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Spread Eagle Inn


Edmund Wright held the license for the Spread Eagle Inn at Rutherford in 1844, 1845, and 1846.

He could provide 1000 acres of fenced accommodation paddock opposite his residence for horses and colts.

In July 1848 he moved to George Poulton's House known as the Cross Keys Inn (1)

Jacob Gorrick took up the license for the Spread Eagle Inn in April 1848 (2) ...........

J. Gorrick begs respectfully to acquaint his friends and the public that he has opened the Spread Eagle Inn (late Wrights) with a choice selection of wines spirits cordials etc and in soliciting their patronage assures them that no pains will be spared to render them comfortable should they favour him with a call. The accommodation paddocks are large secure and well watered and every information will be afforded parties having fat cattle or sheep for sale as to the state of the market and best buyers. A careful steady stockman has been engaged to assist in drafting cattle and to fetch up the working bullocks every morning. Every attention will be paid to stock but JG will not be responsible for loss or accidents.  (3)

One year later Mr. Gorrick was advertising 'Attractive Sport' to be held at the Inn on Easter Monday. A first rate hog-skin saddle was the prize for the first race to be held on the day and a new hat for climbing a greasy pole. The concluding sport would be a race for a pig with his tail greased. Find out more about Colonial Entertainment here

In 1852 Spencer Butler was granted a publican's license for the Spread Eagle Inn and in April 1854 Joshua John Rose was granted the license.

In 1863 bushranger Thunderbolt was found at the Spread Eagle Inn by Mr. Delaney after carrying out a robbery at the nearby toll gate.

Read about it in the Maitland Mercury      

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