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Morgan Price R. N.,

Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Date of Seniority Royal Navy 9 January 1810

Naval Service

Morgan Price was appointed Assistant-Surgeon to the Prospero in 1809 [1]

He was appointed Surgeon in the Royal Navy in 1810 and was entered in the Navy List of Medical Officers in 1814 [2]

He was appointed Surgeon to the Jasper in 1817 [3] and Surgeon to the Albion in 1825. [4]

Surgeon-Superintendent Convict Ships

Morgan Price was employed as Surgeon-Superintendent on eight convict ship voyages to Australia:

Martha to NSW in 1818

Countess of Harcourt to VDL in 1821

Brampton to NSW in 1823

Almorah to NSW in 1824

Clyde to VDL in 1830

Neva to NSW in 1833

Hector to VDL in 1835

Surgeon Superintendent Emigrant Ship

He was employed as Surgeon Superintendent on the emigrant ship Bussorah Merchant in 1837. The Bussorah Merchant arrived in Hobart on 12 December 1837 with male and female emigrants. 58 children and 4 adults died on the passage out from measles and small pox. The ship was sent into quarantine on arrival. [5]


Morgan Price married Harriet Louisa, daughter of Andrew Armstrong Esq., of Holycrossabbey, County Tyrone in Cork in September 1825. (Rev. Sir Francis Lynche Blosse, Bart).[6] His wife gave birth to a son at Cove in 1832.[7]

His eldest daughter Catherine Hatton Price married John H. Whitcroft, barrister-at-law on 22 October 1846 at Kirk Bradden, Isle of Man. [8]


He was on the List of Retired Navy Surgeons in 1841 [9]


Morgan Price died at his residence, 14 Pembroke road, Dublin on 27 January 1860 [10]

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