Hunter Valley Bushrangers

James Young

Maitland 1843

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James Young arrived on the Fairlie in 1834. In 1843 he had served his sentence and was already free, when he attempted to rob a constable near Maitland.

The Maitland Mercury reported the incident in March 1843 -

On Saturday last as a constable from Muswellbrook was coming to Maitland, he was stopped by a man on the new line of road just beyond the accommodation paddocks, who presented a pistol at him and demanded his money. The constable also drew a pistol, and both stood hesitating for some time, neither of them daring to run away, and yet neither of them offering to fire. At length it was agreed that both should pass on their way and no notice be taken of the affair by either of them; but the constable arriving at the nearest house procured a loaded musket, his own pistol being unloaded when he met the bushranger, and went in pursuit of the latter, with whom he came up, and apprehended him, when it was found that the bushranger's pistol was likewise unloaded.

James Young was later brought before the bench and committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions. He was sent to Newcastle gaol to await his trial.

Unusually, his case was later discharged from Court.




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