Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Dungog Inns and Hotels

James Davenport Walker held the publican's licence for the Union Inn at Dungog in 1841.

This Inn was situated on Half Moon Flat on part of the estate of Brookfield and was held up by bushrangers known as the Jewboy gang in 1840.

Robert Mason arrived on the convict ship Eleanor in 1831. He held a publican's licence for the Union Inn between the years 1844 and 1848.

A public Farewell dinner for Vincent Dowling was held at Robert Mason's Union Inn in December 1844. 'The resident gentlemen of the district were anxious to testify their esteem and regard towards Mr. Dowling for his uniform integrity of purpose and urbanity of manner as a magistrate and private gentleman'. The party comprised the elite of the district and the Dinner was on the table at 7 p.m. when 'a most praiseworthy and commendable attack was made of the good cheer provided for the occasion'. (Maitland Mercury 21 September 1844)

In 1856 Robert Mason was granted a publican's licence for the Black Bull Inn in Dowling Street Dungog

The Dungog Inn

James Stephenson held the licence of the Dungog Inn in Dowling Street, Dungog between 1848 and 1860

From the Maitland Mercury in 1854..... Death of an Old Resident - On the 5th October in the 33rd year of her age, Mrs. James Stephenson, died here, leaving her husband, with two small children and a great number of friends to deplore their loss. Mrs. Stephenson along with her husband had held the Dungog Inn for the last fourteen years and was much respected. Her funeral was followed to the graveyard by almost all the respectable persons of the district. I have not seen such a crowd together in this district.

Mrs. Richard Curtis of The Dungog Inn died in January 1855. In October 1855 Mr Justice Therry accepted the surrendered estate of Richard Curtis of the Dungog Inn, Dungog. Liabilities &pound1600

The Settlers Arms

Joseph Finch was granted a publican's licence for the Settlers Arms on the corner of Brown and Lord Streets, Dungog in 1853.

He was publican of the Royal Hotel of Dungog in 1864

Joseph Allen held the licence for the Settler's Arms in 1855 - 1857

Charles Richardson held the licence for the Settler's Arms in December 1863

Tradesmans Arms

Joseph Robson was granted a publican's licence for the Tradesmans Arms Inn at Dungog April 1854

The Durham Hotel

Edward Tate was granted a publican's licence for the Durham Hotel on the corner of Mackay and Dowling Streets, Dungog in April 1854