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Convict Ship Dart 1834

Embarked 2 women ; 2 men
Deaths: 0
Surgeon's Journal: no 108 tons
Master : Griffin
Agents Hughes and Hosking

The brig Dart arrived in Sydney from Mauritius on 9th July 1834 with a cargo of 1343 bags and six casks of sugar and 12 boxes of 'segars'. [1]

Two female prisoners both convicted on 24th September 1833 of attempting to poison their master and his family in Port Louis and both sentenced to transportation for life are recorded in the convict indents as arriving on the Dart.....  

Elizabeth (no surname in the indents) aged 12, Laundress and needlewoman.

Constance (no surname in the indents) aged 9, Needlework and embroidery. (See Link below)

Two male prisoners also arrived on the Dart:

Charles Cesar age 33 - Jeweller convicted on receiving stolen goods. Native place Mauritius

Bargath Lascar alias Barkhiel Sheith, age 35 - groom convicted of rape of child. Native place Calcutta


Edges of Empire Biographical Dictionary - Constance Couronne (1824-1891) by Cassandra Pybus


[1] Sydney General Trade List 12 July 1834

[2] Convict Indents. State Archives NSW; Series: NRS 12188; Item: [4/4018]; Microfiche: 691