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Convict Ships to Australia Index

1788 - 1862


Between the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 and the last of the convict ships in 1868, approximately 165,000 convicts were transported to Australia on more than 800 convict ships. The majority of the convicts were men, and they were often sent for crimes such as theft, forgery and assault and also sacrilege, arson, bigamy, riot, machine breaking, sedition and rape. Approximately 25,000 female convicts were transported to Australia. These women were often convicted for relatively minor crimes such as theft, prostitution and vagrancy.

The conditions on board the convict ships were notoriously harsh, with overcrowding, poor hygiene, and inadequate food and water supplies. Many suffered from illnesses such as scurvy and dysentery. From 1814 onwards qualified naval surgeons were employed on the ships.

The last convict ship to arrive in Australia was the transport Hougoumont at Fremantle, Western Australia on 9 January 1868.

Below is an alphabetical list of Convict Ships arriving in New South Wales, Norfolk Island, Western Australia and Van Diemens Land between the years 1788 and 1862

Ships departed from Ports in England and Ireland unless otherwise stated
(P) Ships bringing Political Prisoners
(F) Female convicts
(I) Departed from Ireland

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Aboukir 1852 VDL: Exiles Master John Cowell; Surgeon Benjamin Bynoe

Active 1791; NSW Master John Michinson

Adamant 1821 NSW Master William Ebsworthy; Surgeon James Hamilton

Adelaide (1) 1849 NSW: Exiles (P) Master Stephen Wharton; Surgeon Frederick W. Le Grand

Admiral Barrington 1791 Master Robert Abbon Marsh; Surgeon Peter Gossam

Admiral Gambier (1) 1808 Master Edward Harrison

Admiral Gambier (2) 1811 Master Edward Sindrey

Adrian 1830 NSW Master William Sadler; Surgeon George H. Weatherhead

Aeolus 1809 NSW (F) Master Robert Addie; Surgeon Richard Hughes

Agamemnon 1820 NSW Master Robert Surtees; Surgeon James Hall

Agincourt 1844 NI Master Henry Neatby; Surgeon Charles H. Fuller

Albemarle 1791 NSW (F) Master George Bowen

Albion (1) 1823 VDL Master W.R. Best; Surgeon James Mercer

Albion (2) 1827 NSW Master James Ralph; Surgeon Walk or Walker

Albion (3) 1828 NSW Master James Ralph; Surgeon Thomas Logan

Alexander 1788 NSW Master Duncan Sinclair; Surgeon William Balmain

Alexander I 1806 NSW (F) Master Richard Brooks

Alexander II 1816 NSW (F) (I) Master William Hamilton; Surgeon John W. Hallion

Almorah (1) 1817 NSW Master William McKissock; Surgeon Edward F. Bromley

Almorah (2) 1820 NSW (I) Master Thomas Winter; Surgeon Samuel Alexander

Almorah (3) 1824 NSW (F) (I) Master George Hay Boyd; Surgeon Morgan Price

America (1) 1829 NSW Master Robert Donal/Dowell; Surgeon Alexander Stewart

Andromeda II (1) 1830 NSW (I) Master Robert Parkin; Surgeon George Fairfowl

Andromeda II (2) 1833 NSW Master Ben Gale; Surgeon David Boyter

Andromeda II (3) 1834 NSW (I) (F) Master Ben Gale; Surgeon Henry Kelsall

Ann and Amelia 1825 NSW(I) (P) Master William Ascough; Surgeon James Lawrence

Anne I (or Luz St. Anna) 1801 NSW (I) (F) (P) Surgeon James Stewart

Anne II 1810 NSW Surgeon Master Charles Clarke

Arab 1822 Master Robert R. Brown; Surgeon Charles Carter

Archduke Charles NSW(I) (F) Master J.P. Jeffreys; Surgeon John Pawson

Asia I (1) 1820 NSW Master James Morice; Surgeon William Bell Carlyle

Asia I (2) 1822 NSW Master Thomas L. Reid; Surgeon James A. Mercer

Asia II 1824 VDL Master James Lindsay; Surgeon William Evans

Asia I (3) 1825 NSW (I) Master Thomas F. Stead; Surgeon James A. Mercer

Asia (III) 1825 NSW Master William L. Pope; Surgeon Thomas Davies

Asia I (4) 1828 NSW Master Thomas F. Stead; Surgeon James McTernan

Asia I (5) 1830 NSW (I) (F) Master Thomas F. Stead; Surgeon Alexander Nisbet

Asia V (2) 1831 NSW Master Henry Ager; Surgeon George Birnie

Asia I (6) 1832; NSW Master Thomas F. Stead; Surgeon Andrew D. Wilson

Asia I (7) 1833 NSW Master Thomas F. Stead; Surgeon Thomas Galloway

Asia V (3) 1837 NSW Master Benjamin Freeman; Surgeon John Gannon

Atlantic 1791 NSW Master Archibald Armstrong

Atlas I (1) 1802 NSW (I) Master Richard Brooks; Surgeon Elphinstone Walker

Atlas II 1802 NSW (I) Master Thomas Musgrave; Surgeon Thomas Davie

Atlas III 1816 NSW Master Walter Meriton; Surgeon Patrick Hill

Atlas I (2) 1819 NSW Master Joseph Short; Surgeon John Duke

Augusta Jessie (3) 1840 (I) NI Master J. Sparke; Surgeon Thomas Russell Dunn

Aurora I (1) 1833 NSW Master Dalrymple Dowson; Surgeon Alexander Stewart

Living Conditions on Convict Ships


Backwell 1835 NSW (I) Master Dalrymple Dowson; John Love

Bangalore (2) 1850 QLD: Exiles Master William B. Morgan; Surgeon William H.B. Jones

Bardaster 1836 VDL Master Alexander McDonald; Surgeon Joseph Steret

Baring (1) 1815 NSW Master John Lamb; Surgeon David Reid

Baring (2) 1819 NSW; VDL Master John Lamb ; Surgeon David Reid

Barossa (1) 1839 NSW Master John Austin ; Surgeon Robert Wylie

Barwell 1798 NSW Master John Cameron; Surgeon John Thomas Sharpe

Batavia 1818 NSW Master William Buchanan Lamb; Surgeon James Billing

Bellona 1793 NSW Master Matthew Boyd; Surgeon Richard Clarke

Bencoolen 1819 NSW Master Joseph Ball Antice; Surgeon William Evans

Bengal Merchant (2) 1835 NSW Master William Campbell; Surgeon James Ellis

Bengal Merchant (3) 1836 NSW Master William Campbell; Surgeon John Tarn

Bengal Merchant (4) 1838 NSW Master William Campbell; Surgeon Isaac Noott

Blenheim I (1) 1834 NSW (I) Master James Temple Brown; Surgeon James Wilson

Blenheim I (3) 1839 NSW (I) Master John Grey; Surgeon William McDowell

Blundell 1844 Norfolk Island Master Robert L. Hunter; Surgeon Benjamin Bynoe

Boddingtons 1893 NSW (I) (F) (P) Master Robert Chalmers; Surgeon Richard Kent

Borodino 1828 NSW (I) (P) Master Richard Mentrup; Surgeon George Thomson

Boyd 1809 NSW (I) Master John Thompson

Boyne 1826 (NSW (I) (P) Master William L. Pope; Surgeon Harman Cochrane

Brampton 1823 NSW (I) (P) Master Samuel Moore; Surgeon Morgan Price

Britannia I 1791 NSW Master Thomas Melville

Britannia II 1797 NSW (I) (F) (P) Master Thomas Dennott; Surgeon Augustus Beyer

Britannia III 1798 NSW (F) Master Robert Turnbull; Surgeon Martin Mason

Britannia 1814 (Bengal) NSW

Brothers (1) 1824 NSW (F) Master Charles Motley; Surgeon James Hall

Brothers (2) 1827(I) NSW (I) (F) Master Charles Motley; Surgeon James Forrester

Broxbornebury 1814 NSW (F) Master Thomas Pitcher; Surgeon Colin McLachlan

Buffalo 1833 NSW (F) Master F.W.N. Sadler; Surgeon John Macauley Hamilton

Buffalo 1837 (Adelaide); NSW Master James Wood

Buffalo 1840. (Quebec) VDL; NSW (P) Master James Wood

Burrell (1) 1830 NSW Master John Metcalf; Surgeon William West

Burrell (2) 1832; NSW (F) Master John Metcalf; Surgeon George Williams

Bussorah Merchant (1) 1828 NSW Master James Baigrie; Surgeon Robert Dunn

Bussorah Merchant (2) 1831 NSW (I) Master John Moncrief; Surgeon James Gilchrist


Calcutta 1803 NSW Master Daniel Woodriff; Surgeon Edward Foord Bromley

Calcutta II 1837 NSW Master Joseph Brown; Surgeon Anthony Donoghoe

Calder 1822 (Calcutta) VDL Master Peter Dillon

Caledonia (1) 1820 VDL Master Robert Carnes; Surgeon Alexander Jack

Caledonia (2) 1822 VDL Master Robert Carnes; Surgeon Stephen Williamson

Caledonia 1838 (Madras) NSW Captain Symers; Surgeon Mr. Benton

Calista 1828 VDL to NSW Master Samuel Hawkins

Cambridge 1827 NSW (I) Master Richard Pearce; Surgeon William Gregor

Camden (1) 1831 NSW Master William Fulcher; Surgeon David Boyter

Camden (2) 1833 NSW Master George Clayton; Surgeon Joseph Steret

Canada (1) 1801 NSW Master William Wilkinson; Surgeon John Kelly

Canada (2) 1810 NSW (F) Master John B. Ward

Canada (3) 1815 NSW (I) (P) Master John Grigg; Surgeon Robert Browne

Canada (4) 1817 NSW (I) (F) Master John Grigg; Surgeon James Allan

Canada (5) 1819 NSW Master Alexander Spain; Surgeon Daniel McNamara

Canton 1840 VDL (P) Master John Mordaunt; John Irvine

Captain Cook (1) 1832 NSW (I) Master William Steward; Surgeon Ebenezer Johnstone

Captain Cook (2) 1833 NSW Master William Thompson; Surgeon John Morgan

Captain Cook (3) 1836 NSW (I) Master George W. Brown; Surgeon Arthur Savage

Caroline/ Calista 1828 (East Indies)VDL Master Samuel Hawkins

Caroline 1831 (Madras) VDL: NSW Captain Tregurtha

Caroline 1833 NSW (I) (F) Master Alexander Macdonald; Surgeon George Birnie

Castle Forbes (1) 1820 VDL; NSW (I) Master Thomas Levington Reid; Surgeon James Scott

Castle Forbes (2) 1824 NSW (P) Master John W. Ord; Surgeon Matthew Anderson

Catherine 1814 NSW (F) Master William Simmonds

Cawdry 1826 (Calcutta) NSW Master: Noyes

Champion 1827 NSW Master Henry Locke; Surgeon Francis Logan

Chapman (1) 1817 NSW (I) Master John Drake; Surgeon Alexander Dewar

Charles Kerr 1837 NSW Master Harford Arnold; Surgeon John Edwards

Charlotte 1788 NSW (F) Master Thomas Gilbert; Surgeon John White

China 1846 Norfolk Island Master George Livesay; Surgeon George Shaw Rutherford

City of Edinburgh (1) 1828 NSW (I) (F) Master James Reddy Clendon; Surgeon William Anderson

City of Edinburgh (2) 1832 NSW (I) (P) Master Giles Wade; Surgeon Anthony Donoghue

Claudine 1821 VDL Master John Crabtree; Surgeon Henry Ryan

Claudine (2) 1829 NSW Master William M. Heathorn; Surgeon Willam H. Trotman

Clorinda 1835 (Mauritius) NSW Master Philip Mitchell

Clyde I (1) 1830 VDL Master Daniel N. Munro; Surgeon Morgan Price

Clyde I (2) 1832 NSW Master Daniel N. Munro; Surgeon George Fairfowl

Clyde I (3) 1838 NSW (I) (P) Master John Matches; Surgeon John Smith

Competitor (1) 1823 VDL Master William Ascough; Surgeon George Clayton

Competitor (2) 1828 NSW (F) Master John Stewart; Surgeon Thomas Hunter

Constant 1843 VDL Master John Hemery; Surgeon John Stephen Hampton

Coromandel I (1) 1802 NSW Master Alex Stirling; Surgeon Charles Throsby

Coromandel I (2) 1804 NSW Master George Blakey

Coromandel II 1820 VDL; NSW Master James Downie; Surgeon Archibald Hume

Countess of Harcourt (1) 1821 VDL Master George Bunn; Surgeon Morgan Price

Countess of Harcourt (2) 1822 NSW (I) Master George Bunn; Surgeon Robert Armstrong

Countess of Harcourt (3) 1824 NSW Master George Bunn; Surgeon James Dickson

Countess of Harcourt (4) 1827 NSW (I) Master William Harrison; Surgeon Michael Goodsir

Countess of Harcourt (5) 1828 NSW Master William Harrison; Surgeon John Drummond


Daphne 1819 NSW (I) Master Hugh Mattison; Surgeon Lancelot Armstrong

Dart 1834 (Mauritius) NSW (F) Master: Griffin

David Malcolm 1845 N.Island Master James Cable; Surgeon Harvey Morris

Diamond 1838 NSW (I) (F) Master James Bissett; Surgeon William McDowell

Diana 1833 NSW (F) Master George Braithwaite; Surgeon James Ellis

Dick 1821 Master William Harrison; Surgeon Robert Armstrong

Dorothy 1820 NSW (I) (P) Master John Hargraves; Surgeon Robert Espie

Dromedary 1820 VDL; NSW Master Richard Skinner; Surgeon George Fairfowl

Duchess of York 1807 NSW. Master: Forrest

Duke of Portland (1) 1807 NSW (P) Master John Clarke Spencer; Surgeon Mr. Barr

Dunvegan Castle (1) 1830 NSW Master William Walmsley; Surgeon Robert Dunn

Dunvegan Castle (2) 1832 NSW (I) (P) Master John Duff; Surgeon Patrick McTernan


Eagle 1811 (Calcutta) NSW James Mackie

Earl Cornwallis 1801 NSW (F) Master James Tennant ; Surgeon John Dight

Earl Grey (1) 1836 NSW (I) Master James Talbot ; Surgeon William Evans

Earl Grey (2) 1838 NSW Master James Talbot ; Surgeon Alexander Nisbet

Earl of Liverpool 1831 NSW (F) Master F. Manning ; Surgeon David Thompson

Earl Spencer 1813 NSW Master William Mitchell ; Surgeon D. McKenzie

Earl St. Vincent (1) 1818 (I) Master Samuel Simpson ; Surgeon John Johnston

Earl St. Vincent (2) 1820 NSW Master Samuel Simpson ; Surgeon Patrick Hill

Earl St. Vincent (3) 1823 NSW (I) Master Peter Reeves ; Surgeon Robert Tainsh

Eden I (1)1836 VDL; NSW Master Captain Mollison ; Surgeon Gilbert King

Eden I (2) 1840 NSW Master Henry Naylor ; Surgeon George Ellery Forman

Edward (1) 1829 NSW (I) (F) Master James Gilbert ; Surgeon William Conborough Watt

Edward (2) 1831 NSW (I) Master James Gilbert ; Surgeon Thomas Bell

Eleanor 1831 NSW (P) Master Robert Cock ; Surgeon John Stephenson

Eliza I (1) 1820 NSW Master Francis Hunt ; Surgeon James Marr Bryden

Eliza I (2) 1822 NSW Master James Hunt ; Surgeon William Rae

Eliza II (1) 1827 NSW (I) Master Daniel Leary ; Surgeon George Shaw Rutherford

Eliza III (1) 1828 NSW Master William Douty ; Surgeon James Patton

Eliza II (2) 1829 NSW (I) Master William Nicholas ; Surgeon James McTernan

Eliza II (4) 1832 NSW (I) Master John S. Groves ; Surgeon Thomas Bell

Eliza IV 1850 Norfolk Is. Master Captain Daniel ; Surgeon John Andrews

Elizabeth I (1) 1816 NSW Master William Ostler ; Surgeon Caryer Vickery

Elizabeth I (2) 1818 NSW (I) (F) Master William Ostler ; Surgeon William Hamilton

Elizabeth I (3) 1820 NSW Master William Ostler ; Surgeon Andrew Montgomery

Elizabeth II 1828 (I) (F) Master Walter Cock ; Surgeon Joseph H. Hughes

Elizabeth IV 1836 (F) Master John Auston ; Surgeon Robert Espie

Elphinstone (3) 1838 NSW (I) Master Thomas Fremlin ; Surgeon Alick Osborne

Emma Eugenia (1) 1838 NSW Master Giles Wade ; Surgeon Robert Wylie

Enchantress 1834

England (1) 1826 NSW Master John Reay ; Surgeon George Thompson

England (3) 1835 NSW Master Thomas Bacon ; Surgeon Obadiah Pineo

Exmouth 1831 NSW Master Daniel Warren ; Surgeon William C. Watt

Experiment I 1804 NSW (F) Master Francis Withers

Experiment II 1809 NSW (I) (F) Master Joseph Dodds


Fairlie (1) 1834 NSW Master Henry Agar. Surgeon Alick Osborne

Fame 1817 NSW Master Henry Dale; Surgeon John Mortimer

Fanny I 1816 NSW (F) Master John Wallis; Surgeon William McDonald

Fanny II 1833 NSW (F). Master Henry Sherwood; Surgeon Francis Logan

Ferguson 1829 NSW (I). MasterJohn Groves; Surgeon Charles Cameron

Florentia (1) 1828 NSW. MasterJ.T. Billett; Surgeon James Dickson

Florentia (2) 1830 NSW MasterJohn Jeffrey Drake; Surgeon Andrew Henderson

Forth I 1830 NSW (I) Master David Proudfoot; Surgeon William Clifford

Forth II 1830 NSW (I) (F) MasterJames Robertson; Surgeon Joseph Cook

Forth III 1835 NSW (I) Master Henry Hutton; Surgeon Thomas Robertson

Fortune (1) 1806 NSW Master Henry Moore

Fortune (2) 1813 NSW Master Thomas Walker; Surgeon Samuel Ross

Francis and Eliza 1815 NSW (I) (F) Master William Harrison; Surgeon Major West

Frederick 1815 (Calcutta) NSW Master Williams

Frederick 1817 (Calcutta) VDL Master Williams

Friends 1811 NSW (F) Master James Ralph

Friendship 1788 NSW (F) Master Francis Walton; Surgeon Thomas Arndell

Friendship 1800 NSW (I) (P). Master Hugh Reed

Friendship 1818 NSW (F). Master Andrew Armet; Surgeon Peter Cosgreave

Norfolk Island Convict Ships


Gaillardon (1) 1838 (Calcutta) NSW Master Rapson

Gaillardon (2) 1839 (Calcutta) NSW Master Rapson

Ganges 1797 NSW Master Thomas Patrickon; Surgeon James Mileham

General Hewitt 1814 NSW Master Percy Earl; Surgeon Richard Hughes

General Stewart 1818 NSW Master Robert Grainger; Surgeon Andrew Smith

George Hibbert 1834 NSW (F) Master George N. Livesay; Surgeon John Tarn

Georgiana I (1) 1829 VDL Master John Thompson; Surgeon David Barry Conway

Georgiana I (2) 1831 NSW Master John Thompson; Surgeon John Tarn

Gilbert Henderson 1840 VDL (F) Master J. Tweedie; Surgeon Sir John Hammett

Glatton 1803 NSW (F) Master James Colnett; Surgeon Jacob B. Mountgarrett

Globe 1819 NSW Master Joseph Blyth; Surgeon George Clayton

Glory 1818 NSW Master Edward Pounder; Surgeon William Stewart

Gorgon 1791 NSW Master John Parker

Governor Bourke 1833 NSW Master Akers

Governor Ready (2) 1829 NSW (I) Master John Young; Surgeon Thomas Braidwood Wilson

Grenada (1) 1819 NSW Master Andrew Donald; Surgeon Emanuel Lazarretto

Grenada (2) 1821 NSW Master Andrew Donald; Surgeon Peter Cunningham

Grenada (3) 1825 NSW (F) Master Alexander Anderson; Surgeon Peter Cunningham

Grenada (4) 1827 NSW (F) Master John Tracy; Surgeon Alexander Nisbet

Greyhound 1818 (Calcutta) NSW Master Ritchie; Surgeon Mr. Baird

Greyhound 1819 VDL; NSW Master Ritchie

Guardian 1790 Wrecked Master Edward Riou

Guide 1818 Master Higgins

Guildford (1) 1812 NSW Master Magnus Johnson

Guildford (2) 1816 NSW (I) (P) NSW (I) (P) Master Magnus Johnson; Surgeon Alexander Taylor

Guildford (3) 1818 NSW (I) (P) Master Magnus Johnson; Surgeon Archibald Hume

Guildford (4) 1820 NSW ; VDL (P) Master Magnus Johnson; Surgeon Hugh Walker

Guildford (5) 1822 NSW Master Magnus Johnson; Surgeon James Mitchell

Guildford (6) 1824 NSW Master Magnus Johnson; Surgeon James Mitchell

Guildford (7) 1827 NSW Master Magnus Johnson; Surgeon Charles Linton

Guildford (8) 1829 NSW (I) (P) Master John Harrison; Surgeon John Stephenson


Hadlow (1) 1818 NSW Master John Craigie; Thomas Christie Roylance

Hadlow (2) 1820 NSW (I) Master John Craigie; Surgeon William Price

Harmony (1) 1827 NSW (F) Master Richard Middleton; Surgeon William McDowell

Hashemy 1849 NSW: Exiles Master Captain Ross; Surgeon Colin Arrott Browning

Havering 1849 NSW: Exiles (I) Master John Fenwick; Surgeon Thomas Bellot

Hebe 1820 NSW Master Thackeray Wetherall; Surgeon Charles Carter

Heber 1837 NSW (I) Master John Campbell; Surgeon Alexander Neill

Henry (1) 1823 NSW Master Thomas Thatcher; Surgeon Thomas Davies

Henry (2) 1825 NSW (F) Master James Ferrier; Surgeon William Bell Carlisle

Henry Porcher (1) 1825 NSW (I) Master John Thomson; Surgeon Charles Carter

Henry Porcher (2) 1835 NSW Master John Hart; Surgeon Thomas Galloway

Henry Tanner 1834 NSW Master Henry Ferguson; Surgeon John Edwards

Henry Wellesley (1) 1836 (NSW (F) Master Benjamin Freeman; Surgeon Robert Wylie

Henry Wellesley (2) 1837 (F) Master Edward Williams; Surgeon William Leyson

Hercules I 1802 NSW (I) (F) Master Luckyn Betts; Surgeon John Justice William Kunst

Hercules II (1) 1825 NSW Master William Vaughan; Surgeon Michael Goodsir

Hercules II (2) 1830 NSW (I) Master William Vaughan; Surgeon William Martin

HerculesII (3) 1832 NSW Master William Vaughan; Surgeon John Edwards

Hero 1835 (NSW (I) Master Henry C. Dowson; Surgeon David Boyter

Heroine 1833 NSW Master Robert McCarthy; Surgeon George Roberts

Hibernia (1) 1819 NSW; VDL Master John Lennon; Surgeon Charles Carter

Hillsborough 1799 NSW Master William Hingston; Surgeon John Justice William Kunst

Hindostan 1809 NSW Master John Pascoe; Surgeon Joseph Arnold

Hindostan (1) 1821 NSW Master William Williamson; Surgeon William Evans

Hive (1) 1834 NSW Master John Luscombe; Surgeon George Fairfowl

Hive (2) 1835 NSW (I) Master John Nutting; Surgeon Anthony Donoghoe

Hooghley (1) 1825 NSW (I) Master Peter John Reeves; Surgeon Robert Tainsh

Hooghley (2) 1828 NSW Master Peter John Reeves; Surgeon Alexander Nisbet

Hooghley (3) 1831 NSW (I) (F) Master Peter John Reeves; Surgeon James Ellis

Hooghley (4) 1834 NSW Master Captain Bayley; Surgeon James Rutherford

Hunter 1810 Master Robson

Hydrabad (1) 1845 Norfolk Island Master Alexander Robertson; Surgeon James Ormiston McWilliam


Indefatigable (1) 1812 VDL Master John Cross

Indefatigable (2) 1815 NSW Master Matthew Bowles

Indian 1810 NSW Master Andrew Barclay; Surgeon Mr. Maine

Indispensable 1796 NSW (F) Master William Wilkinson

Indispensable 1809 NSW (F) Master Henry Best; Surgeon William Evans

Integrity 1837 (Mauritius) VDL: NSW Master Pearson

Isabella I (1) 1818 NSW Master Robert Berry; Surgeon John William Hallion

Isabella I (2) 1822 NSW (I) Master John Wallis; Surgeon William Price

Isabella I (3) 1823 NSW (I) Master John Wallis; Surgeon William Rae

Isabella I (4) 1832 NSW Master William Wiseman; Surgeon Thomas Galloway

Isabella II 1840 NSW (F) Master Alexander McAusland; Surgeon Henry Walsh Mahon


James Laing 1834 NSW (I) (P). Master George Tomlins; Surgeon Richard Allen ; Guard 50th regt.

James Pattison (1) 1830 NSW (I) Master Joseph Grote; Surgeon James Gilchrist ; various invalid soldiers

James Pattison (2) 1837 NSW Master James Cromarty; Surgeon Thomas Robertson ; 28th, 4th, 50th and 80th regts

Jane I 1831 NSW (I) Master James Baitrie; Surgeon Oliver Sproule; Guard 4th or King's Own

Janus 1820 NSW (I) (F). Master Thomas Mowatt; Surgeon James Creagh

Java 1833 NSW (I) (P) Master John Todd; Surgeon Robert Dickson

John I (1) 1827 NSW Master William John Moncrief; Surgeon James McKerrow

John I (2) 1829 NSW Master Robert Norsworthy; Surgeon John Love

John I (4) 1832 NSW (P) Master Samuel Lowe; Surgeon James Lawrence

John II 1837 NSW Master Adam Dixon; Surgeon Charles Inches

John Barry (1) 1819 NSW Master Stephenson Ellerby; Surgeon James Bowman

John Barry (2) 1821 NSW (I) Master Roger Dobson; Surgeon Daniel McNamara

John Barry (4) 1836 NSW Master John Robson; Surgeon James McTernan

John Barry (5) 1839 NSW Master John Robson; Surgeon Campbell France

John Bull 1821 NSW (I) (F) Master William Corlette; Surgeon William Elyard

John Calvin (1) 1846 Norfolk Is. Master R. L. Hunter; Surgeon Henry Kelsall

John Renwick (1) 1838 NSW (F) Master John Byron; Surgeon Andrew Smith

Juliana 1820 VDL Master David Ogilvie; Surgeon William Graham


Kains 1831 NSW (F) Master William Lushington Goodwin; Surgeon Thrasycles Clarke

Katherine Stewart Forbes (1) 1830 NSW Master Thoomas Canney; Surgeon Patrick McTernan

King William 1840 NSW (I) Master George Thomas; Surgeon Campbell France

Kitty 1792; NSW (F) Master George Ramsay; Surgeon J. P. Niebuhr


Lady Castlereagh NSW; VDL Master George Weltden ; Surgeon James Craigie

Lady Feversham 1830 NSW Master Stephenson Ellerby ; Surgeon Andrew Douglas Wilson

Lady Harewood (2) 1831 NSW Master Richard Stonehouse ; Surgeon James McTernan

Lady Harewood (3) 1832 NSW Master Richard Stonehouse ; Surgeon John Inches

Lady Juliana 1790 NSW (F) Captain Aitkin ; Surgeon Richard Alley

Lady Kennaway (1)1835 VDL Master Thomas Bolton ; Surgeon Thomas Bell

Lady Kennaway (2) 1836 NSW Master Robert Davidson ; Surgeon James Wilson

Lady McNaughten 1835 NSW (I) Master George Hustwick ; Surgeon George Ellery Forman

Lady Nugent (1) 1835 NSW Master Joseph Fawcett ; Surgeon Oliver Sproule

Lady Penrhyn 1788 NSW (F) Master William Compton Sever ; Surgeon John Turnpenny Altree; Arthur Bowes Smyth

Lady Ridley 1821 VDL Master Robert Weir ;

Lady Rowena 1826 NSW (I) (F) Master Bourn Russell ; Surgeon Robert Espie

Lady Shore 1797 Mutiny (F) Master James Willcocks ; Surgeon Mr. Fyfe

Larkins (1) 1817 NSW Master Henry R. Wilkinson ; Surgeon William McDonald

Larkins (2) 1829 NSW (I) Master William Campbell ; Surgeon Oliver Sproule

Layton I (2) 1829 NSW Master John Hurst ; Surgeon James Osborne

Lloyds (1) 1833 NSW Master Edward Garret ; Surgeon John Inches

Lloyds (2) 1837 NSW Master Edward Garrett ; Surgeon David Watson

Lonach 1825 NSW (I) Master William Henry Dricoll ; Surgeon Alick Osborne

Lord Eldon 1817 NSW Master James Thomas Lamb ; Surgeon James Bowman

Lord Hungerford 1821 VDL Master Michael O'Brien; Surgeon Michael Dorke

Lord Lyndoch (1) 1833 NSW Master William Johnston ; Surgeon David Watson

Lord Lyndoch (2) 1838 NSW Master William Stead ; Surgeon Obadiah Pineo

Lord Melville I (1) 1817 NSW (F) Master Thackray Wetherell ; Surgeon Daniel McNamara

Lord Melville I (2) 1818 VDL Master Thackray Wetherell ; Surgeon John McMillan

Lord Melville II (1) 1829 NSW Master Robert Brown ; Surgeon George Shaw Rutherford

Lord Melville II (2) 1830 NSW Master Robert Brown ; Surgeon George Roberts

Lord Sidmouth (1) 1819 NSW Master William Gunner ; Surgeon Archibald Lang

Lord Sidmouth (2) 1821 NSW (I) Master James Muddle ; Surgeon Thomas Christie Roylance

Lord Sidmouth (3) 1823 VDL NSW(F) Master James Ferrier ; Surgeon Robert Espie

Lord Wellington 1820 NSW (I) (F) Master Lew Hill ; Surgeon Edward Foord Bromley

Louisa 1827 NSW (F) Master Aaron Smith ; Surgeon Joseph Cook

Lucy Davidson 1829 NSW (F) Master William Wiseman ; Surgeon John Osborne


Maitland (1) 1840 NSW Master George Baker ; Philip Toms

Maitland (2) 1844 Master G. Thompson; Surgeon Allan McLaren

Malabar (1) 1819 NSW Master William Ascough ; Surgeon Evan Evans

Malabar 1821 VDL Master William Ascough; Surgeon John Thompson

Mangles (1) 1820 NSW Master Master John Coghill ; Surgeon Matthew Anderson

Mangles (2) 1822 NSW (I) (P) Master John Coghill ; Surgeon Matthew Anderson

Mangles (3) 1824 NSW Master John Coghill ; Surgeon John Crockett

Mangles (4) 1826 NSW (I) (P) Master John Coghill ; Surgeon Thomas Braidwood Wilson

Mangles (5) 1828 NSW (I) Master William Carr ; Surgeon Harman Cochrane

Mangles (6) 1833 NSW Master William Carr ; Surgeon James Rutherford

Mangles (8) 1837 NSW Master William Carr ; Surgeon Francis Logan

Mangles (9) 1840 NSW Master William Carr ; Surgeon Alexander Nisbett

Manlius (1) 1827 NSW Master William Johnson ; Surgeon David Conway

Margaret (1) 1837 NSW (I) (F) Master Edward Canney; Surgeon Henry Kelsall

Margaret (2) 1839 NSW (I) (F) Master Edward Canney ; Surgeon George Todd Moxey

Margaret (3) 1840 NSW (I) (F) Master Edward Canney; Surgeon Colin Arrott Browning

Maria I (1) 1818 NSW (F) Master Henry Williams ; Surgeon Thomas Prosser

Maria I (2) 1820 VDL Master Harris Walker ; Surgeon William Hamilton

Mariner (1) 1816 NSW Master John Herbert ; Surgeon John Haslam

Mariner (2) 1825 NSW (I) (F) Master William Fotherly ; Surgeon Harman Cochrane

Mariner (3) 1827 NSW (I) Master Robert Nosworthy ; Surgeon Patrick McTernan

Marquis Cornwallis 1796 NSW (I) (F) (P) Master Michael Hogan ; Surgeon Matthew Austin

Marquis of Hastings (1) 1826 NSW Master William Ostler ; Surgeon George Shaw Rutherford

Marquis of Hastings (2) 1827 NSW Master John Jeffrey Drake ; Surgeon Gilbert King

Marquis of Hastings (3) 1828 NSW Master John Jeffrey Drake ; Surgeon William Rae

Marquis of Huntley (1) 1826 NSW Master William Ascough ; Surgeon William Rae

Marquis of Huntley (2) 1828 NSW (I) Master William Ascough ; Surgeon John Smith

Marquis of Huntley (3) 1830 NSW Master William Ascough ; Surgeon William Bell Carlisle

Marquis of Huntley (4) 1835 NSW Captain Molison ; Surgeon Alick Osborne

Marquis of Lansdown 1827 (Calcutta) VDL Master R. Noyes

Marquis of Wellington 1815 NSW Master George Betham ; Surgeon Thomas Leighton

Martha 1818 NSW (I) Master John Apsey ; Surgeon Morgan Price

Mary I 1819 NSW (I) Master John Luks ; Surgeon John Morgan

Mary 1822 NSW Master Charles Arcoll ; Surgeon John Rodmell

Mary 1823 VDL;NSW (F) Master J.F. Steele ; Surgeon Harman Cochrane

Mary 1833 NSW Master Alexander Jamieson ; Surgeon William Conborough Watt

Mary 1835 NSW (F) Master William Ascough ; Surgeon John Inches

Mary 1836 (Calcutta) NSW Captain Simpson

Mary Ann 1791 NSW (F) Master Mark Munroe

Mary Anne I (1) 1816 NSW (F) Master John Arbuthnot ; Surgeon James Bowman

Mary Anne I (2) 1822 NSW; VDL (F) Master Henry Warington ; Surgeon James Hall

Mary Anne II 1835 NSW Captain Aaron ; Surgeon Campbell France

Mary Anne III (1) 1839 NSW (F) Master J.C. Hillman ; Surgeon William Bland

Matilda 1791 NSW Master Matthew Weatherhead

Mayda 1846 Norfolk Island Captain May ; Surgeon Alexander Kilroy

Medina (1) 1823 NSW (I) (P) Master Robert Brown ; Surgeon John Rodmell

Medway (1) 1821 VDL Master Borthwick Wight ; Surgeon Thomas Davies

Medway (2) 1825 VDL Master Borwick Wight ; Surgeon Gilbert King

Mellish (1) 1829 NSW Master Arthur Vincent ; Surgeon Joseph Cook

Mermaid (2) 1830 NSW Master William Henniker ; Surgeon David Boyter

Merope 1834 Calcutta VDL Captain Pollock

Midas (1) 1825 NSW (F) Master James Baigrie ; Surgeon Charles Cameron

Midas (2) 1827 NSW Master James Baigrie ; Surgeon James Morice

Middlesex 1840 NSW (I) Master Charles Munro ; Surgeon John Baird

Minerva 1800 NSW (I) (F) (P) Master Joseph Salkeld ; Surgeon John Washington Price

Minerva I (1) 1818 NSW ; VDL (I) Master John Bell ; Surgeon James Hunter

Minerva I (2) 1819 NSW (I) Master John Bell ; Surgeon Charles Queade

Minerva I (3) 1821 NSW Master John Bell ; Surgeon Charles Queade

Minerva I (4) 1824 NSW Master John Bell ; Surgeon Alexander Nisbet

Minerva II (2) 1839 NSW (I) (F) Master George Brown ; Surgeon Patrick Magovern

Minorca 1801 NSW (P) Master John Leith

Minstrel (1) 1812 NSW (F) Master John Reid ; Surgeon Alexander Noble

Minstrel (2) 1825 NSW Master Charles Arkcoll ; Surgeon Hugh Walker

Moffatt (2) 1836 NSW Master Thomas Bolton ; Surgeon John Smith

Moffatt (3) 1838 VDL Master Thomas Bolton ; Surgeon Gilbert King

Morley (1) 1817 NSW Master Robert R. Brown ; Surgeon Robert Espie

Morley (2) 1818 NSW Master Robert Brown ; Surgeon John Whitemarsh

Morley (3) 1820 NSW ; VDL (F) Master Robert Brown ; Surgeon Thomas Reid

Morley (4) 1823 VDL Captain Holliday ; Surgeon William Bell Carlyle

Morley (5) 1828 NSW (I) Master Henry Williams ; Surgeon Peter Cunningham

Morley (6) 1829 NSW Master Harrison ; Surgeon Richard Lewis

Mount Stewart Elphinstone (3) 1849 Moreton Bay (I) Master Henry C. Loney ; Surgeon George Todd Moxey


Nautilus (2) 1840 NSW; Norfolk Island (I) Master Henry F. Alloway ; SurgeonGeorge McClure

Neptune 1790 NSW (F) Donald Trail ; Surgeon William Gray

Neptune I (1) 1818 NSW Master Robert Carns ; Surgeon Thomas Reid

Neptune I (2) 1820 NSW Master William McKissock ; Surgeon James Mitchell

Neptune II 1838 NSW Master Joseph Nagle ; Surgeon Patrick Martyn

Neptune III (1) 1838 VDL Captain W.J. Ferris ; Surgeon Joseph Steret

Neva (1) 1833 NSW Master Benjamin Peck ; Surgeon Morgan Price

Neva (2) 1835 (I) (F) (Wrecked) Master Benjamen Peck ; Surgeon John Stephenson

Nile I 1801 NSW (F) Master James Sunter ; Surgeon Joseph Hislop

Nithsdale 1830 NSW Master Thomas Christian ; Surgeon Robert Malcolm

Norfolk (1) 1825 NSW Master Alexander Greig ; Surgeon William Hamilton

Norfolk (2) 1829 NSW Master Alexander Greig ; Surgeon James Dickson

Norfolk (3) 1832 NSW (I) Master William Henniker ; Surgeon William Clifford

Norfolk (5) 1837 NSW Master John Gatenby ; Surgeon John Inches

Northampton 1815 NSW (F) Master John A. Tween ; Surgeon Joseph Arnold

Numa 1834 NSW (F) Master John Baker ; Surgeon Edward Foord Bromley


Ocean I 1816 NSW Master Alexander Johnston ; Surgeon Edward Foord Bromley

Ocean II (1) 1818 NSW Master Samuel Remmington ; Surgeon George Fairfowl

Ocean II (2) 1823 NSW Master William Harrison ; Surgeon James McTernan


Palambam 1831 NSW (I) (F) Master George Willis; Surgeon James Osborne

Parkfield 1839 NSW Master J. T. Whiteside; Surgeon Alexander Neill

Parmelia (1) 1832NSW Master James Gilbert; Surgeon Richard Allen

Parmelia (2) 1834 NSW (I) Master James Gilbert; Surgeon Anthony Donoghue

Patriot 1838 (Madras) NSW Master T. H. Mullens

Pekoe 1840 NSW Master Sampson Kean; Surgeon Robert Bower

Perseus 1802 NSW Master John Davison; Surgeon W.S. Fielding

Pestonjee (2) Bomanjee 1847 VDL Master John Austin; Surgeon Colin Arrot Browning

Pestonjee Bomanjee (4) 1852 (VDL) Surgeon Daniel Ritchie

Phoenix I (1) 1822 VDL Master Thomas Weatherhead; Surgeon Evan Evans

Phoenix III 1826 NSW (I) Master Alexander Anderson; Surgeon Joseph Cook

Phoenix I (2) 1828 NSW Master Thomas Cuzens; Surgeon William Bell Carlyle

Pilot 1817 NSW (I) Master William Pexton; Surgeon Charles Queade

Pitt 1792 NSW (F) Master Edward Manning; Surgeon Mr. Jameson

Planter (1) 1832 NSW Master R. L. Frazer; Surgeon Alick Osborne

Planter (2) 1839 NSW (F) Master F. B. Manning; Surgeon Thomas Robertson

Porpoise 1800 Master J. Willson

Portland (1) 1832 NSW Master William Ascough; Surgeon Joseph Cook

Portland (2) 1833 NSW (I) Master William Ascough; Charles Inches

Portsea 1838 NSW Master Samuel John Lowe; Surgeon Thomas Bell

Prince George 1837 NSW Master Adolphus Holton; Surgeon Thomas Bell

Prince of Orange (1) 1821 NSW Master Thomas Silk; Surgeon George Shaw Rutherford

Prince of Orange (2) 1822 VDL Master John Moncrief; Surgeon John Crocket

Prince of Wales 1788 NSW Master John Mason

Prince Regent I (1) 1820 NSW Master William Anderson; Surgeon James Hunter

Prince Regent II (1) 1821 NSW (I) Master Francis Clifford; Surgeon Alexander Taylor

Prince Regent I (2) 1824 NSW (I) (P) Master Alexander Wales; Surgeon Thomas B. Wilson

Prince Regent I (3) 1827 NSW Master William Richards; Surgeon William Rae

Princess Charlotte (2) 1827 NSW (F) Master Daniel Stephenson; Surgeon Charles Cameron

Princess Royal (1) 1823 NSW Master Henry Sherwood; Surgeon James Hunter

Princess Royal (2) 1829 NSW (F) Master Henry Sherwood; Surgeon Andrew Douglas Wilson

Princess Victoria 1834 (Calcutta) NSW Master James F. Bissett

Providence I 1811 NSW (I) (F) Master Andrew Barclay; Surgeon Richard Hughes

Providence II (1) 1822 VDL; NSW (F) Master James Herd; Surgeon David Reid

Providence II (2) 1826 VDL Master John Wauchope; Surgeon Matthew Burnside

Pyramus (1) 1832 NSW (F) Master Alexander Wilson; Surgeon James Rutherford

Pyramus (2) 1836 NSW (I) (F) Master Nathaniel Livesay; Surgeon Obadiah Pineo


Queen 1791 NSW (I) (F) (P) NSW Corps Master Richard Owen


Randolph 1849 NSW; 11th regt. Exiles Master William Dale; Surgeon Harry Goldney & Walter Lawrance

Recovery (1) 1819 NSW Master William Fotherley; Surgeon Peter Cunningham

Recovery (2) 1823 NSW (I) Master William Fotherley; Surgeon Peter Cunningham

Recovery (3) 1836 NSW Master Thomas Johnson; Surgeon Alexander Neill

Regalia 1826 NSW (I) Master Robert Burt; Surgeon James Rutherford

Regia 1838 (Mauritius) NSW T. M. Johnson; Surgeon Wylie

Reliance 1829 (Calcutta) NSW Master C. D. Hayes

Research 1832 (Mauritius) NSW Master Ogilvie

Richmond 1822 VDL Master James Kay; Surgeon Thomas B Wilson

Rolla 1803 NSW (I) (F) Master Robert Cumming; Surgeon John Buist

Roslin Castle (2) 1830 NSW (F) Master Henry Ferguson; William Conborough Watt

Roslin Castle (3) 1833 NSW (I) (P) Master William Richards; Surgeon George Imlay

Roslin Castle (4) 1834 NSW Master William Richards; Surgeon Robert Espie

Roslin Castle (5) 1836 NSW (I) (F) Master William Richards; Surgeon John Edwards

Royal Admiral 1792 NSW (F) Master Essex Henry Bond; Surgeon Richard Alley

Royal Admiral 1800 NSW (P) Master William Wilson; Surgeon Samuel Turner

Royal Admiral (1) 1830 NSW Master David Fotheringham; Surgeon George Shaw Rutherford

Royal Admiral (2) 1833 NSW Master David Fotheringham; Surgeon Andrew Henderson

Royal Admiral (3) 1835 NSW (I) Master David Fotheringham; Surgeon James Osborne

Royal Charlotte 1825 NSW Master Joseph Corbyn; Surgeon George Fairfowl

Royal George (1) 1828 NSW Master Robert Embledon; Surgeon William Gregor

Royal Sovereign (1) 1834 NSW (I) Master John Henderson; Surgeon Peter Leonard

Royal Sovereign (2) 1835 NSW Master John Moncrief; Surgeon Francis Logan

Ruby 1811 (Bengal) NSW Thomas Cripps


Salamander 1791 NSW Master John Nichol

Sarah (1) 1829 NSW Master Henry Columbine; Surgeon Alick Osborne

Sarah & Elizabeth 1837 NSW (F) Master John Davidson; Surgeon John Rankine

Scarborough 1788 NSW Master John Marshall; Surgeon Dennis Considen

Scarborough (2) 1790 NSW Master John Marshall; Surgeon Augustus Jacob Beyer

Seaflower 1820 (Bengal) NSW Master Spiers

Sesostris 1826 NSW Master J. T. Drake; Surgeon John Dulhunty

Shipley (1) 1817 NSW Master Lewis Williams Moncreif; Surgeon George Clayton

Shipley (2) 1818 NSW Master Lewis Williams Moncreif; Surgeon Robert Espie

Shipley (3) 1820 NSW Master Lewis Williams Moncreif; Surgeon Henry Ryan

Shipley (4) 1822 NSW Master Lewis Williams Moncreif; Surgeon George Shaw Rutherford

Sir Charles Forbes (4) 1837 NSW (F) Master James Leslie; Surgeon William Clifford

Sir Godfrey Webster (2) 1826 (NSW (I) (P) Master John Rennoldson; Surgeon William Evans

Sir William Bensley 1817 NSW Master Lewis E. Williams; William Evans

Somersetshire (1) 1814 NSW Master Alexander Scott

Sophia 1829 NSW (I) Master Thomas Elley; Surgeon Alick Osborne

Southworth (1) 1822 NSW (I) Master David Sampson; Surgeon Joseph Cook

Southworth (3) 1832 (I) NSW (F) (I) Master John Coombs; Surgeon James Forrester

Sovereign 1795 NSW (P) Master George Storey

Sovereign (2) 1829 NSW (F) Master William McKellar; Surgeon George Fairfowl

Speedy 1800 NSW Master George Quested

Speke I (1) 1808 NSW (F) Master John Hingston; Surgeon John Macmillan

Speke I (2) 1821 NSW (P) Master Peter McPherson; Surgeon Edward Coates

Speke II 1826 NSW Master Robert Harrison; Surgeon Alick Osborne

St. Michael 1820 (Calcutta) VDL & NSW Master Henry Marsh

St. Vincent (1) 1837 NSW (1) Master James Muddle; Surgeon Andrew Henderson

Strathfieldsaye (2) 1836 NSW Master Philip Jones; Surgeon Thomas Braidwood Wilson

Sugar Cane 1793 NSW (P) Master Thomas Musgrave; Surgeon David Wake Bell

Surprize (1) 1790 NSW Master Nicholas Anstis; Surgeon William Waters

Surprize (2) 1794 NSW (F) (P) Master Patrick Campbell; Surgeon James Thomson

Surry I (1) 1814 NSW Master James Paterson

Surry I (2) 1816 NSW (I) Master Thomas Raine; Surgeon John Fletcher Bayley

Surry I (3) 1819 NSW & VDL Master Thomas Raine; Surgeon Matthew Anderson

Surry I (4) 1823 NSW Master Thomas Raine; Surgeon ; Charles Linton

Surry I (6) 1831 NSW Master Charles Kemp; Surgeon Colin Arrot Browning

Surry II 1833 NSW (I) (F) Master William Veal; Surgeon Edward Foord Bromley

Surry I (8) 1834 NSW (P) Master Charles Kemp; Surgeon John Smith

Surry I (9) 1836 NSW (1) Master George Sinclair; Surgeon Thomas Robertson

Surry I (10) 1840 NSW (F) Master George Sinclair; Surgeon Edward Leah

Susan (1) 1834 NSW Master Stephen Addison; Surgeons John Issett & Archibald Ross

Susan (2) 1836 NSW Master Henry Neatby; Surgeon Thomas Galloway

Susan (3) 1837 VDL to NSW Master Henry Neatby

Swallow 1836 (Madras) NSW Master Adams

Sydney Cove 1807 NSW (F) Master Williams Edwards; Surgeon Mr. Cleghorn

Symmetry 1838 (Mauritius) NSW Master John Saville


Tellicherry 1806 NSW (I) (F) (P) Master Thoomas Curzens; Surgeon John Connellan

Theresa (1) 1839 NSW Master Walter Young; Surgeon Edward Hilditch

Thomas Harrison 1836 NSW (F) Master Thomas O'Harrison; Surgeon Henry Gordon Brock

Three Bees 1814 NSW (I) Master John Wallis; Surgeon Thomas Andrews

Tory (2) 1847 VDL Master John Young; Surgeon Robert McLean

Tottenham 1818 NSW Master Dugald McDougall; Surgeon Robert Armstrong

Tyne 1819 NSW (I) (P) Mastr Carsey Bell; Surgeon Henry Ryan


Vittoria 1829 NSW Master John Smith; Surgeon James Dickson


Wanstead 1814 NSW (F) Master Henry Moore

Warrior 1835 (Calcutta) NSW Master John Stone; Surgeon David Hartley

Waterloo (1) 1829 NSW Master Stephen Addison; Surgeon Michael Goodsir

Waterloo (2) 1831 NSW (I) Master Stephen Addison; Surgeon William Henry Trotman

Waterloo (3) 1833 NSW Master John Cow; Surgeon John Stephenson

Waterloo (5) 1836 NSW (I) Master John Cow; Surgeon George Roberts

Waterloo (6) 1838 NSW Master John Cow; Surgeon James Ellis

Waverley (1) 1839 NSW (I) Master James Morgan; Surgeon James Barr

Westmoreland (1) 1835 NSW Master John Brigstock; Surgeon Charles Inches

Westmoreland (3) 1838 NSW (I) Master John Brigstock; Surgeon George McClure

Whitby 1839 NSW (I) (F) Master Thomas Wellbank; Surgeon John Kidd

William 1794 NSW (F) Master William Folger

William and Anne 1791 NSW Master Eber Bunker

William Jardine (1) 1838 NSW (I) Master John Crosbie; Surgeon Richard Lewis

William Pitt 1806 NSW (F) Master Joseph Blyer; Surgeon Joseph Blyer

William Young 1829 (East Indies) NSW Master Northwood

Woodbridge (1) 1840 NSW Master William Dobson; Surgeon George Todd Moxey

Woodman (1) 1823; NSW (I) (F) Master Henry Ford; George Fairfowl


York I (2) 1831 NSW Master Daniel Leary; Surgeon Campbell France

York II 1862 - Fremantle Surgeon Arthur W.W. Babington

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