Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Convict Ship Symmetry - 1838

Embarked: 7 male prisoners
Tons: 250
Deaths: 0
Surgeon's Journal: no
Captain John Saville
Prisoners of the Symmetry identified in the Hunter Valley

The Symmetry departed from the Isle of France on 27th March 1838 and arrived in Port Jackson on Saturday 26 May 1838. She brought a cargo of sugar.

Cabin Passengers

Passengers included Mrs. Saville and Mrs. Jamison.


Seven prisoners of the Crown arrived on the Symmetry, all convicted of mutiny. -

Siedy Abdullah
Siedy Ali
Siedy Maccors Mahomed
Seyde Sudey Mahomed
Sidy Baynenorla Mahomet
Hussan Sheik

They were all admitted to Sydney gaol on 26 May on disembarking from the ship and afterwards examined at Hyde Park Barracks.

The Symmetry departed for London with colonial produce and cabin passengers on the 15th August 1838