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Hunter Valley Settlers and Estates - Index


The Hunter River Valley was the largest of the lowland plains on the New South Wales coast. It was the first area outside the Cumberland Plains to be permanently occupied by white settlers, however these first settlers were small farmers, allowed the indulgence by Governor Macquarie. After the Governor's first visit to Newcastle in January 1812, well behaved convicts John Reynolds, Benjamin Davis, George Pell and Richard Binder and son of convict storekeeper John Tucker (John junior) were permitted to take up land on Patterson's Plains.....continue to Early Settlers Introduction and Sources



George Adair

James Adair

Samuel Adair

Ahalton Farm - Farm of James McClymont

Albion Farm - Farm of John Tucker

Francis Allman

Francis Allman (Clarencetown)

Anambah - Estate of George Cobb

Alexander Anderson

Ferdinand Anley

Arden Hall- Estate of John Dow

James Arndell

Thomas Arndell

Ash Island - Estate of Alexander Walker Scott

Australian Agricultural Company


Thomas Bartie

Alexander MacDuff Baxter

Archibald Bell junior

William Simms Bell


Bellevue - Estate of William Evans

Bengalla - Estate of Samuel Wright

Beresfield - Estate of William Cummings

Berry Park - Estate of John Eales

Bowthorne - Estate of Alexander Livingstone

James Brindley Bettington

John Henshall Bettington

Joseph Horton Bettington

Adam Beveridge

John Bingle

James Black

George Blaxland

Bolwarra - Richard Jones

Bona Vista - James Phillips

John Boughton

George Bowman

James Bowman

Charles Boydell

William Bradridge

Brandon - John Wighton

Brisbanefield - James Kelly

Brisbane Grove - George Williams

George Brooks

William Brooks

Broomfield - James White

Crawford Logan Brown

David Brown

William Buchanan

James Busby



Cairnmore - Estate of Crawford Logan Brown

Charles Cameron

Hugh Cameron

Camyr Allyn - Estate of Charles Boydell

Canningalla - Estate of James Dowling

William Bell Carlyle

William Carter

Castle Forbes

William Caswell

Matthew Chapman

Cheshunt - William Bell Sims

Clarenden Park AND Cintra - Susannah Matilda Ward

Edward C. Close

George Cobb

John Cobb

Corinda - Archibald Bell

Edward Gostwyck Cory

Gilbert Cory

John Cory

Coryvale - John Cory

William Cox

Stephen Coxen

Cressfield- Estate of Archibald Little

William Cummings

Peter Cunningham


Dalswinton - Estate of Peter Cunningham

Dalwood - Estate of George Wyndham

Henry Dangar

William Dangar

John Martin Davis

Robert Dawson

John, George, Samuel Dight

Robert Corum Dillon

Joseph Docker

John Dow

James Dowling

Cyrus Matthew Doyle

Duckinfield House - John Eales

Duck River Farm - Francis Moran

Leslie Duguid

Dulwich - James Glennie

Henry Dumaresq

William Dumaresq

William Dun

Duninald - Estate of William Dun

Dunmore - Estate of Andrew Lang


John Eales

John Earl

Edinglassie - George Forbes

William Evans

Eyeball Reach - William Peppercorn


Mary Ann Fennell - Map 9

John Field

William Fisher

Sir Francis Forbes

George Forbes

George Jackson Frankland


John Gaggin

Francis Blower Gibbes

Thomas Gill

Glendon - Robert and Helenus Scott

James Glennie

Henry Gooch

Goorangula - Robert Dawson

Gostwyck - Edward Cory

Goulburn Grove - Standish Lawrence Harris

George Thomas Graham

Great Lodge - Estate of Richard Hobden

Green Hills - Estate of E.C. Close

Greenwood Estate - Map 4


James Hale

George Hall

William Harper

Standish Lawrence Harris

Grayson Hartley

Lieutenant William Hicks

Rev. Richard Hill - Milbrodale

Hillsborough- Beresford Hudson 's Estate

Richard Hobden

Robert Hoddle

Homebush Estate - John Field' Estate

John Hooke - Estates Kinghome - Bonago

John Hoskings

John Howe

Beresford Hudson - Estate Hillsborough

Hunter's Hill - Timothy Nowlan's Estate


William Innes

Invermein- Francis Little 's Estate


Vicars Jacob

Richard Jones


Kayuga - Donald McIntyre's Estate

James Kelly

William Dalrymple Kelman - Estate of Kirkton

Kennington - William Peppercorn' Estate

Kirkton - William Kelman's Estate


James Thomas Lamb

Andrew Lang - Estate of Dunmore

John Larnach - Estate of Rosemount

Lennoxton - Estate of James Adair

Robert Lethbridge

Lewinsbrook - Alexander Park's Estate

Archibald Little

Francis Little

Alexander Livingstone

Lochend - William Brooks' Estate

Lochinvar - Leslie Duguid's Estate

John Lord- Underbank

Lorn - Thomas McDougall's Estate

Lucan Park - Cyrus Matthew Doyle's Estate

Luskintyre - Alexander McLeod's Estate

Lyndhurst Vale - John Verge's Estate


Duncan Forbes Mackay - Estate of Melbee

William MacLean

Thomas Potter Macqueen- Estate of Segenhoe

John Mann

Sampson Marshall

Marsheen - William Buchanan's Estate


John Thomas Maughan

David Maziere

James McClymont

Thomas McDougall

Rev. John McGarvie

James McGillivray

Donald McIntyre

John McInytre

Peter McIntyre

Peter McIntyre

Alexander McLeod (of Luskintyre),

Alexander McLeod (of Rattagan)

James Mein

Melbee - Estate of Duncan Forbes Mackay

Melville - Estate of William Hicks

Merton - Estate of William Ogilvie

Milbrodale - Estate of Rev. Richard Hill

Rev. George Augustus Middleton

Mill Paddock - John Laurio Platt

Millers Forest - Vicars Jacob

George Galway Mills

Minimbah - John Cobb

James Mitchell

Francis Moran

Archibald Mosman

George Mosman

Mountjoye - Estate of Ferdinand Anley

Mt. Wingen - Map 9

James Mudie- Castle Forbes

George Muir

Lawrence Myles


Negoa - Estate of William Cox

Jacob Newton

Norwood - Estate of Francis Blower Gibbes

Timothy Nowlan


Oakhampton - Estate of Robert Lethbridge

William Ogilvie- Estate Merton

Joseph Onus

Osterley - Map 2

Overton - Estate of Francis Allman

Henry Dixon Owen


George Thomas Palmer

John Palmer

Alexander Park

Thomas Parmeter

Pattimore- Estate of John Cory

Joseph Pennington

William Peppercorn

James Phillips

Phoenix Park - Standish Lawrence Harris

Captain John Pike

Pickering- Estate of John Pike


John Laurio Platt

Robert Pringle

Richard Charles Pritchett

Puen Buen- Estate of John Bingle


Henry Wyatt Radford

Henry Rae

James St. John Ranclaud

Rattagan - Estate of Alexander McLeod

Ravensworth - Estate of James Bowman

James Reid

Richmond Vale - Estate of John Palmer

James Robertson

Robert Adamson Rodd

Joseph Rookin

Rosebrook - Estate of James Reid

Rosemount - Estate of John Larnach

George Shaw Rutherford


Satur- Estate of William Bell Carlyle

Alexander Walker Scott - Ash Island

Robert and Helenus Scott- Estate Glendon

Walter Scott

Segenhoe - Estate of Thomas Potter Macqueen

Hamilton C Sempill

Alexander Shand

Francis Shortt

Richard Siddons

Duncan and Peter Sinclair

Benjamn Singleton

Skellator- Estate of Francis Forbes

Major Smeathman

Gentleman John Smith

John Galt Smith

Alexander Brodie Spark

Edward Sparke

William Sparke

St. Aubins- Estate of William Dumaresq

St. Heliers - Estate of Henry Dumaresq

Thomas Steele

Shaw Stewart Major

Benjamin Sullivan


The Grange - Estate of Matthew Chapman

Joseph Thew

Thornwaite - Estate of Joseph Docker

Tilligra - Estate of Charles Windeyer

Tillimby - John Boughton


Tomago - Richard Windeyer

Hugh Torrance

George Townshend

Trevallyn - Estate of George Townshend

John Tucker



Joseph Underwood


Vacy - Gilbert Cory

John Verge

Vineyard Cottage - George Jackson Frankland



Wallalong - Walter Scott

Wallerobba - Alexander Macduff Baxter

Susannah Matilda Ward

Jonathan Warner

James Phillips Webber

Joseph Weller

George Weller

William Charles Wentworth

George Boyle White

James White

John Wighton

Caleb and Felix Wilson

George and Vincent George Williams

Thomas White Melville Winder

Windermere- Thomas White Melville Winder and William Charles Wentworth

Archibald Windeyer

Charles Windeyer

Richard Windeyer

Wollun - George Blaxland

Woodlands - Estate of James Arndell

Woodlands - Estate of Edward Sparke

Woodville - Estate of John Galt Smith

Samuel Wright - Bengalla

George Wyndham - Dalwood





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