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White Swan Inn

West Maitland


Jacob Hinchcliffe was granted the publican's license for the White Swan Inn in 1843.

In June 1844 he decided to 'remove to the metropolis' and auctioneer Jeremiah Ledsam offered for sale by public auction the entire household furniture and stock in trade together with drays, a gig, horse, cow, personal items, clothing and a silver Hunting watch belonging to Hinchcliffe.

Lachlan Boyne held the license later in 1844.  In November 1845 auctioneer Jeremiah Ledsam advertised a quantity of household furniture, horses, cows, pigs and a dray etc. to be sold at the White Swan Inn. On the same day coachbuilder Robert Cottrell sold his household furniture, stock in trade, smiths' tools and other items with the intention of taking over the White Swan Inn.  Lachlan Boyne died in 1846.

Henry Early was the next publican at the White Swan. A burglar had a lucky escape in 1848 when he disturbed Mr. Early late one Saturday night. On hearing the burglar attempting to force open the front door, and observing a man hastily getting away over a fence Mr. Early fired his pistol which fortunately for the robber, misfired. Henry Early was fined 2 pounds in 1849 for a breach of the Licensing Act when he provided rum on a Sunday to Maitland Tailor Thomas Richardson.

Joseph Eckford was granted a publicans license for the White Swan at Campbell's Hill in April 1854.  

Seven Stars Inn -  In December 1849 James Richards was granted a publican's license for the Seven Stars Inn formerly the White Swan Inn which was said to be situated nearly opposite the Falls in West Maitland. He still held the license in April 1854.     



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