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James Stace arrived free with his family on the Woodbridge in 1838.

He was refused a publican's license for the Lamb Inn in April 1848 however by 1849 had been granted a license.(19)

In December of that year Bridget Croad was fined 20/- for assaulting Stace. From Stace's evidence in court: - 'Mrs. Croad was in his public house drinking and became abusive in her language and so disorderly that he was obliged to turn her out; she resisted, and not only tore his shirt, but seizing his thumb between her teeth gave him a regular cannibal bite, leaving marks that were still visible days later ' (2)

Five months later as Divine Service was being held by Rev. Purves at the Inn a shocking accident took place nearby at Stace's son's residence. Stace's young employee 14 year old John William Field was fatally wounded by a gunshot to the head during a scuffle with Stace's son Henry. Henry Stace attempted to conceal the circumstances of the accident and death and was later severely reprimanded at the coroner's inquest for his conduct.(3)

James tace held the license for the Lamb Inn and Dunmore until 1853

Henry Stonehill was granted the license in April 1854 - 1856.

The proprietor being Mr. (?William) Wade.

Samuel Wade was granted the license in 1856  

Notes and Links:

James Stace was granted a publican's license for the Lamb's Inn at Wingham in 1856 - 1860


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