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Hunter Valley Bushrangers

Thomas Hawkins & John Ross


Thomas Hawkins absconded from service of Messrs. Caleb & Felix Wilson at Paterson 

He was apprehended with John Ross in Sydney in January 1840 for Bushranging and robbing Mr. Cornelius of wheat.

The Australian reported the circumstances surrounding their crime:- They had 'hired themselves as free men to Mr. Cornelius, of Morpeth, entering into written agreements to thresh out and store a quantity of wheat. A few days since it was discovered that they had absconded, making away with, at least, one fourth of the grain entrusted to them to thresh. Mr Cornelius immediately came down to Sydney by steamer on Sunday evening, little suspecting that his runaway servants were fellow passengers with him, until arriving at the Market Wharf, where he was informed by a neighbour who arrived by the same conveyance, that his servants had arrived with him, and they were at that moment drinking in Solomonís public-house.

Mr Cornelius applied for a warrant and had them apprehended. On Tuesday morning they were sent up to Hyde Park Barracks to be identified, when it was ascertained who they were. They were brought before the bench on the prisonerís side of the Police Court, and ordered to be forwarded, together with the depositions taken and the Hyde Park Barrack report, to the Maitland bench to be dealt with.




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