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County Electors in Newcastle 1855

A list of electors in the police district of Newcastle, who had the right to vote for elections in the county of Northumberland, was prepared in June 1855. It was made up on the 27th of that month by Chief constable Samuel Holt, and handed to Mr. Henry Baker C.P.S. A few people resident on the Stockton side of the river and who were in the county of Gloucester, were included. Names were also added by the magistrates up to the end of the year. People who were earning a minimum salary of 100 per year, and those who paid a certain sum for board and lodging were entitled to a vote, as well as property owners and leaseholders.

In some instances the list reveals Newcastle place names long out of use -

Ash Island A.A. Company Pits A.A. Company Staith
Bolton Street Borehole Broadmeadow
Burwood Charles Town Church Street
Cottage Bridge Dempsey Island Doghole
Fullerton Cove Glebe Grove's Paddock
Hexham Hunter Street Honeysuckle
Iron Bark Hill King Street  Lake Macquarie
Lake Macquarie Road Lynwood Market Reserve 
Military Barracks Mosquito Island Newcomen Street
Pacific Street Parnell Place Perkin Street
Platt's Channel Redhead Scott Street 
Shepherd's Hill Signal Station Stockade
Stockton The Folly The Pottery
The Swamps Throsby Creek Throsby Creek Bridge
Tucker's Bridge Waratah Watt Street 
Wickham Wolfe Street Wyharbour



Ash Island - Find out more about Ash Island here

Dugald Buchanan, leasehold

John Green, leasehold

James McMilikin, leasehold

William Milham, leasehold

Edward Milgate, leasehold

George Milgate, leasehold

George Ralph, leasehold

John Reynolds, leasehold

Alexander Walker Scott, freehold




A.A. Company Pits - Select here to find out more about the living conditions of miners residing near the A. A. Co. pits at Newcastle

Thomas Adam, freehold

George Baldwin, dwelling house

John Bell, dwelling house

William Bell, freehold

William Thomas Boyce, freehold

Frederick Butcher, freehold

George Chapman, dwelling house

George Chittenden, freehold

William Corner, freehold

William Daniels, freehold

...Darby, salary of 100

James Fewens, freehold

Thomas Fryer, freehold

William Greaves, freehold

Thoms Gamble, freehold

John Howden, freehold

John Harner, freehold

Henry Harmon, dwelling house

Henry Hutchens, freehold

William Jane, freehold

William Janett, freehold

Richard Johnson, freehold

John Stuart Johnstone, freehold

Daniel Jackson, freehold

Atwell Kenrick, freehold

Elisha Langley, freehold

William Moxey, freehold

Alexander Miller, freehold

George Menzies, freehold

Thomas McCormack, freehold

David Miller, freehold

John Moore, freehold

Andrew Morgan freehold

William Henry Morse, freehold

Michael Nowlan, freehold

Richard Pendlebury, freehold

Elijah Pratten, freehold

James Parkinson, freehold

Thomas Robinson, freehold (name removed on revision)

John Smith, freehold

James Steel, dwelling house

Richard Saunders, dwelling house (name removed on revision)

George Thompson, freehold

Robert Turton, freehold

Joseph Wilmot, freehold

Daniel Wild, freehold

Charles Way, freehold

Joseph Walmsley, freehold

Edward Young, freehold




William Charlton, dwelling house

John Clary, dwelling house

William Hislop, dwelling house




William Benson, dwelling house

Edward Burnbry, land and building

James Cann, freehold

Joseph Clarkson, dwelling house

Matthew Cobin, dwelling house

James Cooper, dwelling house

Bernard Cornelius, building and land

William Doidge, dwelling house

John Ford, shop

George Gardiner, dwelling house

Hugh Gilmour, dwelling house

George Higginbotham, dwelling house

Beresford Hudson (freehold)

William Hughes, salary (amount not stated)

William Bernard Junin, dwelling house

Simon Kemp, freehold

Patrick Macauliffe, building and land

John Malone, dwelling house

Thomas McCormack, dwelling house

Henry Martin, dwelling house

James McClane, dwelling house

William Murphy, dwelling house

John Britty North, leasehold

James Priest, freehold

Ellis Priest, bakehouse

Francis James Shaw, dwelling house

Edward Smith, dwelling house

Matthew Stewart, dwelling house

George Taylor, dwelling house

William Taylor, dwelling house

Henry Usher, freehold

Francis Walker, dwelling house

Charles Way, dwelling house

Charles White Williams, dwelling house




James Lindsay, dwelling house




Thomas Grove, freehold

William Wright, dwelling house




James and Alexander Brown, freehold

Isaac Davis, dwelling house

James Donaldson, salary 100

John Donaldson, dwelling house

William Donaldson, dwelling house

Alexander Edwards, dwelling house

George Griffin, dwelling house

John James, dwelling house (name removed)

Theophilus Jones, dwelling house (name removed)

John Lewis, dwelling house

James Mitchell, freehold

Shadrack Morgan, dwelling house, (removed on revision)

Daniel Price, dwelling house

John Robertson, leasehold (Burwood Junction)

Ellis Richards, dwelling house

Morgan Thomas, dwelling house

Thomas Thomas, dwelling house

John Watkins, dwelling house




William Thomas Boyce, freehold

William Chaucer, dwelling house

Joseph Croft, freehold

James Kelly, freehold

Simon Kemp, freehold

Alexander Livingstone, freehold

Richard Gabbitt Mannsell, freehold

Matthew Morton, freehold

John Roberts, freehold

George Tully, freehold at Donnybrook opposite Charlestown




James Beecher, freehold

John Bingle, freehold

Charles Bolton, near Church Street

Edward Charles Close, freehold

Samuel Cooper, dwelling house

Thomas Goodhall, dwelling house (possibly Church St.)

Simon Kemp, freehold

Robert George Massie, freehold

Elisha Langley, dwelling house

Thomas McCormack, freehold

Morris Magney, freehold

Montague Parnell, freehold

Robert Louis Pattison, leasehold

Henry Taylor Plews, freehold

Alexander Walker Scott, freehold

Francis James Shaw, freehold

James Steel, dwelling house

Patrick Walsh, freehold

Charles Pleydell Neale Wilton, dwelling house




Cottage Bridge - Find out more about Cottage Creek here

Henry Chambers, freehold

William Clarke, leasehold

Peter Connolly, freehold

Henry Dangar, freehold

John Devonald, freehold

James Hannell, freehold

Jesse Hannell, freehold

Thomas Holmes, leasehold

John Lindsay, dwelling house

Edwin Matthews, dwelling house, (removed on revision)

William Maloney, freehold

William Brown McLeod, freehold

Thomas McPhail, freehold

William Page, freehold

David Parr, dwelling house

John Parkinson, freehold

Henry Taylor Plews, freehold

Thomas Straw, freehold

William Henry Whyte, freehold

George Yarwood, freehold




Dempsey Island - Find out more about Dempsey Island here

John Baker, senior, freehold

John Baker, junior, freehold

Richard Bell, freehold

Thomas Burton, freehold

Thomas Garrett, freehold

Francis Hughes, leasehold

Francis Wilkins Lodge, freehold

James McGinn, freehold

Morris Magney, freehold

Thomas Newton, leasehold

Martin Richardson, freehold

William Read leasehold




James Price, freehold

Thomas Williams, dwelling house




William Barber, dwelling house

John Cox, freehold

William George, dwelling house

John Smith senior, freehold

John Smith junior, dwelling house

George Sampson, freehold




Peter Bailey, dwelling house

John Conway, leasehold

Thomas Cooper, leasehold

Joseph Daniels, leasehold

John Date

James Doyle, leasehold

Charles Pleydell Neale Wilton, leasehold

Thomas Waters, dwelling house

John Woods, leasehold




Robert Atkinson, house and land

James Brown, dwelling house

Henry Bryan, building and land

Robert Feckling, dwelling house

Abraham Gammidge, dwelling house

George Hodgkinson, dwelling house

William Moden, building and land

John Morgan, building and land

Mark Rotterham, dwelling house

Jeremiah Rosebrook, building and land

William Sessions, dwelling house

Robert Savell, dwelling house

Thomas Thompson, dwelling house

James Taylor, building and land

Henry Whitworth, building and land

Joseph Whitworth dwelling house

John Wright, dwelling house




Hexham - Select here to find out more about early Hexham

Thomas Akhurst, dwelling house

Irvine Coulter, dwelling house

Ewen Cameron, leasehold

John Hannell, freehold

James McMichael, leasehold

Isaac Newton, leasehold

William Sparke, dwelling house

John Stack Smith, dwelling house

John Sharpe, board and lodging

William Welfare, freehold (Hexham Island)




Henry Bennett, freehold

John Bingle, leasehold

Richard Ryther Steer Bowker, freehold

Alexander Brown, freehold

Alexander Brown, dwelling house

James Brown, leasehold and freehold

Ewen Cameron, freehold

Richard Carpenter, dwelling house

Thomas Carpenter, dwelling house

John Collins, freehold

Joseph Croft, leasehold

William Swan Croker, leaseholder

Henry Dalby, freehold

Isaac Eggleston, freehold

Peter Fleming, freehold

John Greenwell, freehold

James Grim, freehold

Joseph Norton Gale, dwelling house

William Hill, leasehold

Henry Hinton, freehold and leasehold

Richard Hall, freehold

John Butler Hewson, freehold

George Hine, dwelling house

William Harding, dwelling house

Charles Jones, leasehold

Richard Johnson, leasehold

James Morley, leasehold

David Morris, leasehold

Edward Morley, leasehold

John Metcalf, leasehold

Thomas McCormack, freehold

John March, dwelling house

Denis Murnin, dwelling house

Archibald Rodgers, leasehold

Alexander Scott, dwelling house

Everett Summons, freehold

John Edward Stacy

Bartholomew Stevenson, freehold

Alexander Smith, freehold

John Smith, freehold

George Tully, freehold

John Andrew Turner, freehold

John Tracey, freehold

William Henry Whyte, freehold

George Wrightson, dwelling house

James Philip Williams, dwelling house

William Wright, freehold

Edward Young, leasehold

George Yarwood, leasehold




Thomas Adam, dwelling house

John Anderson, leasehold

William Anthony senior, dwelling house

William Anthony junior, dwelling house

George Berry, dwelling house

Patrick Charles Boswell, dwelling house

Thomas Buxton, freehold

Henry Chaff, dwelling house

Joseph Croft, dwelling house, corner of Hunter and Watt Streets

Joseph Daniels, dwelling house

John Leabon Deane, freehold

James Dickford, dwelling house

James Frader

George Jackson Frankland, freehold

James Gow, building and land

William Greaves, dwelling house

James Hannell, freehold

Jesse Hannell, dwelling house

William Harris, freehold

Henry Lambourne, dwelling house

Fergus McPherson, salary

George Mitchell, dwelling house corner of Hunter and Bolton Streets

James Perry, dwelling house

James Phillips, dwelling house

William Richardson, dwelling house

Henry Rouse, freehold, Hunter and Perkin Streets

Walter Scully, dwelling house

Thomas Smith, dwelling house

Joseph Spragg, dwelling house

Dennis Thomas, freehold

Atkinson Alfred Tighe, leasehold

John Andrew Turner, dwelling house

Joseph Wagden, dwelling house

Henry Webb, dwelling house




Everett Summons, leasehold




Thomas Buxton, freehold

John Campbell, building and land

Thomas Cooper, dwelling house

William Estob, dwelling house

James Friend, dwelling house

James Hain, dwelling house

George Hammond, dwelling house

James How, (Steel's house)

Beresford Hudson, freehold

Simon Kemp, freehold

Mortimer William Lewis, leasehold

George Massie, dwelling house

Henry Mayhew, freehold

William Robertson, dwelling house

Mark Solomon, dwelling house

James Steele, freehold

John Smith senior, freehold

Charles Henry Thomas, freehold

George Tully, freehold

William Henry Whyte, freehold




William Brooks, freehold

Edward Gostwyck, Cory, freehold

Alfred Holden, freehold

Edward Hely, freehold

Frederick Augustus Hely, license to depasture stock

Richard John Lee, leasehold

James Mitchell, freehold

Arthur Rotton, dwelling house

Jonathon Warner, freehold

William Henry Whyte, freehold




Lake Macquarie Road (now Darby Street) Find out more about Lake Macquarie Road here

John Johns, freehold




Peter Fleming, freehold

James Fraser, dwelling house, (name removed from the list on revision)

James Hannell, freehold




Charles Bolton, freehold

Thomas Buxton, freehold

Peter Fleming, leasehold

James Hannell, freehold

John Haynes, dwelling house

Joseph Hollingshead, dwelling house

John William Jenkins, dwelling house

Charles Boscawen Ranclaud, leasehold and dwelling house

Benjamin Robson, salary and dwelling house

Martin Richardson, freeholds in Wolfe Street and Watt Street and Market Green

William Thuragood, leasehold

William Wetherhill,  dwelling house

Samuel Watson, dwelling house




Mortimer William Lewis, dwelling house

Ewen MacPherson, dwelling house, (removed on revision)

John Edward Stacy, dwelling house




Mosquito Island - Find out more about Mosquito/Moscheto Island here

Edward Bedford, freehold

William Bennett, leasehold

John Colbert, leasehold

Henry Dalby, freehold

Benjamin Forster, freehold

William Taylor George, freehold

Thomas Goodhall, freehold

William Hardie, dwelling house

Thoms Hyde, freehold

Denis Jordan, freehold

Robert Archibald Morehead, freehold

John Morris, freehold

Thomas Newton, freehold

Thomas Pilley, leasehold

William Read, freehold

George Tongue, leasehold

Henry Weston Tompkins, freehold

Matthew Young, freehold




Francis Berry, dwelling house

William Thomas Boyce, freehold

Thomas Bridges, Dwelling house

Charles Bolton, freehold

James Brown, dwelling house

William Croasdill, freehold

William Daniels, dwelling house

John Butler Hewson, freehold

Edwin Hickey, freehold

Atwell Kenrick, freehold

John Ponsford Looke (Luke), Salary

J.G. Millard, dwelling house near Newcomen Street

Patrick McDonald, dwelling house

Thomas McPhail, dwelling house

Henry Taylor Plews, dwelling house

Smith, house and land

John Smith junior, freehold




Charles Frederick Alldridge, dwelling house

Richard Ryther Steer Bowker, freehold

James Cann, freehold

Abraham Cohen, dwelling house

Alexander Flood, dwelling house

John Fox, dwelling house

John Gibson, dwelling house

John Kirkman, dwelling house

David George Simpson, leasehold

George Tully, freehold

Matthew Teasdell, dwelling house




Parnell Place - Select here to view an image of the Sandhills at Newcastle dated 16 May 1855, showing cottages near the old Gaol in the area that became known as Parnell Place

Christopher Vincent Dowling, freehold.

James Kelly, dwelling house

James Phillips, freehold

Matthew Young, freehold




George Bevan, dwelling house

Edward Brummell, dwelling house

Charles Buxton, freehold

Patrick Campbell, building and land

William Francis, dwelling house

George Greaves, building and land

Robert Johnson, house and land

Henry Limeburner, dwelling house

Peter Lowden, house and land

John McKenzie, dwelling house

George Scott, house and land

John Smith, dwelling house

Peter Sutherland, dwelling house

James Sutherland, house and land

Samuel Sutherland, house and land

Thomas Taylor, house and land

William Thomas, house and land

William Thornton, house and land




Charles Bolton, freehold

William Brain, freehold

James Price, freehold




Charles Boscawen Ranclaud, leasehold

James St. John Ranclaud, dwelling house




Henry Dangar, freehold

Patrick Deegan, dwelling house

James Farrer, building and land

Edward Flood, freehold

James Hannell, freehold

John Hay, dwelling house

James Robb, leasehold

John Rinker, dwelling house

Henry Augustus Smith, freehold, Scott and Newcomen streets

Samuel Sterling, leasehold

Henry Usher, freehold

William West, dwelling house




Henry Baker, freehold

Richard Ryther Steer Bowker, freehold Shepherd's Hill




James Boyle, dwelling house





Alexander Livingstone, dwelling house




Charles Berons, dwelling house

John Bingle, leasehold

James Elliott Blake, leasehold

Walter Boyce, dwelling house

Henry Burn, dwelling house

William Campbell, dwelling house

Alfred Carr, Stockton

Peter Connolly, dwelling house

Michael Connor, dwelling house

John Dalton, dwelling house

John Donovan, dwelling house

David Gow, dwelling house

Thomas Herriott, dwelling house

Francis Hogan, dwelling house

Robert Johnson, dwelling house

William Keene, dwelling house

James Mitchell, freehold

Robert Sage, dwelling house

John Stewart, dwelling house

James Stiles, dwelling house

Thomas Crowther, Waddell, dwelling house




The Folly - later became part of Mayfield. Select here to read excerpts from the memories of Joseph Crebert

John Bevan, freehold

Edmund Bull, freehold

Peter Crebert, freehold

George Gray, freehold

Robert Harrier, freehold

Philip Kuhn, freehold

Peter McIsaac, leasehold

John McIsaac, leasehold

William McKnight, leasehold

William McNalty, dwelling house

William Matthews, freehold

John Robertson, freehold




The Pottery - Established by Samuel Welham who had temporarily moved to the Bathurst district in 1855. Select here to find out more about Samuel and Nathan Welham

John Ayers, school

Henry Ball, dwelling house

James Birrell, dwelling house

John Howard, dwelling house

Thomas Haan, dwelling house

George Johnson, dwelling house (name removed from list of division)

John Lord, leasehold

Alexander Miller, dwelling house

Robert Roberts, dwelling house

Guy Stewart, dwelling house

Andrew Snedden, dwelling house

Stephen Salt, dwelling house

Richard Salisbury, dwelling house

Anthony Spakman, dwelling house

David Williams, dwelling house

Richard Watson, dwelling house

David Williamson, dwelling house

Walter Watson, leasehold




William Collins, dwelling house

John Collins, dwelling house

Dr. Collier, freehold

John Harris, dwelling house

John Inches, dwelling house

John Johns, leasehold

John C. Malcolm, freehold

George Phemister, leasehold

James Reid, freehold

Henry Stiles, freehold

Charles Henry Thomas, leasehold

William Charles Wentworth, freehold

John Williams, dwelling house




Thomas Buxton, freehold




Thomas Cates, leasehold




Robert Williamson, dwelling house




Thomas Davis, dwelling house

Hastings McDouall, leasehold

William Henry Morse, freehold

James Roach, freehold

William Russell, freehold

James Watson, leasehold




Henry Baker, freehold

John Baker junior, leasehold

John Nettlesby Bayfield, salary 100

John Bingle, dwelling house and leasehold

John Rayden Bingle, freehold

John Birkill, dwelling house

Henry S. Bland, dwelling house

William Brooks, dwelling house

John Broughton, dwelling house

James Callaghan, building and land

Edward Lascelles Cooke, dwelling house

William Croasdill, freehold

Henry Dalby, dwelling house

James Downey, leasehold

Michael Dwyer, dwelling house

William Escolt, dwelling house

Robert Alfred Evenden, dwelling house

Ewbank, salary (amount unstated)

Alexander Flood, freehold

Walter Hanna, dwelling house

Jonathan Hollingworth, dwelling house

Beresford Hudson (freehold)

Simon Kemp, freehold

Dr. Knaggs, dwelling house

William Levy Lawrence, leasehold

William Ledge, Salary 100

Francis Wilkins Lodge, dwelling house

William Morris. Salary 100

James Makensey (?McKensey), dwelling house

Morris Magney, dwelling house

Robert Marshall, building and land

James Massie, dwelling house

Jean Baptiste Morris, freehold

John Nott, dwelling house

James Nimmo, dwelling house corner Watt and Church Streets

George Frederick Palmer, dwelling house

Martin Richardson, freeholds in Wolfe Street and Watt Street and Market Green

William Henry Savigney, dwelling house

Charles Seaver, dwelling house

Robert Sim, dwelling house

John Smith junior, freehold

John Taylor, dwelling house

James Towns, dwelling house

Isaac Thomas, dwelling house

William Trollope, dwelling house

William Thompson, dwelling house

Vaughan, salary

Whyte, William Henry, freehold

Samuel Wright, leasehold

George Shopland Yeo, salary 100




Charles Gedye, dwelling house

George Hendy, dwelling house




William Acolt, dwelling house

Samuel Asher, dwelling house

Thomas Brattan, dwelling house

Alexander Brown, freehold

Thomas Dawson, dwelling house

Robert Fisher, dwelling house

George Harvey, dwelling house

Samuel Lingard, dwelling house

Maxted (Christian name omitted), dwelling house

William Pepperhill, dwelling house

Martin Richardson, freeholds in Wolfe Street and Watt Street and Market Green

William Snipe, dwelling house

James Street, dwelling house

James Taylor, dwelling house




Patrick Lenehan, dwelling house




No address

Benjamin Baker

George Chant

Edward Hughes, salary of 100 ( a pencil note follows, and appears to have been intended for Bank of Australasia)

William Lockhead, salary

J.L. Morgan, dwelling house

Nickison,  - salary of 100

William Parsons

William Simpson



Maps of Newcastle Streets. University of Newcastle Flickr. Click to enlarge.....





C917-0036 Map of Newcastle Estate, Australian Agricultural Co.

University of Newcastle Cultural Collecitons. - This image was scanned from a 35mm slide taken by the late Dr John Turner (1933 - 1998), local historian and lecturer. Click on the image to enlarge.





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