Free Settler or Felon?

Convict Ship Surgeons - V


*Date of Seniority Royal Navy

VICKERY, Caryer Hawkins *11 December 1804 (Date of Seniority Royal Navy)


Caryer Hawkins Vickery was born 11 March and baptised 7 June 1787 St. George the Martyr Queens Square Camden, son of Caryer and Catherine Vickery. (121)

John Walter was apprenticed to surgeon Caryer Vickery in 1794 at Holt, Norfolk.....   (122)


Caryer Vickery was entered in the Navy List of Medical Officers in 1814

He was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the Convict ship Elizabeth in 1816 which arrived in New South Wales 5th October 1816. (? Was this Caryer Vickery (sen) or his son Caryer Hawkins Vickery)

Caryer Vickery departed the colony on Friday 8th November 1816 on the Elizabeth which was taking detachments of the 89th and 56th regiments to Calcutta. (123

Caryer Vickery was appointed to the Superb in 1819




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