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Newcastle History Links

.....Rambles in New South Wales 1828

1791 -- 1810

Expedition to the Hunter River in 1801

Governor King established a settlement at 'Coal River' with the intention of mining coal to contribute to financing the colony  and to separate worrying Irish political leaders from the main colony. Read more about the EARLY CONVICT COAL MINERS in Newcastle - 1801

Convicts from the Castle Hill Rebellion sent to Newcastle in 1804

Charles Throsby appointed Commandant at Newcastle in 1805

Government Rules at Newcastle 1807

Sir Henry Browne Hayes at Newcastle in 1808

Provost-Marshall William Gore at Newcastle in 1808

William Lawson Commandant at Newcastle in 1809

Henry William Hemsworth Huntington's History of Newcastle - Link to Newspaper articles



1810 - - 1820

Thomas Brady - Irish Rebel 1808 - 1811

Roger Farrell's Correspondence from Newcastle 1810

William Lawson 1810

Select here to read more about Lieutenant Purcell and Coal River (Newcastle)Penal Settlement in 1810   Colonial Events 1810

James Hardy Vaux was one of Australia's most famous convicts. He was transported three times over a period of thirty years. First on the Minorca in 1801, then on the Indian in 1810, and in 1831 the Waterloo. While serving at Newcastle penal settlement in 1811 he wrote his Memoirs including the Vocabulary of the Flash Language, Australia's first dictionary - Read about James Hardy Vaux at Newcastle - 1811

Governor Macquarie to inspect convicts, barracks, stores etc on his Tour of Newcastle Settlement in 1812

William Harrison Craig - Convict Artist

Joseph Lycett - Convict Artist

Convict Assignment and Punishment at Newcastle - Government Orders - 1813

Newcastle Gaol

Executions at Newcastle, Maitland and the Hunter Valley


Early Boat Builders at Newcastle -

Thomas Crump arrived on the Surprize in 1794; employed as a boat builder at Newcastle c. 1804 - 1810

William Evans employed as a boat builder in 1816

Fortisco de Santo arrived on the Guildford in 1812; employed as a boat builder c. 1820

William Smith arrived on the Larkins in 1817. Overseer of boat builders . 1821 - 1824




1820 - - 1830

Newcastle in 1822 - A list of buildings in Newcastle in 1822

Newcastle through the Years......

1801  1802  1804  1805  1807  1808  1809 1810  1811  1812  1813  1814  1815  1816 

1818  1820  1821  1822  1823  1824  1825  1826  1827  1828  1829  1831  1833  1836 

 1837  1838  1841  1855

Sea Grave Yard --  Early Harbour Masters, vessels and shipwrecks

Convict's lives were ruled by Bells. Select Here to read more

Select here to read of the experiences of Irish soldier/convict Michael Keane who referred to himself as a Botany Bay Hero

Publicans in Newcastle in 1828

Select here to find out more about Newcastle in 1828

Rev. Lancelot Threlkeld at Newcastle

Rev. Charles Pleydell Neale Wilton - Timeline & Notes


1830 - - 1840


Australia's well known convict poet Francis McNamara 'Frank The Poet' arrived on the Eliza convict ship in HERE to find out what happened to him in the following years

In 1830 the government handed over its Newcastle coal mines to the Australian Agricultural Company and coal mining became the most profitable arm of the company for the rest of the century  Select HERE for a list of some of the men employed at the Australian Agricultural Company coal miners in Newcastle 1830s - 1840

Newcastle Female Factory

The Ironed Gang at Newcastle in 1833 - Sydney Morning Herald 18 July 1833

A List of Commandants at Newcastle 1804 - 1821 and approximate age when they took up duties..........

March 1804  - February 1805 - Lieutenant Charles Menzies Age 21

March 1805 - 20th March 1805 -  Ensign Cadwallader Draffen Age 23

20th March 1805 - December 1805 - Charles Throsby Age 28

December 1805 (Temporary) - Lieutenant William Lawson Age 31

December 1805 - September 1808 - Charles Throsby  Age 29   

September 1808 - December 1808 - Ensign Villiers

December 1808 - February 1810 - Lieutenant William Lawson Age 34

February 1810 - December 1811 - Lieutenant John Purcell Age 37

December 1811 - February 1814 - Lieutenant Skottowe

February 1814 - June 1816 - Lieutenant Thomas Thompson

June 1816 - December 1818 - Captain James Wallis (46th regiment) Age 31

December 1818 - 1823 - Major  James Thomas Morisset Age 38



Ship Inn   Commercial Inn   Miners Arms Inn   Rouses Hotel The Newcastle Inn  Victoria Inn  Crooked Billett   The Australian Inn   Woolpack Inn   Union Inn  


New Military Barracks at Newcastle 1841

Some Reminiscences of Watt Street, Newcastle

Sea Bathing at Newcastle

Bushrangers near Newcastle in 1842

Stockton Links


1850 - - 1860


By 1852 the East end of Newcastle and the harbour were filling with sand. Read about the proposed (environmentally friendly) solution to this problem in the Report on the SANDHILLS at Newcastle 1852

A List of County Electors in Newcastle in 1855

Signal Staff at Newcastle 1858

Coal Miners in Newcastle 1858  Transactions of the North of England Institute of Mining Engineers Vol VI, 1858 ,'On the Coalfield of New South Wales' by Henry T. Plews

Islands in the lower Hunter River included Moscheto Island, Dempsey Island, Spit Island, Spectacle Island, Bullock Island and Ash Island

Newcastle Fire Brigade - Australia Trove Links

Adamstown - A brief history - School principals 1877 - 1974 - school photographs - Methodist Primitive church - Ellis Cup winners - Rosebuds

Adamstown Miners 1901 - A list of miners from the Federal Directory of Newcastle

Australia's Strongest Sports Centre - Newcastle