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Peter Fisher R.N.,
Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Date of Seniority Royal Navy 11 September 1823

Peter Fisher was appointed Assistant Surgeon 11 August 1813. He was appointed Assistant Surgeon to the Salisbury in 1818.


He was appointed Surgeon-Superintendent on two convict ships to Australia - Majestic arriving 1838 and Runnymede arriving 1840


The Majestic departed London 3 October 1838 and arrived in Van Diemen's Land 22 January 1838


Peter Fisher was employed as surgeon superintendent on the Runnymede in 1840. [2] The Runnymede departed London with 200 male prisoners and arrived in Van Diemen's Land on 28 March 1840.

The following information is from the State Library of Victoria Catalogue: Sir John Franklin served under Flinders on the Investigator, was a polar explorer and Lieutenant-Governor of Tasmania, 1836-1843. Lady Jane Franklin (1792-1875) was his second wife. Rev. John Philip Gell (1816-98) was headmaster of Queen's School, Hobart from 1839 and Warden of Christ's College from 1846. In 1849 he married Eleanor Isabella Franklin (1825-60), daughter of Sir John Franklin. Contents/Summary: The papers include : papers of Rev. J.P. Gell and his wife including letters to Eleanor Isabella from Sir John and Lady Franklin and papers about the Queen's School and Christ's College. Correspondents include Ronald C. Gunn of Hobart. Notebooks and diaries, including a diary describing Gell's voyage to Van Diemen's Land on the convict ship Runnymede in 1839-40.


He was appointed Superintendent, Aboriginal Establishment, at Flinders Island 1841-1842. He returned to England on the Auriga in 1843. [3]


Peter Fisher was appointed to the Steam Frigate Firebrand in 1844 [1]


Peter Fisher was on the list of surgeons retired in 1864


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