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Hunter Valley Settler

Thomas Bartie - Map 10

Thomas Bartie was granted 2560 acres of land on 26 February 1831 at Hinton in the Parish of Butterwick and Seaham. The grant was known as Rosebank. He marred Miss Helen Warren a sister of Alexander Warren of Williams River on 12 November 1832.

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In 1836 Thomas Bartie was involved in a court case Wighton v. Howe - This was an action for an alleged libel brought against the defendant (Howe) as printer and publisher of the Sydney Gazette. The damages were laid at 2000......

Mr. Wighton was chairman of an association for the prevention of cattle stealing, and bringing offenders to justice, and owing to his activity numerous offenders had been brought to justice and convicted. In consequence, Mr. Wighton was attacked through the Sydney Gazette and called a Sabbath breaker, a peace breaker and the clandestine vendor of grog. Mr. Wighton had come to the court to clear his character from such aspersions.....After a lengthy case, the learned Judge summed up briefly placing the case before the jury who did not require the evidence to be gone into or commented upon they having made up their minds on the subject. They retired for about 20 minutes and returned a verdict for plaintiff - Damages 500. At the close of the trial Judge Dowling ordered Bartie, Sinclair, Boylan and Munro into custody to take their trial for wilful and corrupt perjury. [1]


Thomas Bartie died on Sunday 10th February 1856 at Rosebank...... An inquest was held on Monday by Mr. Parker, at Rose Bank, on the body of Thomas Bartie. It appeared from the evidence that the deceased had been in the habit of frequenting Goffin's House, which he generally left in a state of intoxication, and it appeared that on this occasion the unfortunate man was making his way home, when he walked into a waterhole, about ten inches in depth, where he fell down on his face, and being drunk was unable to extricate himself. The jury returned a verdict that 'the deceased Thomas Bartie came by his death by suffocation by drowning when under the influence of drink', adding a rider to the following effect : at the same time we are bound to call the attention of the authorities to the fact that a man named George Goffin keeps an improper house and is well known to sell spirits without a license on the property of the deceased. [2]


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National Library of Australia - Digital Collections Maps showing location of Thomas Bartie's grant.

Map of Seaham


[1] Sydney Gazette 19 March 1836

[2] Sydney Morning Herald. 15 February 1856