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William Fisher

Map 10

William Fisher arrived in Sydney via Hobart on the Australian Company ship Triton in October 1825......

Passengers per Triton London to Hobart: Charles McLachlan, Esq., Agent of the Australian Company for Hobart; Ellis M. Scott Esq., ditto for Sydney; Deputy Assistant Commissary General Ryrie and family for Sydney; Mr. Crawford, brother of Mr. Crawford of the Secretarys Office at Head quarters; Mr. Fisher; Archibald Little, Surgeon of the vessel; Mr. Dudgeon a Gentleman who has come out expressly to carry on an extensive Brewery in this colony; Mr. Lyttleton, formerly of the 73rd regt., and family; five children and a governess of Major McLeod of Talisker; and 25 steerage passengers.

Passenger per Triton Hobart to Sydney: On-Friday night arrived from Leith and Hobart Town, with the residue of a very valuable and extensive investment of merchandise, the Australian Company s ship Triton, Captain James Crear. She left Hobart Town on the 21st instant, and bring passengers to the parent Colony as follow :---In the Cabin, D. A. C. General Ryrie, Mrs. Ryrie, Miss Eliza Ryrie, Miss. Jane Ryrie, Mr. W. Ryrie, Mr. Jas. Ryrie, Mr. Donald Ryrie, Mr. Stewart Ryrie ; Lillie Macleash, and May Mackay, servants ; Mr Thomas Crawford, Mr. William Fisher. In the Steerage, Andrew Cowan, Mrs Cowan, John Craig, Matthew Paterson, Peter McPherson, John McPherson, Peter McPherson, junior, Duncan McPherson, Mrs. McPherson, Lorn McPherson, Hugh McPherson, Annabella McPherson, Catherine McPherson, Margaret McPherson, Catherine Watson, Wellington Campbell, James Cowan, Geo. Garnock, John Carmichael, John McLeod, and George Imrie. From Hobart Town, John Lawrie, a prisoner, in charge of William Howard, a constable of Hobart Town.

The following land grant was located on an order of Sir Thomas Brisbane on 12th November 1825.......

Fifteen hundred acres, county of Durham, parish of Uffington, commencing at the north east corner, and bound on the north by a west line by compass of 220 chains; on the west by a south line by compass of 80 chains; on the south line by compass of 143 chains to William's River, and on the east by William's River to the south west corner of Reynold's farm, and by the west boundary of that farm to the north east corner aforesaid. This land was located on an order of Sir Thomas Brisbane dated 12 November 1825 in favour of William Fisher.

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1).Map showing area between Hunter and William's Rivers, N.S.W [cartographic material]. 1830 - 1899. MAP F 436/E -National Library of Australia