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Hunter Valley Settler

George Bowman - Map 5

George Bowman arrived in New South Wales with his parents as free settlers on the Barwell in 1798. His father John Bowman settled on the Hawkesbury river.

In 1821 George was promised a land grant of 600 acres. This was located on the northern banks of the Hunter river in the Parish of Ravensworth.

George Bowman married Eliza Sophia Pearce in 1820 and together they produced 9 sons and 2 daughters. Although he lived on his farm at Richmond, George Bowman took up another grant of 1130 acres in the Hunter Valley in 1824 which became Arrowfield where he established a stock station.

He purchased another 2000 acres adjoining his grant in 1825. This was situated on the southern bank of the Hunter opposite the junction of Fal Brook with the Hunter. This estate was named Archerfield.

He also established a cattle station at Wybong in 1828.

The estates at the Hunter River were managed by his sons.

Martin Cash who arrived on the Marquis of Huntley in 1828 was assigned to George Bowman and sent to work on the Wybong property. Cash later became one of Australia's most notorious bushrangers.

In 1846 10,049 acres, part of the Skellatar estate of Francis Forbes was purchased by George Bowman.

George Bowman died in August 1878 and Eliza Sophia in April 1884 aged 87 years.


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