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Donald McIntyre - Settler

Kayuga - Map 7

Talgoobewaa - Kamilaroi aboriginal name for Kayuga

Donald McIntyre was a brother of Peter McIntyre and John McInytre.

Arrival in the Colony

Donald McIntyre arrived in Australia from Leith in February 1827 on the City of Edinburgh, having spent the previous six years in Upper Canada as a settler and merchant.

Land Grant

Land had been reserved for him in New South Wales and this was converted to a grant which was named Kayuga/ Cayuga. An additional grant of 1440 acres on Dart Brook was promised in 1838.
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Kayuga Weather

From the time of his arrival, Donald McIntyre kept meteorological record at Kayuga. In 1829 he reported that there had not been 48 hours of rainfall on his farm for more than two years.

Assigned Convicts

The following prisoners were assigned to Donald McIntyre and may have been employed on Kayuga:

Edward Gill per John
Michael Lynch
William Field per Lady Harewood
Elijah Cartwright per John
Henry Kirby per Lady Harewood
John Bell per John
John Booth per Mermaid
James Bow per John Barry
John Campbell per Bussorah Merchant
Francis Cassidy per Countess of Harcourt
George Scott per Guildford
William Stanley per England
George Fincher per England
Patrick Hoggan per Brampton
William Kelly per Marquis of Hastings
Patrick Kenneson per Mariner
James Kenny per Mariner
William Kevan per Marquis of Hastings
Timothy Kilfoy per Eliza
James McGregor per Morley
Michael Murphy per Prince Regent
James Lough per City of Edinburgh
James Castle per Susan
Henry Reeves per Hercules
Richard Richardson per Marquis of Hastings
John Bell per John
Daniel Deacon per John
Michael Flinn per Eliza
Thomas Hogan per Eliza
Patrick Hayes per Eliza
William Beats per Florentia
George Davies per Hercules
Colin Woodbridge per Florentia
Patrick McGraph per Hive
Michael Dowdle per Earl Grey
James Lovelock per England
Robert Williams per Lady Nugent
Laughlin Moraghan per Captain Cook
Edward Murray per Forth
William Robinson per Phoenix
John Kelly per Minerva
John Nowlan per Java
Patrick Welsh per John Barry
John Walker per Mary Ann
Percival Bishop per Albion
William Irving per Norfolk


Donald Macintyre, of Kayuga, died at Sydney on the 2nd January 1866, aged 76. [1]

In June 1866 Kayuga and Caen were sold on a lease for four years - with 14,322 sheep and 1000 head of cattle, the former at 14s. 3d, the latter at 35s. per head, mustered and delivered; stores, horses, etc., at a valuation - purchase money estimated at £12;,874. Messrs. Boulton, Brothers, were the purchasers.

Notes and Links

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3). Servant Richard Wisdom found guilty of robbing his master Donald Mcintyre - Sydney Herald 10 November 1836

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[1] Empire 3 January 1866