Hunter Valley Colonial Medical Practitioners


Thomas Whitfield



Thomas Whitfield arrived from London on the brig Alice in May 1833.

In October 1834 he travelled from Maitland to visit with Sir Edward Parry at Port Stephens shortly before Parry was to return to England. On this occasion Dr. Whitfield was accompanied by Lieutenant Caswell. At the meeting they discussed Dr. Whitfield's intention to cultivate medicinal drugs. He had already established gardens on the Maitland road behind Sempill's mill where he had great success with cabbages, one reported to be about six feet in circumference and five feet high; also a melon in the form of a semicircle, three feet in length. (Sydney Herald 7 April 1834.)

According to a surgeon named Russell who resided in Sydney and who was acquainted with Dr. Whitfield in London, Whitfield had kept a druggist shop in South Audley Street, London.

By 1837 Lieutenant Caswell and Dr. Whitfield were no longer on speaking terms.

For an account of the Court case that followed Lieutenant Caswell's accusations against Dr. Whitfield and Whitfield's action to recover compensation for defamation select R v. Dumaresq

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