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George Crossley

Newcastle 1808

Convict Lawyer George Crossley was transported to New South Wales on the Hillsborough in 1799.  His arrival was noted in  Jackson's Oxford Journal on 12 July 1800.........

London July 8

"A letter from New South Wales, of the 12th September last, mentions the general prosperity of the colony, and speaks strongly in favour of speculation by the consignment of British goods thither, which, if of a good quality, seldom fail to realize cent. per cent after all deductions; linens, broad cloths, kerseymeres, fashionable hats and hosiery, women's wearing apparel, silk, hardware, turnery &c., have a quick and ready sale. The latter was brought to the Cape by the Buffalo.  

Hillsborough transport ship had arrived at Sidney, with the loss of nearly two hundred out of three hundred of the unfortunate exiles, who died on the passage.

(George) Crossley and his wife arrived safe, and have been sent to Parramatta, of which district Barrington is High Constable. Crossley had taken with him an investment of European goods, which he sold to very great advantage, and was about to purchase a house, for which he offered £300.   Redmayn, once a merchant in London, had also taken a great deal of property, but he died on his passage; and the application or rather mis-application of the property, will undergo a strict investigation.  

The inhabitants of Botany Bay have adopted a refined mode of speaking when mentioning the cause of their journey to the climate; to have been transported is vulgar; they therefore tell us, that such or such gentleman or lady had been exiled from England in consequence of a faux pax


George Crossley was a supporter of Governor Bligh and had organised a conspiracy against John Macarthur. He was taken before the rebel criminal court and sentenced to 7 years transportation for perjury and afterwards sent to work in the coal mines at Newcastle.