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John (Johnny) Vane was born at Jerry's Plains on 26 June 1842. By 1848 his family had moved to Kelso, near Bathurst. They later settled near Trunkey Creek and then at Neville, south-east of Blayney.

On 30th July 1863 members of Ben Hall's gang of bushrangers, John Gilbert and John O'Meally conducted the first daylight bank robbery in the colony of New South Wales. They acted on information they had received from John Vane

John Vane was only twenty one and was a member of Ben Hall's gang for around four months. In that time they raided the town of Bathurst and controlled the town of Canowindra for three days, as well as many other raids on stations, stores, mail coaches and travellers. During the raid on Dunn's Plains 24 October 1863 Mickey Burke, a good mate of Vane's was shot and killed during the gunfight.

On 18 Nov 1863 Vane surrendered to Father Timothy McCarthy who escorted him to Bathurst gaol. Vane was sentenced to 15 years hard labour at Darlinghurst gaol, but was released after only six for good behaviour.(1)

 Charles White was acquainted with John Vane. He published the story of John Vane's bushranging days a few years after the death of Vane (2)

'Among The Bushrangers' - by Charles White.


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John Vane died of Ilo-Colitis and exhaustion at Cowra hospital 29 January 1906 aged 63 years. He is buried at Woodstock cemetery.

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