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Convict Ship Morley 1829 


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(Convicts and passengers from this ship only)

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Surgeon's Journal: yes
Embarked: 200 men
Voyage: 114 days
Deaths: 0
Surgeon's Journal: yes
Tons 492
 Crew: 40 men
Previous vessel: Lucy Davidson arrived 29 November 1829
Next vessel: Claudine arrived 6 December 1829
Captain Harrison
Surgeon Superintendent
Richard Lewis

The Morley was built on the Thames in 1811. This was the last of four voyages bringing convicts to New South Wales, the others being in 1817, 1818, 1820 and 1828; and to Van Diemen's Land in 1820 and 1823.

The Military guard on the Morley consisted of 29 rank and file of different corps under the command of Captain Storey of 20th regiment as well as five women and five children. They embarked at Deptford on Saturday 18th July 1829.

Passengers included Mrs. Storey and Lieut Tranton of 57th regiment and surveyor Felton Matthew.

Felton Matthew embarked on the 3rd August at Sheerness. He recorded the event in his diary.....The weather throughout the day stormy and tempestuous with heavy rain at intervals wind W.S.W. my first day on board ship has certainly been a most unpropitious one. The variety of noises by which I was kept awake at night and disturbed early in the morning the disagreeable smells the clanking chains of the convicts with other sights and sounds far from agreeable tend to impress me with an idea of the inconveniences to which they who travel by sea must be subject.(1)

The Morley departed London on 11th August 1829.

This was Richard Lewis' first voyage as surgeon superintendent on a convict ship. He kept a Medical Journal from 8 August to 14 December 1829........ There were no deaths on the voyage. There were several cases of sea sickness early in the voyage and some long-lasting cases gave rise to fevers. At the end of the voyage diseases of debility became more prevalent and there were several cases of scurvy, only cured by arrival in port and a healthier diet. There were two births, both natural and of short duration. One was to Mary Donovan, wife of Serjeant Donovan on 13 October and the other to Bridget Hands, wife of Private Hands on 3rd November. Two patients sustained fractures, the second being so close to the head of the bond of the arm that splints could not be used and a wedge shaped pad was improvised and placed in the axilla.

The Morley arrived at Port Jackson on 3rd December 1829.

A muster was held on board by the Colonial Secretary Alexander McLeay on 5th December 1829. The convict indents include the name, age, education, religion, marital status, family, native place, trade, offence, date and place of trial, sentence, prior conviction, physical description and where assigned to on arrival. The Sydney Gazette reported that the prisoners were landed on Monday 14th December and marched to Hyde Park Barracks. A number of them had the appearance of respectability. (2)

The Morley was to sail for China in January 1830.  

Notes & Links:

1). Hunter Valley convicts arriving on the Morley in 1829

2). Bushranger Richard Anscomb arrived on the Morley

3). A list of one hundred convicts embarked on board the Morley for New South Wales from the Dolphin hulk at Chatham. [manuscript] : this 29th day of July 1829 pursuant to the Right Honourable Robert Peels' Order of the 15th day of July 1829  National Library of Australia Catalogue

4). An old man named James Gloucester (loster), was fully committed for stealing a tongue, the property of his employer Mr. Jobbins - Sydney Gazette 31 May 1832.  

5). Return of Convicts of the Morley assigned between 1st January 1832 and 31st March 1832 (Sydney Gazette 14 June 1832; 28 June 1832; 5 July 1832).....
James Atkinson Wheelwright. Assigned to Edward C. Close at Morpeth
James Benn Blacksmith. Assigned to Duncan MacFarlane at Argyle
Edward Mason Saddler assigned to Berry and Co., Sydney
Samuel Payne Bricklayer assigned to James Walker at Wallalang


(1) Diary of Felton Matthew

(2) Sydney Gazette 15 December 1829   


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