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Convict Ship Surgeons

Cornelius Kelly Woodman to VDL in 1826
John Kelly Canada to NSW in 1801
Henry Kelsall Andromeda to NSW in 1834; Margaret to NSW in 1837; Waterloo 1842 (wrecked); Cape Packet to VDL in 1842; John Calvin to Norfolk Island & VDL in 1846
Richard Kent Boddingtons to NSW 1793
Thomas Heron Keown Mount Stewart Elphinstone to VDL in 1848; Hyderabad to VDL in 1850
Charles T.S. Kevern Dudbrook to Fremantle in 1853
John Kidd Whitby to NSW in 1839; Egyptian to VDL in 1840; Emma Eugenia to VDL in 1842; Nile to VDL in 1851
Alexander Kilroy Mayda to Norfolk Island in 1846; Australasia to VDL in 1849; Mermaid to Fremantle in 1851;
Gilbert King Medway in 1825; Marquis of Hastings to NSW in 1827; Lord Lyndoch to VDL in 1831; Eden to VDL in 1836; Moffatt to VDL in 1835
Charles Ritchie Kinnear Cadet to VDL in 1848
John Justice W. Kunst Hillsborough to NSW in 1799; Hercules to NSW in 1802