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Convict ship surgeons played a vital role in the arduous and perilous journey of transporting convicts from their home countries to distant lands. Under varied and often difficult circumstances, the surgeons acted as both healers and custodians, ensuring the welfare of the convicts and crew aboard these prison ships.

The task of convict ship surgeons was to oversee the health and well-being of the convicts throughout the entire journey, which could last several months Their duties encompassed a wide range of responsibilities. They were responsible for conducting thorough medical examinations of the convicts, identifying any illnesses, and providing appropriate treatment. They also ensured that adequate medical supplies were available on board, including medicines; they may have also brought with them their own medical and surgical instruments.

Living conditions on board convict ships were harsh, with poor sanitation and overcrowding that lead to the spread of infectious diseases. Surgeons had to navigate these challenging circumstances, often improvising to provide the best care possible under the circumstances. Preventive measures were crucial to maintaining the health of both the convicts and the crew. Convict ship surgeons implemented basic hygiene practices, enforced regular exercise routines, and monitored the convicts' diet. They also introduced innovative measures such as ventilation and the separation of convicts based on their health conditions to minimize the risk of disease outbreaks. During the voyage, convict ship surgeons had to deal with a wide array of ailments and injuries. They treated everything from common illnesses like dysentery, scurvy, and respiratory infections to more severe conditions like fractures and injuries resulting from fights among the convicts. In some cases, they even performed surgeries, often under challenging circumstances with limited resources.

Powers and Duties of the Surgeon Superintendent:

The superintendent surgeon joins the ship before the convicts are put on board, and has the whole superintendence of them.

During the whole voyage the convicts are under his superintendence; he may inflict punishment by a limited number of lashes.

He is bound to preserve discipline, and is responsible to the Admiralty

The convicts might complain of his conduct on their arrival at Sydney to the visiting officer from the Colonial Secretary's office.

The surgeon superintendent keeps a journal, which is inspected by the governor and by the Admiralty.

He carries out a copy of the record of the crimes committed by each convict.

If there is no chaplain on board; the surgeon superintendent reads prayers, and sometimes, a sermon on Sunday, when the weather permits.

The superintendent surgeon does not leave until all the stores have been removed from the ship - Report from the Select Committee on Transportation 1837

Below are links to surgeons who were employed on convict ships to Australia in the years 1788 - 1862


ALEXANDER, Samuel - Almorah to NSW in 1820

ALLAN, James - Canada to NSW in 1817

ALLEN, Richard - Parmelia to NSW in 1832; James Laing to NSW in 1834

ALLEY, Richard - Lady Juliana to NSW in 1790; Royal Admiral to NSW in 1792

ALTREE, John Turnpenny - Lady Penrhyn to NSW in 1788 (First Fleet)

ANDERSON, Charles Abercrombie - Lord Dalhousie to VDL in 1852

ANDERSON, James A. - Roslin Castle to VDL in 1828

ANDERSON, Matthew - Surry to NSW in 1819; Mangles to NSW in 1820; Mangles to NSW in 1822; Castle Forbes to NSW in 1824

ANDERSON, William - City of Edinburgh to NSW in 1828

ANDREWS, John - Marion to VDL in 1848; Eliza to VDL and Norfolk Island in 1850

ANDREWS, Thomas - Three Bees to NSW in 1813-14

ARMSTRONG, Lancelot - Daphne to NSW in 1819

ARMSTRONG, Robert - Tottenham to NSW in 1818; Dick to NSW in 1821; Countess of Harcourt to NSW in 1822

ARNDELL, Thomas - Friendship to NSW in 1788 (First Fleet)

ARNOLD, Joseph - Hindostan to NSW in 1809; Northampton to NSW in 1815

AUSTIN, Matthew - Marquis Cornwallis 1796


BAIRD, John - Middlesex to NSW in 1840; Lord Goderich to VDL

BABINGTON, Arthur W. W. - York to Western Australia in 1862

BAKER, Henry - Thomas Arbuthnot to VDL in 1846; William Jardine to VDL in 1850

BALMAIN, William - Alexander to NSW in 1788 (First Fleet)

BARR, James - Waverley to NSW in 1839; Mary Ann to VDL in 1841

BAYLEY, John Fletcher - Surry to NSW in 1816

BEITH, Robert - Eden to Hobart and Port Phillip in 1849

BELL, David Wake - Sugar Cane to NSW in 1793

BELL, Thomas - Edward to NSW in 1831; Eliza to NSW in 1832; Prince George to NSW in 1837; Portsea to NSW in 1838

BELLOT, Thomas - Havering 1849

BEYER, Augustus Jacob - Scarborough 1790; Boddingtons 1793; Britannia to NSW 1797

BILLING, James - Batavia to NSW in 1818

BIRNIE, George - Asia to NSW in 1831; Caroline to NSW in 1833

BLAND, William - Mary Anne to NSW in 1839

BLYER, Joseph - William Pitt 1806

BOOTH, James - Orator to VDL in 1843

BOWER, John - Emma Eugenia to VDL in 1851; Pyrenees to Freemantle in 1852; Lord Raglan to W.A. in 1858

BOWER, Robert - Pekoe to NSW in 1840; Cadet to VDL in 1844

BOWES SMYTH, Arthur - Lady Penryhn to NSW in 1788 (First Fleet)

BOWLER, John William - John William Calvin to VDL in 1848; Hashemy to W.A. in 1850; Phoebe Dunbar to W.A. in 1853; Lord Raglan to W.A. in 1858

BOWMAN, James - Mary Ann to NSW in 1816; Lord Eldon to NSW in 1817; John Barry to NSW in 1819

BOWMAN, John C. - Cadet to VDL in 1849

BOYTER, David - Mermaid to NSW in 1830; Camden to NSW in 1831; Andromeda to NSW in 1833; Hero to NSW in 1835

BRADFORD, Abraham - Henrietta to VDL in 1843

BROCK, Henry Gordon - Marmion to VDL in 1828; Surry 1829; Argyle to VDL in 1831; Lotus to VDL in 1833; Thomas Harrison to NSW in 1836

BROMLEY, Edward Foord - Ocean to NSW in 1816; Almorah to NSW in 1817; Lord Wellington to NSW in 1820; Surry to NSW in 1833; Numa to NSW in 1834

BROWNE, Robert - Canada to NSW in 1815

BROWNING, Colin Arott - Surry to NSW 1831; Arab to VDL 1834; Elphinstone to VDL 1836; Margaret to NSW 1840;Earl Grey to VDL 1843; Theresa to VDL 1845; Pestonjee Bomanjee to VDL 1847; Hashemy to NSW 1849

BROWNRIGG, Thomas - Tortoise to VDL in 1842;

BRYDONE, James Marr - Eliza to NSW in 1820

BRYSON, Alexander - Marquis of Hastings to VDL in 1842

BUIST, John - Rolla to NSW in 1803

BURNSIDE, Matthew - Providence to VDL in 1826

BYNOE, Benjamin - Blundell to Norfolk Island in 1844; Aboukir to VDL in 1851


CALDWELL, Edward - East London to VDL in 1843

CALDWELL, Joseph - Lady Kennaway to VDL in 1851; Rodney to VDL in 1853; Sea Park to Fremantle 1854; Stag to Fremantle 1855; Clara to Fremantle 1857

CALLAM, James - Supply 1788 (First Fleet)

CAMERON, Charles - Midas to NSW 1825; Princess Charlotte to NSW 1827; Ferguson to NSW 1829; David Lyon to VDL 1830

CAMPBELL, John - William Jardine to VDL in 1850

CARLYLE, William Bell - Asia to NSW 1820; Morley to VDL 1823; Henry to NSW 1825 Andromeda to VDL 1827; Phoenix to NSW 1828; Marquis of Huntley to NSW1830

CARMICHAEL, James - Samuel Boddington to VDL 1846

CARTER, Charles - Hibernia in 1819; Hebe in 1820; Arab in 1822; Sir Godfrey Webster 1823 ; Henry Porcher 1825

CLARKE, James Leathem - North Briton to VDL 1843; Greenlaw to VDL 1844; Joseph Somes to VDL 1846

CLARKE, Richard
- Bellona to NSW in 1793

CLARKE, Robert Whitemore - Baretto Junior 1850

CLARKE, Thrasycles - Kains to NSW in 1831

CLAYTON, George - Shipley to NSW in 1817; Globe to NSW in 1819; Competitor to VDL in 1823

CLEGHORN - Sydney Cove to NSW in 1807. *Possibly Alexander Cleghorn who was listed as Assistant Surgeon on the Navy List 1814. Date of Seniority Royal Navy 8 May 1808

CLIFFORD, William - Harmony to VDL; Forth (1) to NSW in 1830; Norfolk to NSW in 1832; Sir Charles Forbes to NS in 1837

COATES, Edward - Speke to NSW in 1821

COCHRANE, Harman - Mary to VDL in 1823; Mariner to NSW in 1825; Boyne to NSW in 1826; Mangles to NSW in 1828

COLEMAN, Patrick - Georgiana to VDL in 1829. Patrick Coleman died on the voyage to Australia. David Conway took over as surgeon on the Georgiana

CONNELLAN, John - Tellicherry to New South Wales in 1806

CONSIDEN, Dennis - Scarborough 1788 (First Fleet)

CONWAY, David Barry - Manlius 1827; Georgiana to VDL in 1829

COOK, Joseph - Southworth to NSW 1822; Sir Charles Forbes to VDL 1825; Phoenix to NSW 1826; Louisa to NSW 1827; Mellish to NSW 1829; Forth to NSW 1830; Portland to NSW 1832

COSGREAVE, Peter - Friendship 1818

CRAIGIE, James - Lady Castlereagh to NSW in 1818

CRAWFORD, William - Lincelles to Fremantle in 1862. William Crawford is listed in the Medical Register of 1865 - Surgeon, Royal Navy, Qualifications: Lic. Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh 1846

CREAGH, James - Janus in 1820. James Creagh died on the voyage out

CROCKET, John - Prince of Orange to VDL kn 1822; Mangles to NSW in 1824

CROSS, Alexander - Equestrian to VDL in 1852

CUNNINGHAM, Lennox Thompson - Hyderbad to VDL in 1849; Sir Robert Seppings in 1852

CUNNINGHAM, Peter - Recovery 1819; Grenada 1821; Recovery 1823; Grenada 1825; Morley 1828


DAVIE, Thomas - Atlas (II) 1802

DAVIES, Thomas - Medway 1821; Henry 1823; Asia (III) 1825

DAVIDSON, John - Lord Auckland to VDL in 1852

DEAS, David - Lord Petra to VDL in 1843

DEWAR, Alexander - Chapman to NSW in 1817

DICKSON, James - Countess of Harcourt to NSW in 1824; Woodford in 1826 to VDL; Florentia to NSW in 1828; Norfolk to NSW in 1829; Vittoria to NSW in 1829

DICKSON, Robert - Java to NSW in 1833

DIGHT, John - Earl Cornwallis to NSW in 1801

DOBIE, John - Princess Charlotte in 1824; Lady Nugent in 1837

DOBIE, Robert - Garland Grove to VDL in 1841; Ratcliffe to VDL in 1845

DONNELLY, Samuel - St. Vincent to Hobart in 1850; Lady Montagu to Hobart 185; Adelaide to Fremantle in 1855; Edwin Fox to Fremantle 1858

DONNELLY, William - Emperor Alexander to VDL in 1833

DONNET, James John Louis - William Jardine to W.A. in 1852

DONOGHUE, Anthony - City of Edinburgh to NSW in 1832; Parmelia to NSW in 1834; Hive to NSW in 1835; Calcutta to NSW in 1837

DONOVAN, James - Rajah to VDL in 1841Michael DorkeLord Hungerford to VDL in 1821

DRUMMOND, John - Countess of Harcourt to NSW in 1828; Prince Regent to VDL in 1830

DUKE, John - Atlas to NSW in 1819

DULHUNTY, John - Sesostris to NSW in 1826

DUNN, Robert - Bussorah Merchant to NSW 1828; Dunvegan Castle to NSW 1830; Jane to VDL in 1832

DUNN, Thomas Russell - Augusta Jessie in 1840; Waverley to VDL in 1841


EDWARDS, John - Hercules to NSW 1832; Henry Tanner to NSW in 1834; Roslin Castle to NSW in 1836; Charles Kerr to NSW in 1837

ELLIOTT, John Wilson - Duke of Richmond to VDL in 1844; Marion to VDL in 1845; Joseph Somes in 1847; Stately in 1849

ELLIS, James - Hooghley to NSW in 1831; Diana to NSW in 1833; Bengal Merchant to NSW 1835; Westmoreland to VDL in 1836; Waterloo to NSW in 1838

ELYARD, William - John Bull to NSW in 1821

ESPIE, Robert - Morley in 1817; Shipley in 1818; Dorothy in 1820; Lord Sidmouth in 1823; Lady Rowena in 1826; Mary in 1830(VDL); Roslin Castle in 1834; Elizabeth in 1836

EVANS, Evan - Malabar to NSW in 1819; Phoenix to VDL in 1822

EVANS, William - Indispensable to NSW in 1809

EVANS, William - Sir William Bensley to NSW in 1817; Bencoolen to NSW in 1819; Hindostan to NSW in 1821; Asia to VDL in 1824 ; Sir Godfrey Webster to NSW in 1826; Layton to VDL in 1827; Lady of the Lake to VDL in 1829; Larkins 1831 to VDL; Southworth to VDL in 1834; Earl Grey to NSW in 1836


FAIRFOWL, George - Ocean in 1818; Dromedary in 1820; Woodman in 1823; Royal Charlotte in 1825; Asia 1827 (VDL) ; Sovereign in 1829; Andromeda in 1830; Clyde in 1832 ; Hive in 1834

FERGUSON, Archibald - Jupiter to VDL in 1833

FERRIER, John - Earl Grey to VDL in 1850

W.S. Fielding - Perseus to NSW in 1802

FISHER, Peter - Majestic to VDL in 1838; Runnymede to VDL in 1839

FORMAN, George Ellery - Lady McNaughten to NSW in 1835; Platina to VDL in 1837; Pyramus to VDL in 1839; Eden to NSW in 1840

FORRESTER, James - Brothers to NSW in 1827; Southworth to NSW in 1832; Amphitrite in 1833 (wrecked)

FOX, George Irwin - Kinnear to VDL in 1842

FRANCE, Campbell - Asia to VDL in 1828; Lady Harewood to VDL in 1829; York to NSW in 1831; Mary Ann to NSW in 1835; John Barry to NSW in 1839; King William to NSW in 1840; Isabella to VDL in 1842

FULLER, Charles Henry - Agincourt to Norfolk Island in 1844

FYFE - Lady Shore to NSW in 1797


GALLOWAY, Thomas - Persian to VDL in 1830; Isabella to NSW in 1832; Asia to NSW in 1833; Henry Porcher to NSW in 1835; Susan to NSW in 1836

GANNON, John - Asia to NSW in 1837; Barossa to VDL in 1844

GEDDES, David - Palmyra to VDL in 1846; Cornwall to VDL in 1851; Oriental Queen to VDL in 1853

GIBSON, John - Westmoreland to VDL in 1841; Ratcliffe to VDL in 1848 ; Scindian to Fremantle in 1850; Minden to Fremantle in 1851

GIBSON, Thomas - Somersetshire to VDL 1842; Neptune to VDL in 1850

GILCHRIST, James - Mermaid to VDL in 1828; James Pattison to NSW in 1830; Bussorah Merchant to NSW in 1831

GOLDNEY, Harry - Randolph in 1849

GOODSIR, Michael - Hercules to NSW in 1825; Countess of Harcourt to NSW in 1827; Waterloo to NSW in 1829; Royal George to VDL in 1830

GORDON, James A. - Mount Stewart Elphinstone in 1845 (VDL)

GOSSAM, Peter - Admiral Barrington in 1791

GRAHAM, William - Juliana in 1820 (VDL)

GREY, William - Neptune in 1790

GREGOR, William - Medina in 1825 (to VDL); Cambridge in 1827; Royal George in 1828


HALL, James - Agamemnon to NSW 1820; Brothers to VDL and NSW 1824; Mary Anne to VDL and NSW 1822; Georgiana to VDL

HALLION, John William - Alexander to NSW and VDL in 1816; Isabella to NSW in 1818

HAMMETT, Sir John - Gilbert Henderson to VDL in 1840

HAMILTON, James - Adamant to NSW in 1821; Chapman to VDL in 1824

HAMILTON, John Macauley - Buffalo to NSW in 1833

HAMILTON, William - Elizabeth to NSW in 1818; Maria to VDL in 1820; Norfolk to NSW in 1825

HAMPTON, John Stephen - Mexborough to VDL in 1842; Constant to VDL in 1843; Sir George Seymour to VDL in 1844

HARRIS, John - Surprize to NSW in 1790; General Hewitt to NSW in 1814

HARTLEY, David - Warrior from Calcutta to NSW in 1835

HASLAM, John - Mariner to NSW in 1816

HENDERSON, Andrew - York to VDL in 1829; Florentiato NSW in 1830; Lord William Bentinck to VDL in 1832; Royal Admiral to NSW in 1833; Aurora to VDL in 1835; St. Vincent to NSW in 1837; Royal Sovereign to VDL in 1838 ; Hindostan to VDL in 1841; Emily to VDL in 1842

HENDERSON, William - Two surgeons by the name of William Henderson....

(1) HENDERSON, William *22 March 1797

(2) *29 October 1808 Charles Bateson in 'The Convict Ships' records William Henderson as surgeon superintendent on the convict ship Bussorah Merchant in 1830, however the signature on the Surgeon's Journal of the Bussorah Merchant seems to be the same as the signature on the Surgeon's Journal of the City of Edinburgh in 1828. Surgeon on the City of Edinburgh was William Anderson

HILDITCH, Sir Edward - Susan to VDL in 1837; Theresa to NSW in 1839

HILL, Patrick - Atlas to NSW in 1816; Earl St. Vincent in 1820

HISLOP, Joseph - Nile to NSW in 1801

HOGAN, John - Marquis Cornwallis 1796

Joseph Hugh Hughes - Chapman to VDL in 1826; Elizabeth to NSW in 1828

HUGHES, Richard - Aeolus to NSW in 1809; Providence in 1811; General Hewitt in 1814

HUME, Archibald - Guildford to NSW in 1818; Coromandel in 1820

HUNTER, James - Minerva to NSW in 1818; Prince Regent in 1820; Princess Royal in 1823

HUNTER, Thomas - Competitor in 1828


IMLAY, George - Roslin Castle to NSW in 1833

INCHES, Charles - William Glen Anderson to VDL in 1831; Portland to NSW in 1833; Westmoreland to NSW in 1835; John to NSW in 1837; London to VDL in 1834

INCHES, John - Lady Harewood to NSW in 1832; Lloyds to NSW in 1833; Mary to NSW in 1835; Norfolk to NSW in 1837

IRVINE, John - Canton to VDL in 1840

ISAAT, John - Susan in 1834


JACK, Alexander - Caledonia to VDL in 1820

JAMESON - Pitt to NSW in 1792

JAMISON, Thomas - First Fleet HMS Sirius 1788;

JEFFERY, Edward - Recovery to VDL in 1837; Marquis of Hastings to VDL in 1839; David Clarke to VDL in 1841

JEWELL, Thomas W. - Elizabeth and Henry to Van Diemen's Land in 1845

JOHNSTON, Ebenezer - William Miles to VDL in 1828; Marquis of Hastings to VDL in 1830; Captain Cook to NSW in 1832

JOHNSTON, James Wingate - Asia to VDL in 1840; Pestonjee Bombanjee to VDL in 1845

JOHNSTON, John - Earl St. Vincent 1818

JONES, William H. Bulkeley - Elphinstone to VDL in 1842, Marion to VDL in 1844, Bangalore to Moreton Bay in 1850, Aurora to VDL in 1851


KELLY, Cornelius - Woodman to VDL in 1826

KELLY, John - Canada to NSW in 1801

KELSALL, Henry - Andromeda to NSW in 1834; Margaret to NSW in 1837; Waterloo 1842 (wrecked); Cape Packet to VDL in 1842; John Calvin to Norfolk Island and VDL in 1846

KENT, Richard - Boddingtons to NSW 1793

KEOWN, Thomas Heron - Mount Stewart Elphinstone to VDL in 1848; Hyderabad to VDL in 1850

KEVERN, Charles T.S. - Dudbrook to Fremantle in 1853

KIDD, John - Whitby to NSW in 1839; Egyptian to VDL in 1840; Emma Eugenia to VDL in 1842; Nile to VDL in 1851

KILROY, Alexander - Mayda to Norfolk Island in 1846; Australasia to VDL in 1849; Mermaid to Fremantle in 1851

KING, Gilbert - Medway in 1825; Marquis of Hastings to NSW in 1827; Lord Lyndoch to VDL in 1831; Eden to VDL in 1836; Moffatt to VDL in 1835

KINNEAR, Charles Ritchie - Cadet to VDL in 1848

KUNST, John Justice W. Hillsborough to NSW in 1799; Hercules to NSW in 1802


LANCASTER, John James - Navarino to VDL in 1842; Lord Auckland to VDL in 1844

LANG, Archibald - Lord Sidmouth to NSW in 1819

LARDNER, Jason - Woodbridge to VDL in 1843; Tasmania to VDL in 1845; Asia to VDL in 1847

LAWRENCE, James - Ann and Amelia to NSW in 1825; John to NSW in 1832; Lord Lyndoch to VDL in 1836; Cressy to VDL in 1843

LAWRENCE, Walter - Randolph in 1849

LAZZARETTO, Emanuel - Grenada to NSW in 1819

LEAH, Edward - Surry to NSW in 1840

LE GRAND, Frederick W. Le - Adelaide to NSW in 1849; Rodney to VDL in 1850; Marion to Fremantle in 1852

LEIGHTON, Thomas - Marquis of Wellington 1815

LEONARD, Peter - Royal Sovereign to NSW in 1834; Asia to VDL in 1836; Atwick to VDL in 1838; Candahar to VDL in 1842

LEWIS, Richard - Morley in 1829; America to VDL in 1831; Persian to VDL in 1837; William Jardine in 1838; Hope to VDL in 1842

LEYSON, William - Henry Wellesley to NSW in 1837

LINTON, Charles - Surry to NSW in 1823; Guildford to NSW in 1827

LOGAN, Francis - Champion to NSW in 1827; Fanny to NSW in 1833; Royal Sovereign to NSW in 1835; Mangles to NSW in 1837

LOGAN, Thomas - Albion to NSW in 1828; Proteus to VDL in 1831

LONGSTAFF, George - Minorca to NSW in 1801

LOVE, John - John to NSW in 1829; Mellish to VDL in 1830; Atlas to VDL in 1833; Backwell to NSW in 1835


MACKAY, Samuel - Waverley to VDL in 1842

MACKENZIE, D - Earl Spencer to NSW in 1813

MACLEAN, Robert (McLean) - Tory to VDL in 1847

MACLEROY, Alexander C. - Appointed Surgeon to H.M.S. Niagara at Lakes of Canada on 6 September 1838. Appointed to Phoebe to VDL in 1845

MACLAREN, George David - William Hammond to W.A. in 1856

MACMILLAN, John - Speke to NSW in 1808; Lord Melville to VDL in 1818

MAGOVERN, Patrick - Minerva to NSW in 1839

MAHON, Henry Walsh - Isabella to NSW in 1840; Barossa to VDL in 1842

MAINE - Indian to NSW in 1810

MALCOLM, Robert - Sovereign to VDL in 1827; Nithsdale to NSW in 1830

MARSHALL, William Barrett - Fanny to NSW in 1833

MARTIN, William - Hercules to NSW in 1830 There were two surgeons entered in the Navy List of Medical Officers in 1814 (William Martin (1) * 12 February 1804 and William Martin (2) *17 August 1815)

MASON, Martin - Britannia to NSW in 1798

MARTYNE, Patrick - Neptune to NSW in 1838

MCAVOY, Benjamin - Appointed Surgeon to H.M.S. Modeste in the East Indies 24 November 1837. Appointed Surgeon to Margaret to VDL in 1843

MCLCURE, George Westmoreland to New South Wales in 1838; Nautilus to New South Wales in 1840

MCREA, Robert - Eden to VDL and Port Phillip. Left the ship at the Cape because of illness

MCDONALD, Thomas Wallis - Hindostan to VDL in 1839; Lord Lyndoch to VDL in 1841

MCDONALD, William - Fanny to New South Wales in 1816; Larkins to New South Wales in 1817

MCDOWELL, William - Lady East to VDL in 1824; Harmony to NSW in 1827; Diamond to NSW in 1838; Blenheim to NSW in 1839; Duncan to VDL in 1841; Triton to VDL in 1842; Lady East to VDL in 1824;

MCKECHNIE, Alexander - Mandarin to VDL in 1840; Layton to VDL in 1841

MCKERROW, James - Earl St. Vincent to VDL in 1826; John to NSW in 1827

MCLAREN, Allan - Hydery to VDL in 1832; Maitland to NSW and Norfolk Island in 1844

MCLAUGHLIN, Colin - Broxbournebury to NSW in 1814

MCLEAN, Robert - Tory to VDL in 1847

MCNAMARA, Daniel - Lord Melville to NSW in 1817; Canada to NSW in 1819; John Barry to NSW in 1821

MCTERNAN, James - Ocean to NSW in 1823 ; Sir Charles Forbes to VDL in 1827; Asia to NSW in 1828; Eliza to NSW in 1829; Lady Harewood to NSW in 1831; John Barry to NSW in 1836; Sara to VDL in 1837

MCTERNAN, Patrick - Mariner to NSW in 1827; Manlius to VDL in 1828; Katherine Stewart Forbesto NSW in 1830; Dunvegan Castle to NSW in 1832

MCWILLIAM, James Ormiston - Forfarshire to VDL in 1843; Hydrabad to Norfolk Island in 1845

MERCER, James Alexander - Asia to NSW in 1822; Albion to VDL in 1823; Asia (1) to NSW in 1825

MILEHAM, James - Ganges to NSW in 1797

MILLAR, Andrew - Anson to VDL in 1844

MITCHELL, James - Neptune to NSW in 1820; Guildford to NSW in 1822; Guildford to NSW in 1824.

MONTGOMERY, Andrew - Elizabeth to NSW in 1820

MOODIE, John - Lord Auckland to VDL in 1849; Blackfriar to VDL in 1851

MORGAN, John - Mary to NSW in 1819; ?Captain Cook to NSW in 1833

MORICE, James - Midas to NSW in 1827

MORRIS, Harvey - David Malcolm to Norfolk Island in 1845; Elizabeth and Henry to VDL in 1847; Bangalore to VDL in 1848; Rodney to VDL in 1851; Robert Small to Fremantle in 1853

MORTIMER, John - Fame to NSW in 1817

MOULD, John Arnold - Sir Robert Peel to VDL in 1845

MOUNTGARRETT, Jacob - Glatton to NSW in 1803

MOXEY, George Todd - Margaret to NSW in 1839; Woodbridge to NSW in 1840; Susan to VDL in 1842; Mount Stewart Elphinstone to Moreton Bay in 1849

MUNRO, John *15 August 1838. John Munro was on the List of Surgeons of the Royal Navy who were fit for service in 1841. He was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the Emily in 1844 (VDL)


NEILL, Alexander - Recovery to NSW in 1836; Heber to NSW in 1837; Parkfield to NSW in 1839; Eden to VDL in 1842

NISBET, Alexander - Minerva 1824, Grenada 1827 Hooghley 1828 Asia 1830 Earl Grey 1838 and Mangles 1840

NIEBUHR, J.P. - Kitty 1792

NOBLE, Alexander - Minstrel 1812

NOLLOTH, Edward - Maria to VDL in 1849; Hempsyke to Gibraltar in 1851; Fairlie to VDL in 1852

NOOTT, Isaac - Bengal Merchant to NSW in 1838; Layton to VDL in 1839

NUTT, Charles Kevern - Lloyds to VDL in 1845


OSBORNE, Alick - Lonach in 1825; Speke in 1826; Sophia in 1829; Sarah in 1829; Planter in 1832 ; Fairlie in 1834; Marquis of Huntley in 1835; Elphinstone in 1838.

OSBORNE, James - Layton 1829 Palambam 1831 Royal Admiral 1835

OSBORNE, John - Lucy Davidson 1829 Red Rover 1831 (VDL) John Barry 1834


PATTON, James - Persian to VDL in 1827; Eliza to NSW in 1828

PAWSON, John - Archduke Charles to NSW in 1813

PETRIE, William - Woodford to VDL in 1828; Sir Charles Forbes to VDL in 1830

PINEO, Obadiah - England to NSW in 1835; Pyramus to NSW in 1836; Lord Lyndoch to NSW in 1838

PORTEUS, William - Circassian to VDL in 1833

PRICE, John Washington - Minerva to NSW in 1800

PRICE, Morgan - Martha to NSW in 1818; Countess of Harcourt to VDL in 1821; Brampton to NSW in 1823; Almorah to NSW in 1824; Clyde to VDL in 1830; Neva to NSW in 1833; Hector to VDL in 1835

PRICE, William - Hadlow to NSW in 1820; Isabella to NSW in 1822

PROSSER, Thomas - Maria to NSW in 1818


QUEADE, Charles - Pilot to NSW in 1817; Minerva to NSW in 1819; Minerva to NSW in 1821; Phoenix to VDL in 1824


RAE, William - Eliza to NSW in 1822; Isabella to NSW in 1823; Marquis of Huntley to NSW in 1826; Prince Regent to NSW in 1827; Marquis of Hastings to NSW in 1828

RANKINE, John - Sarah and Elizabeth to NSW in 1837; Lord William Bentinck to VDL in 1838

REDFERN, William - Minorca to NSW in 1801 (arrived as a convict)

REID, David - Baring to NSW in 1815; Baring to NSW in 1819; Providence to VDL and NSW in 1822

REID, Thomas - Neptune to NSW in 1818; Morley, to VDL and NSW in 1820

RING, Thomas - John Renwick to VDL in 1843; Angelina to VDL in August 1844

RITCHIE, Daniel - Pestonjee Bombanjee to VDL in 1852

ROBERTS, George - Lord Melville to NSW in 1830; Gilmore to VDL in 1832; Heroine to NSW in 1833; Waterloo to VDL in 1835; Waterloo to NSW in 1836

ROBERTS, J.J.W. - Lord Auckland to VDL in 1846

ROBERTSON, John - William Jardine to VDL in 1844; Maitland to VDL in 1846

ROBERTSON, Thomas - William Bryan to VDL in 1833; Forthto NSW in 1835; Surryto NSW in 1836 ; James Pattison NSW in 1837; Planter to NSW in 1839; Equestrian to VDL in 1845

RODMELL, John - Mary to NSW in 1822; Medina to NSW in 1823; Woodman to VDL in 1826 (died on the voyage)

ROGERS, William - Arab to VDL in 1836; Richard Webb to VDL in 1843

ROSS, Archibald - Susan to NSW in 1834

ROSS, David - Strathfieldsaye to VDL in 1831

ROSS, Samuel - Fortune to NSW in 1813

ROWE, George - New Grove to VDL in 1834

ROYLANCE, Thomas Christie - Hadlow to NSW in 1818; Lord Sidmouth to VDL in 1821

RUTHERFORD, George Shaw - Prince of Orange in 1821; Lord Melville in 1829; Shipley in 1822; Royal Admiral in 1830; Marquis of Hastings in 1826; Commodore Hayes in 1823 (VDL); Eliza in 1827; China (to Norfolk Island) in 1846

RUTHERFORD, James - Regalia to NSW in 1826; Pyramus to NSW in 1832; Mangles to NSW in 1833; Hooghley to NSW in 1834

RYAN, Henry - Tyne to NSW in 1819; Shipley to NSW in 1820; Claudine to VDL in 1821


SAUNDERS, William Mackenzie - Norwood to Fremantle in 1867

SAVAGE, Arthur - John to VDL in 1833; Norfolk to VDL in 1835;Captain Cook to NSW in 1836

SCOTT, James - Castle Forbes to NSW in 1829

SEATON, Thomas - Tasmania to VDL in 1844

SHARPE, John Thomas - Barwell to NSW in 1798

SINCLAIR, Andrew - Asia to VDL in 1842; Asiatic to VDL in 1843

SINCLAIR, Samuel - Appointed Surgeon R.N., 11 August 1804. Mary to VDL in 1831.

SKEOCH, James - Bengal Merchant to VDL in 1828

SLOAN, John - Tory to VDL in 1845

SMITH, Andrew - General Stewart to NSW in 1818

SMITH, Andrew R.N. - John Renwick to NSW in 1838

SMITH, Charles - Tory to VDL in 1848 ; Duke of Cornwall to VDL in 1850

SMITH, James - Moffatt to VDL in 1842

SMITH, John - Marquis of Huntley in 1828, Surry in 1834, the Moffatt in 1836 and the Clyde in 1838

SOMERVILLE, Thomas - St. Vincent to VDL in 1853

SPROULE, Oliver - Borneo to VDL in 1828; Larkins to N.S.W. in 1829; Jane to NSW in 1831; Lady Nugent to NSW in 1835

STEPHENSON, John - Guildford to VDL in 1829; Eleanor to NSW in 1831; Katherine Stewart Forbes to VDL in 1832; Waterloo to NSW in 1833; Neva in 1835 (wrecked).

STEPHENSON, Robert - Anna Maria to VDL in 1848

STERET, Joseph - Camden to NSW in 1833; Edward to VDL in 1834; Bardaster to VDL in 1836; Neptune to VDL in 1838; Gilmore to VDL in 1839

STEWART, Alexander - America to NSW in 1829; Southworth to VDL in 1830Aurora to NSW in 1833.

STEWART, John Grant - Nautilus to VDL in 1838; Egyptian to VDL in 1839; British Sovereign to VDL in 1841

STEWART, William - Glory to NSW in 1818

SUTHER, Peter - Mangles to VDL in 1835 SYME, James - Appointed Surgeon to H.M.S. Southampton at Brazills and the Cape 2 Jun 1840. Appointed to convict ship Gilmore to VDL in 1843.

SYME, John - Royal Admiral to NSW in 1792


TAINSH, Robert - Earl St. Vincent to NSW in 1823; Hooghley to NSW in 1825

TARN, John - Georgiana to NSW in 1831; George Hibbert to NSW in 1834; Bengal Merchant to NSW in 1836; Surry to VDL in 1842; Pestonjee Bomanjee to VDL in 1849

TAYLOR, Alexander - Guildford to NSW in 1816; Prince Regent 1821

THOMAS, David - Midlothian to VDL in 1853

THOMPSON, John - Malabar to VDL in 1821

THOMSON, David - Eliza to VDL in 1830; Earl of Liverpool to NSW in 1831 ; Stakesby to VDL in 1833 ; New Grove to VDL in 1835

THOMSON, George - England to NSW in 1826 ; Borodino to NSW in 1828.

THOMPSON, James - Atlantic to NSW in 1791; Surprize to NSW in 1794

THOMSON, Thomas - Blenheim to VDL in 1849

THROSBY, Charles - Coromandel to NSW in 1802

TOMS, Philip - Maitland to NSW in 1840; Prince Regent to VDL in 1842; Waverley to VDL in 1847

TROTMAN, William Henry - Claudine to NSW in 1829; Waterloo to NSW in 1831

TURNER, Samuel - Royal Admiral to NSW 1800

TWEEDALE, John - Coromandel to VDL in 1838


VICKERY, Caryer - Elizabeth to NSW in 1816


WALKER, Elphinstone - Atlas 1802

WALKER, Hugh - Guildford in 1820; Minstrel to NSW in 1825

WATERS, William - Surprize to NSW in 1790

WATSON, Alexander - Norwood to Western Australia in 1862

WATSON, David - Lord Lyndoch to NSW in 1833; Lloyds to NSW in 1837

WATT, William Conborough - Edward to NSW in 1829; Roslin Castle to NSW in 1830; Exmouth to NSW in 1831; Mary to NSW in 1833

WEATHERHEAD, George Hume - Adrian to NSW in 1830

WEST, Major - Francis and Eliza in 1815

WEST, William - Burrell to NSW in 1830; Duchess of Northumberland to VDL in 1843; Equestrian to VDL in 1844

WHITE, John - Charlotte 1788 (First Fleet)

WHITMARSH, John - Morley to NSW in 1818

WILLIAMS, George - Burrell to NSW in 1832

WILLIAMS, John Griffith - Kinnear to VDL in 1848; Maria Somes to VDL in 1850

WILLIAMSON, Stephen - Caledonia in 1822

WILSON, Andrew DouglasPrincess Royal to New South Wales in 1829; Lady Feversham to New South Wales in 1830; Asia to New South Wales in 1832

WILSON, Thomas Braidwood - Richmond to VDL in 1822; Prince Regent to NSW in1824 ; Mangles to NSW in 1826 ; Governor Ready to NSW in 1829; John to VDL in 1830; England to VDL in 1832; Moffatt to VDL in 1834; Strathfieldsaye to NSW in 1836

WORGAN, George Bouchier - Sirius 1788 (First Fleet)

WYLIE, Robert - Henry Wellesley to NSW in 1836; Emma Eugenia to NSW in 1838; Barossa to NSW in 1839; Lady Raffles to VDL in 1841; Arabian to VDL in 1847

WYSE, David - Surry to VDL; George the Third (wrecked)