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Hunter Valley Settler

Thomas Arndell
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Thomas Arndell junior was the eldest son of First Fleet surgeon Thomas Arndell.

Thomas Arndell junior married Sophia Loder in 1824. They resided at Cattai on the Hawkesbury.

W. Allan Wood in the Dawn in the Valley records that 'Thomas junior was granted 300 acres in two portions at the junction of Greig's Creek with the Hunter River. He later purchased areas of 1033, and 400 acres situated across the river from the Church and School lands which lay between Dalswinton and Wollun Hills. '

Thomas Arndell died in January 1865 at Cattai, Hawkesbury River.  

Notes & Links:

The death of Miss Sophie Arndell 29 April 1914 - One of three unmarried daughters of Thomas Arndell junior.

Thomas was a brother of James Arndell of Woodlands.

Obituary of Thomas Arndell who died at Cattai in 1907 - Windsor & Richmond Gazette 16 November 1907



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