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Archibald Ferguson
Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Archibald Ferguson was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the convict ship Jupiter arriving in Hobart on 27 May 1833.

He was not a naval surgeon which was unusual for the time.

The Hobart Times announced the arrival of the Jupiter....Arrived on Monday the ship Jupiter, 347 tons, Captain Clark, from the Downs, the 7th January, ith 169 male prisoners. Surgeon Superintendent Dr. Arch. Ferguson, of the 63rd regiment. The guard consists of Lieut. Cotton of the 4th and Lieut. Crawley of the 20th regt with 29 privates of the 21st and 63rd regiments, 5 women and 8 children. [1]

His Medical Journal dated from 24 December 1832 to 1st June 1833 is in poor condition.


[1] The Hobart Town Courier (Tas. : 1827 - 1839) Fri 31 May 1833 Page 3