Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Convict Ship Cawdry - 1826

Prisoners of the Cawdry identified in the Hunter Valley

The Cawdry arrived in New South Wales from Calcutta on 15 April 1826 bringing fourteen prisoners of the Crown......

William Beath was being returned to the colony having first arrived on the Mariner in 1816 and subsequently escaping from the colony on the Greenock.

James Brooks died in Port Macquarie hospital in 1837

John Cunningham

John Fitzsimmons

Michael Gallagher. Perished in the bush in 1840

William Hayman

John Howell

Bryan McKelvey

William Mills

William Muirhead, a native of Scotland was tried in Bombay for murder and sentenced to transportation for life. He accompanied Sir Thomas Livingstone's expedition.

Ebenezer Picken

John Stephenson

John Trox

Thomas Wood