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To be eligible tor  Commission as Medical Inspector or Deputy Medical Inspector of Hospital and Fleets, a Surgeon must have served four years in Her Majesty's Navy as Surgeon on board a Commissioned Ship To qualify an Officer to receive a Commission as Surgeon, he must have been three years employed; an Assistant Surgeon, one year of which, at least, must be on board a Commissioned Ship, and the other two may be served in one of Her Majesty's Naval Hospital; and he shall pass such Elimination as the Admiralty may from time to time direct; but no Surgeon or Assistant Surgeon,  shall retire from his employment without the sanction of the Admiralty, or who shall refuse or avoid service, if found capable of serving, shall be allowed to receive half-pay ; and his name in such case will be removed from the list of Officers of the Royal Navy.

An Assistant-Surgeon shall produce proof of his having served the usual and required Apprenticeship and shall pass such Examination as the Admiralty may from time to time direct; but no Candidate shall be examined before he shall have attained the age of 20 years, nor after the age of 24.

Sir Gilbert Blane. Bart., with the concurrence of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, for the encouragement of Naval Medical Science, and excitement of an emulation that may conduce to the interests of an important branch of the public service, established a Fund in perpetuity, for the purpose of providing the means of conferring a gold medal, once in every two years, on such two Medical Officers whether Surgeons or Assistant-Surgeons acting as Surgeons, as shall produce the most approved journals of their practice, whilst actually serving in Her Majesty's Ships. - THE NEW NAVY LIST AND GENERAL RECORD OF THE SERVICES OF OFFICERS OF THE ROYAL NAVY ... By JOSEPH ALLEN

Uniform worn by Surgeons in the Royal Navy

19th Century Medical Terms


More information can be found about some of the surgeons on the Convict Ships  pages

*Date of Seniority Royal Navy  




Thomas Davie Thomas Davies Thomas Davis
J Davison David Deas Alexander Dewar
James Dickson Robert Dickson John Dobie
Robert Dobie S. Donnelly Samuel Donnelly
William Donnelly James Donnet Anthony Donoghoe
James Donovan Michael Dorke John Drummond
John Duke John Dulhunty Robert Dunn
Thomas Dunn    


Edmonston John Edwards John Elliott
 James Ellis William Elyard  Robert Espie
Evan Evans William Evans William Evans  R.N.,


George Fairfowl Archibald Ferguson John Ferrier
W.S. Fielding Peter Fisher George Ellery Forman
James Forrester George Irwin Fox Campbell France
Charles Henry Fuller Fyffe  


Thomas Galloway John Gannon David Geddes
John Gibson Thomas Gibson  James Gilchrist
H. Goldney Michael Goodsir James A Gordon
Peter Gossam William Graham William Gray
William Gregor     


James Hall John William Hallion Sir John Hamett
James Hamilton J.M. Hamilton William Hamilton 
John S. Hampton John Harris John Haslam
Alexander Henderson Andrew Henderson William Henderson
Edward Hilditch Patrick Hill Joseph Hislop
 John Hogan Joseph Hughes Richard Hughes 
Archibald Hume James Hunter Thomas Hunter


George Imlay John Inches John Isatt
 Charles Inches John Irvine  


Alexander Jack  Jameson Thomas Jamison
Edward Jeffery Thomas Jewell Ebenezer Johnston
James Wingate Johnston John Johnston Philip Jones
William B. Jones William H.B. Jones  


Cornelius Kelly John Kelly Henry Kelsall
Richard Kent Thomas H. Keown Charles F. Keveru
John Kidd Alexander Kilroy Gilbert King
Charles R. Kinnear John Justice Wiliam Knust   


John J. Lancaster Archibald Lang Jason Lardner
James Lawrence Walter Lawrence  Emanuel Lazzaretto
Edward Leah Frederick W. Le Grand  William F. Le Grand
Thomas Leighton Peter Leonard Richard Lewis
William Leyson Charles Linton Francis Logan
Thomas Logan George Longstaff John Love


Samuel Mackay D. Mackenzie Robert Maclean
Alexander C. Macleroy John MacMillan George D. Maclaren
Benjamin McAvoy George McLure Robert McCrea
W. McCrea Thomas Wallis McDonald  William McDonald
William McDowell Alexander McKechnie James McKerrow
Allen McLaren Colin McLaughlin Robert McLean
John McMillan Daniel McNamara James McTernan
Patrick McTernan J.O. McWilliam Parick Magovern 
Henry Mahon Maine Robert Malcolm
William Marshall William Martin Martin Mason
Patrick Martyn  James A Mercer James Mileham
Andrew Millar James Mitchell Andrew Montgomery
John Moodie J. Morgan John Morgan
James Morice Harvey Morris John Mortimer
John Arnold Mould  Jacob Mountgarrett George Todd Moxey
John Munro    


Alexander Neill  J.P. Neibuhr Alexander Nisbett
Alexander Noble Edward Nolloth Isaac Noott
Charles K. Nutt     


Alick Osborne James Osborne John Osborne 


Palmer James Patton John Pawson
William Petrie Obediah Pineo William Porteus
Morgan Price William Price Thomas Prosser


Charles Queade


William Rae John Rankine William Redfern
David Reid Thomas Reid Thomas Ring
David Ritchie  George Roberts J.J.W. Roberts
John Robertson Thomas Robertson John Rodmell
William Rogers  Archibald Ross David Ross
George Rowe Thomas Christie Roylance George Shaw Rutherford
James Rutherford Henry Ryan  


W.M. Saunders Arthur Savage James Scott
Thomas Seaton John Thomas Sharpe Andrew Sinclair 
Samuel Sinclair James Skeoch John Sloan
Andrew Smith Andrew Smith R.N. Charles Smith
James Smith John Smith William Smith
Thomas Sommerville Oliver Sproule John Stephenson
Robert Stephenson Joseph Steret Alexander Stewart 
John Grant Stewart William Stewart Peter Suther 
James Syme John Syme  


Robert Tainsh John Tarn Alexander Taylor 
David Thomas John Thompson David Thomson
George Thomson James Thomson Thomas Thomson
Charles Throsby Philip Toms William Henry Trotman 
Samuel Turner J. Tweeddale   


Caryer Vickery 


Elphinstone Walker Hugh Walker William Waters
A. Watson David Watson William Conborough Watt 
George Hume Weatherhead Major West William West
John While John Whitmarsh George Williams 
John G. Williams Andrew Douglas Wilson James Wilson
John Wilson Thomas Braidwood Wilson Robert Wylie
David Wyse    




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