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The Traveller's Home/Golden Fleece Inn



The Traveller's Home, situated in George Street, Singleton was kept by Nathan Joseph until 1847 when tailor/ draper William Meyn took over the license.

William Meyn had lived in Singleton for the previous seven years and when he took over the Traveller's Home he re-named the premises the Golden Fleece. He spared no expense or trouble in improving the extensive premises for the convenience of travellers and purchased the choicest selection of wines spirits and malt liquors.

He was to continue on with tailoring business and engaged the services of a first rate hand from Sydney to assist in the tailoring business17 and by September of that year he was advertising for journeymen tailors as well.18 

In 1850 William Meyn moved to a new stone building in Bourke Street and opened an Inn under the sign of the Union Inn.

Nathan Joseph later held the license for the Lamb Inn in West Maitland




(17) Maitland Mercury 19 June 1847

(18) Maitland Mercury 4 September 1847





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