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The Wheatsheaf Inn


The Wheatsheaf Inn was situated in Swan-street, Morpeth

Robert Ballard

Robert Ballard who arrived on the Neptune immigrant ship in 1839, held the licence for the Wheatsheaf Inn in the 1840's.[1] He had previously held the licence for the Gordon Arms at Lochinvar

In September 1850 he purchased the 'Fly' omnibus and commenced a service from Morpeth to and from East and West Maitland twice daily [2]

He was one of the many Maitlanders who tried his luck at the Ophir gold diggings. He died at Maitland in 1878.

Andrew Wortley Thomas

Andrew Wortley Thomas held the licence from April 1854 - 1857.

Thomas Cantwell

Thomas Cantwell was granted the licence in April 1859

Abel Whitehead

Abel Whitehead was granted a licence for the Wheat Sheaf Inn situated in the Lower-road in 1861


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