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Convict Ship
Canada 1801

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Embarked 104 men
Voyage 176 days
Deaths 3
Surgeon's Journal - No
Tons: 403
Previous vessel: Earl Cornwallis arrived 12 June 1801
 Next vessel: Minorca arrived 14 December 1801
Master William Wilkinson.
Surgeon John Kelly

The Canada was built in Newcastle, England in 1801 and owned by F & T. Hurry. She carried 10 guns and a crew of 32 men. She brought convicts to Australia in 1801, 1810, 1815, 1817 and 1819

The Canada arrived in Portsmouth 20th May 1801 and departed Spithead in convoy with the Nile and the Minorca on 21st June 1801. They sailed via Rio de Janeiro, and arrived in Port Jackson on 14 December 1801 with 101 male prisoners.

Free passengers arriving on the Canada included six male passengers including James Blackman and sons James junior, Samuel, William and John; George Morrison, Charles Webb, William Small and Silaus Jenkins; 12 female passengers including Mary Pitt and 11 children.

James Blackman later became Superintendent of Agriculture at Castle Hill (early 1800's); District Constable at Richmond; Principal Superintendent of Government Stock; Chief Constable at Bathurst, November 1825 (1)

Sixteen men formed the military guard and were accompanied by three women and children. Cargo brought by the Canada included 7 boxes of sugar, 3 cases shoes; 20 hams; cheese; cutlery, 2 cases toys, 4 pipes port wine; 2 parcels of whips; 15 pipes of rum; paint and oil; 3 puncheons coffee; a chest of haberdashery; 60 rolls tobacco; 2 boxes perfumery; mustard; silk; gin; corks; 15 barrels tar and a roll of green table cloths.