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There are now over 170,000 references to Convicts, Settlers, Townsfolk, Bushrangers, Innkeepers, Soldiers and Land Owners, Medical Practitioners and Magistrates.  Use the Search facility to search by First Name, Last Name, Ship or all three. Or select from the links below to find out more about Colonial History, Hunter Valley Settlers, Convicts, Newcastle History and Law & Order.

Information about the voyages of approximately 350 convict ships and the Surgeon Superintendents who accompanied them can be accessed via the Convict Ship Index and Convict Ship Surgeon Superintendent Index links

*Many of the Convict Ship and Hunter Valley Settler pages have been recently updated.  Please refresh each page to access the most recent information.


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Scourgers - NSW

Reminiscences of Watt Street, Newcastle

Political Prisoners to NSW

William Grant Broughton's ship board diary on the convict ship John in 1829

Rev. Lancelot Threlkeld - at Newcastle in 1825

Female Convicts

Law & Order - Police Force in the Hunter Valley prior to 1862

Robert Dixon - Surveyor

Map links - Hunter, Williams Paterson Rivers. N.L.A.

Cottage Creek
- Bridge, Cemetery, Cottage

County Electors - Newcastle 1855

Charles Picknell's on board diary on the convict ship Kains in 1831

A List of Newcastle residents in 1841

Follow the Irish Convict Ship Trail

Follow the Female Convict Ship Trail

Newcastle Female Factory 

Parramatta Female Factory 

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