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Convict Ship Reliance 1829

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Embarked: 3 men
Surgeon's Journal: no
Commander C.D. Hayes

The Colonial Times Shipping News announced the arrival of the Reliance from Calcutta and Isle of France in Hobart on 12th January 1829 with three prisoners of the Crown. Joshua Fletcher, Matthew Heafey and W. McNorton.

The Reliance arrived in Sydney with an assorted cargo of India goods, 2806 bags of sugar, two Arab horses, two head of cattle, and two goats on 28th March 1829.  Two prisoners of the crown are listed in the convict indents as arriving in Sydney on the Reliance:

Joshua Fletcher age 24, groom and soldier. Convicted of mutiny at Fort St. George. Assigned to Sir John Wyld at Cabramatta on arrival. Died at Brisbane Water on 28 November 1832.

Matthew Heafey Convicted of mutiny at Madras in March 1828 and sentenced to transportation for life. assigned to George Innes at Bathurst on arrival. Later sent to Norfolk Island. Died 24 March 1860.

Passengers included Mr. Buckland and two children, Captain Smith, Lieut. Beatson, Mr. Lewis, and Mr. Jackson, Joseph Cucknell, Thomas Conory and John Thomson.


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