhill
Malcolm Perry.

John Hutcheson
William Page.

John Bacon

Benjamin Taylor.

General dealers or storekeepers
Mrs. Mary Ann Brunker,
Thomas Buxton,
Thomas Bruce,
James Croft,
A. M. Davis,
Thomas Groves,
Samuel Higgenden,
H. Usher, and
Mrs. Elizabeth Ronald (Rowell).

 Simon Kemp; one

Mrs. Nixon

Joseph Spragg

Harness maker
Henry Lamburne

Boarding house keeper
Patrick Diggins

Keeper of the Newcastle Temperance Coffee House
Thomas Thrum

Boat builders were
Peter Gow
William Greaves
John George Thrum

Charles McDonald
Shapter and Hunter

Boot and shoe makers
William Clarke
Thomas Dalley
L. Griffiths,
William Lucas
J. McDempster
Edward Sleigh
William Stock

Edward Priest
John Howden
John Rainsford

J. Kilfoil
John Tanley

Salt boiler Robert Evenden of Stockton

Cloth Factory proprietors Robert Fisher and A.E. Hayes, Stockton

Iron foundry superintendent  John Wallace

Joseph Steel
William Roberts
John Roberts

A.A. Company's coal works
Alexander Brown was coal viewer
William Croasdell superintendent
William Grades overseer
John Henderson clerk
Henry Langbean, fitter up
Everett Summers, storekeeper
Joseph Charlot and Thomas Owen the company's blacksmiths.
John Smith and William Page, Contractors
Thomas Goodall was an engineer residing at Stockton

Residents in Newcastle in 1842 - W.H. Huntington Newcastle Morning Herald 6 July 1898



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