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Samuel Donnelly R.N.


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Samuel Donnelly R.N.

Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Samuel Donnelly of Ireland was on the list of Gentlemen who since 31st August 1836 had offered themselves as Candidates for the Diploma of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and after producing satisfactory evidence that they had completed the course of study prescribed by the College, had been admitted to examination and found fully qualified to practise the arts of Anatomy, Surgery and Pharmacy and received Diplomas as Licentiates of the College accordingly - Edinburgh Medical and Surgical journal


Appointed assistant surgeon on the Talbot in the Mediterranean in March 1838  - Navy List

Appointed surgeon to the Phoenix in the Mediterranean in 1842 Navy List

Appointed to the Hecla in the Mediterranean in February 1843 Navy List


Surgeon Superintendent on the St. Vincent in 1850; Lady Montagu in 1852; Adelaide in 1855; Edwin Fox 1858.

Samuel Donnelly was employed as surgeon on the convict ship St. Vincent to Hobart in 1850.

Appointed Surgeon to the convict ship Lady Montagu from Plymouth to Hobart 9 December 1852

Appointed to the Juno in 1853 Medical Journal

Appointed to the convict ship Adelaide from Portland to Fremantle 18 July 1855

Appointed to the Tortoise store ship in 1857 as an additional surgeon to work at Ascension Hospital Thoms Irish Almanac

Appointed to the convict ship Edwin Fox from London to Fremantle 20 November 1858

It may the same Samuel Donnelly who in 1860 was appointed Staff Surgeon on the Cumberland Guard Ship at Sheerness Navy List


In the 1861 census he is recorded residing at Arundel St. Westminster as a lodger. He was 46 years old and single and recorded as Staff Surgeon.



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