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Convict Ship Britannia 1814


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Convict Ship Britannia 1814


Embarked: 10 men
Voyage 3 months
Surgeon's Journal - No
Previous vessel:
General Hewitt arrived 7 February 1814
Next vessel:
Catherine arrived 4 May 1814

The Britannia departed Bengal on 14th November 1813 and arrived at Port Jackson on 14 February 1814. Ten male convicts under a guard of HM 24th regt., commanded by Captain Hughes arrived on the Britannia......

Edward McGuire tried at Madras
Barnard Duffy tried at Madras
Thomas Ward
Joseph Tallis
James Lowe
John Branmer
John Peters
James Karkett tried at Calcutta
William Bland tried at Bombay
William Randall tried at Bombay

The Britannia departed Port Jackson bound for Bengal on 5th April 1814.


1). Convicts of the Britannia identified in the Hunter Valley region



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