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William McDowell R.N.

Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Date of Seniority Royal Navy 17 August 1815

William McDowell was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on six convict ship voyages to Australia:

1. Lady East departed England 16 December 1823 and arriving in Hobart on 9 April 1824. Medical Journal from 16th September 1823 to 4 May 1824

2. Harmony departed London 4 June 1827 and arrived in Port Jackson on 27 September 1827

3. Diamond departed Cork 29 November 1837 and arrived in Port Jackson on 28 March 1838. He returned to England on the Spartan in November 1838

4. Blenheim departed Dublin 19 May 1839 and arrived in Port Jackson on 27 September 1839

5. Duncan departed Sheerness 16 December 1840 and arrived in Hobart 18 April 1841

6. Triton departed London - arrived in Hobart on 19 December 1842.

William McDowell was on the List of the Surgeons of the Royal Navy who were unfit for service in 1841 and 1852.

1871 Census

Busby Place
Charlotte McDowell, widow, age 59
William, son, age 20
George, son 15
Agnes, step daughter age 24
Adile daughter age 27
Class: RG10; Piece: 250; Folio: 38; Page: 33; GSU roll: 824911 Description Enumeration District: 44 Source Information 1871 England Census

Death of Charlotte

William McDowell's widow Charlotte McDowell died at 6 Busby place, Camden Road on 28 January 1873 aged 61 Medical Times and Gazette 8 February 1873

Notes and Links

1). From the London Times in 1893 - McDowell - On the 22nd December 1893, Agnes Grant Raymond McDowell, of Streatham, daughter of the late William McDowell M.R.C.S., R.N. (The Times 28 December 1893)

2). A different William McDowell? - A Record of the Medical Officers who served under the late Hon'ble Court of Directors and subsequently under the British Government in the Presidency of Fort St. George form 1759 to 1863 compiled by H.B. Montgomery M.D., Secretary of Madras Medical Fund - William McDowell - Date of Arrival 23 August 1805. Date of Rank as Assistant Surgeon 23 July 1804. Promoted to Surgeon 4 June 1816. Retired from the Service 5 May 1827. Died 24 June 1848. Madras Quarterly Journal of Medical Science, Volume 8. p. 130



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