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Hunter Valley Inns and Hotels

The Prince Albert Inn - Mount Thorley

Morris Magney was granted a license for Prince Albert Inn at Mt. Thorley in 1845. He had previously been innkeeper at the Robin Hood Inn at Jerry's Plains.

The Prince Albert was considered a comfortable stage from Black Creek and Jerry's Plains. Morris Magnay promised every comfort to accommodate the public at a very economical charge. He carried a choice collection of wine, ale, porter and spirits from one of the first houses in Sydney. Stockyards for sheep and cattle were provided. [1]

Magney was granted the publican's license for the Windmill Inn in April 1847. In 1847 at the annual licensing meeting attended by Magistrates James Glennie and William Russell, Morris Magney's application to transfer the license from the Windmill Inn to the Queen Victoria at Glennie's Creek was accepted.[2]

Later Morris Magney moved to Newcastle where he took out the license for the California Hotel


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