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Australian Agricultural Company



Miner at Newcastle



Refusing to Work 1838




Police Office

Present James Crummer,  Robert Scott.

Thomas Lane, Aurora 1833, assigned to Australian Agricultural Company, charged by William Croasdill with refusing to perform work that was allotted him on Monday 5th February.

Alexander Brown being duly sworn states on Thursday last, I ordered the prisoner to fit a lamp to go down into the Mine several times to which he made no answer. When the men had already gone down to the mine, I again desired the prisoner to fit a lamp to go down. He said he did not mean to go down as long as breath remained in his body. The prisoner did not express any fear at going down.

The prisoner states he is willing to perform any work given to him on top.

Guilty. Sentenced to receive 50 lashes.

(Bench of Magistrates, Newcastle & Hunter Region, 6th February 1838. Archives Office of New South Wales Reel 2722. )



Thomas Lane, Aurora 1833. Assigned to Australian Agricultural company, charged with refusing to do his work on Wednesday 7th February 1838.

Mr. Alexander Brown, sworn deposeth on Wednesday morning last the prisoner came to the works. I ordered him to get  a lamp. He told me it was no use, he was afraid. I told him not to be afraid, there was no danger. I would take him down along with myself when the men had all gone down. I looked for the prisoner and he was gone. I sent a constable to his hut to see if he was there. The constable came back and reported he was not. I have not seen the prisoner since until this time.

The prisoners states he is willing to do anything on top but he was never in a pit in his life and is afraid to go down. Found guilty of refusing to do his work. Sentenced to be worked on the tread mill at the House of correction Sydney for two calendar months. (Bench of Magistrates, Newcastle & Hunter Region 9th February 1838.  Archives Office of New South Wales Reel 2722. )


 C918-0170 Illustration, Convict miner

Illustration, Convict miner

Francis McNamara (Frank the Poet) was assigned to the Company coal mines at Newcastle around this time. He wrote the poem 'For the Company Under Ground', which voiced his antipathy toward working in the A.A. Company mines.

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