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On the 1st of January 1848, Edward Richardson opened premises formerly occupied by Thomas Kerr. They were to be known as the Tradesman's Arms. The Inn had undergone a thorough repair and Mr. Richardson thought they were quite equal to a new house and capable of affording the traveller most comfortable accommodation.

There were closed and open stabling and the best of liquors and victuals were to be supplied as well as first rate bedding for the comfort of travellers. He promised to always keep on hand a stock of good fresh beer at the low charge of sixpence per quart or one shilling and sixpence per gallon. (31)

Perhaps he experienced some opposition in the township when he took over the Inn. In January, soon after opening, the following advertisement was placed in the Maitland Mercury:

'The undersigned gives notice, that in consequence of the vanity (or perhaps the ignorance ) of some one of the old established hands in Muswellbrook, being propped up with the idea that no person has any right to earn a living in the public line of business but just himself he takes this opportunity of laying before the public a list of prices for the year 1849

The very best gin or Brandy 6d per glass

Genuine English Ale 6d per glass

Best Rum 4d per glass

Best London porter 4d. per glass

Colonial ale 3d. per glass

Cordials or syrup 3d. per glass

Cordials wholesale with good spirit 6/- per gallon

Bottled rum 3/- per bottle

Gin or Brandy 4/6- per bottle

Wine , genuine and good 3/- per bottle

Tea or breakfast 1/-   Dinner 1/6d   Bed 1/-

Hay and corn for the night 3/- per horse.

Edward Richardson'

In August 1849 Edward Richardson announced that he had a licensed vehicle to run for the conveyance of any travellers who may require transport to establishments near Muswellbrook (38)

He was granted a publican's license for the Muswellbrook Inn in 1854





(31)1847 1 December

(38) MM 11 August 1849





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