Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Convict Ship Swallow - 1836

Captain Adams


The Swallow arrived in Port Jackson from Madras on 23 October 1836. Passengers P.H. Stromlen Esq., and A.J. Matthewson Esq., of the Madras civil Service, J.E. Lovel Esq., Mr. Stillman, William Brown


The Swallow transported sixteen prisoners from India..........

John Manning from Wicklow. Crime Manslaughter
John Boothe from Yorkshire, Crime - using violence against a sergeant
John Hasland from Yorkshire - Crime - Desertion
Daniel McNulty from Donegal - Crime Striking a sergeant
Thomas Barrett from Berkshire. Crime Striking a sergeant
John Waterfield from Derbyshire. Crime desertion
Adam Calender from London Crime desertion
James Burke from Galway. Crime striking sergeant
Lawrence McKay from Tipperary. Crime desertion
Robert McCoukey from Belfast, crime striking a sergeant
John Gardiner from Gloucestershire. Crime desertion
Henry De Bels from Amsterdam. Crime shoplifting
William Sanders from Kent. Crime leaving post
William Myers from Tipperary. Crime desertion
John Sinclair from Lancashire. Crime desertion
John Drummond from Edinburgh. Crime Insolence to a sergeant.

Hunter Valley convicts arriving on the Swallow in 1836