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Convict Ship Surgeons

William Mackenzie Saunders Norwood to Fremantle in 1867
Arthur Savage John to VDL in 1833; Norfolk to VDL in 1835;   Captain Cook to NSW in 1836
James Scott Castle Forbes to NSW in 1820
Thomas Seaton Tasmania to VDL in 1844
John Thomas Sharpe Barwell to NSW in 1798
Andrew Sinclair Asia to VDL in 1842; Asiatic to VDL in 1843
Samuel Sinclair  Appointed Surgeon R.N., 11 August 1804.  Mary to VDL in 1831.
James Skeoch Bengal Merchant to VDL in 1828
John Sloan Tory to VDL in 1845
Andrew Smith General Stewart to NSW in 1818
Andrew Smith R.N. John Renwick to NSW in 1838
Charles Smith Tory to VDL in 1848 ; Duke of Cornwall to VDL in 1850
James Smith Moffatt to VDL in 1842
John Smith Marquis of Huntley in 1828, Surry in 1834, the Moffatt  in 1836 and the Clyde in 1838.
Thomas Somerville St. Vincent to VDL in 1853
Oliver Sproule Borneo to VDL in 1828; Larkins to N.S.W. in 1829;  Jane to NSW in 1831; Lady Nugent to NSW in 1835
John Stephenson Guildford to VDL in 1829; Eleanor to NSW in 1831; Katherine Stewart Forbes to VDL in 1832; Waterloo to NSW in 1833; Neva in 1835 (wrecked).
Robert Stephenson Anna Maria to VDL in 1848   
Joseph Steret Camden to NSW in 1833; Edward to VDL in 1834; Bardaster to VDL in 1836; Neptune to VDL in 1838; Gilmore to VDL in 1839
Alexander Stewart America to NSW in 1829; Southworth to VDL in 1830 ; Aurora to NSW in 1833.
John Grant Stewart Nautilus to VDL in 1838; Egyptian to VDL in 1839; British Sovereign to VDL in 1841
William Stewart Glory to NSW in 1818
Peter Suther Mangles to VDL in 1835;
James Syme Gilmore to VDL in 1843
John Syme Royal Admiral to NSW in 1792