Hunter Valley Colonial Medical Practitioners


Robert Mackintosh

Stroud - Tamworth

Robert Mackintosh was employed by the Australian Agricultural Company as assistant Surgeon at Stroud.

On the 8th September 1841, he travelled from Stroud to Sydney to testify at the trial of  John Kelly who had been accused of the murder of an aboriginal boy Jacky Smith.  Dr. Mackintosh may have travelled on one of the Steamers that regularly travelled between Newcastle and Sydney. Although his travelling expenses for the journey were reimbursed, when he applied to Justice Stephen for remuneration for his attendance as a professional man, his request was denied.

His wife gave birth to a son on 25th December 1845 at Tamworth

In April 1845 he was a Judge of livestock at the Hunter River Agricultural Society ploughing match at Maitland.


Notes & Links

Sydney Dispensary - Dr. Robert Mackintosh was elected a District Surgeon of the Sydney Dispensary for Bourke and Macquarie Ward, in the room of Frederick Harpur, Esq., resigned. (Sydney Morning Herald 15 June 1849)

 There is a Robert McIntosh listed as a legally qualified medical practitioner in 1860 (Sydney Morning Herald 21 January 1860

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