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John Bingle arrived on the Minerva on 16th December 1821. 

Very soon afterwards he embarked on a journey to Lake Macquarie with Rev. George Augustus Middleton.......

Our parson, the Rev. G.A. Middleton, (who was an especial favourite with the blacks) started with myself with the whole tribe of upwards of one hundred on a walking trip to Lake Macquarie; our necessary supplies, blankets etc they carried on their heads. On arrival I was enchanted with its beautiful scenery, and can never forget it. The whole surrounding country and lake were serene and still, solitude reigned, no tree disturbed, and no trace of the white man's civilization, but all in ti natural wild state. We enjoyed all the wild sports of Australian bush life in it s primitive state as the Aborigines of that day (before they were contaminated with our vices) were accustomed to enjoy them. Shooting, fishing, kangarooing and hunting - our game was ample for us all. They supplied us also by diving, with the finest mud oysters for which the waters of the lake are noted, these we scalloped on our bush fires, and we spent five or six days of as much enjoyment as I ever had in any part of the world. (Past and Present Records of Newcastle by John Bingle)

John Bingle became partners with Robert Coram Dillon and together they established a Commercial business at No.2 Watt Street, Newcastle. They built the cutter Sally in Sydney which was used in shipping between Newcastle and Sydney. The business was dissolved by 1824. Allotment 2 in Watt Street Newcastle abutted to Lot 1 at the rear. It was sold in 1828 to Philip Cavenagh and John Robson who were merchants of Sydney.

When they sold the allotment that same year to Frederick Boucher of Newcastle there was already a dwelling house, warehouse and other buildings erected on the site. Boucher conveyed it to J.B. Bettington in 1830 and in 1835 Bettington sold to James Reid of Newcastle.

John Bingle acquired 1800 acres named Puen Buen on the map below, in the 1820's. He later moved to England, returning to Australia in 1842. He sold Puen Buen to John Robertson, son of James Robertson and later returned to Newcastle.

John Bingle enjoyed the lifestyle of a minor member of the colonial squattocracy, playing a prominent part in the development of the local district, serving on the bench of magistrates and waging war against bushrangers. In later life, he compiled a fascinating, illustrated account of these years for his memoirs......... Read Squatters Reminiscences - State Library of New South Wales.

He was highly respected and when he died aged 80 on 10th April 1882, the flags were flown at half mast at Newcastle in his honour

Gravestone of John Bingle

Newcastle Cathedral Burial Ground -

Sydney Gazette 1st December 1821

Stephen Coxen Puen Buen - the Estate of John Bingle Alexander Livingstone Stephen Coxen

The following convicts were assigned to John Bingle at Puen Buen

Name Vessel Year Assigned
Charles Dix Isabella 1832 1832
Margaret Doyle Palambam 1831 1832
William Bean/ McBean Isabella 1832 1832
William Smith Georgiana 1831 1833
Charles Shepherd Portland 1832 1833
John Anderson Speke 1826 1837
William Henry Jones Mary 1833
Patrick Arnold Dorothy 1820 1828
William Compton Minerva 1821 1824
Benjamin Cordell Earl St. Vincent 1820 1824
William Smart Asia 1825 1828
Jesse Coleman Midas 1827 1828
Rachael Davies Lord Sidmouth 1823 1828
Thomas Hollands Grenada 1827 1828
Thomas Kairnan Hooghley 1825 1828
Francis Norris Hercules 1825 1828
Elizabeth Bullard Burrell 1832 1832
Margaret McConnell Diana 1833 1837
Samuel Dawes Strathfieldsaye 1836 1837
Thomas Burley Hadlow 1818 1824
William Carlyle Anne and Amelia 1825 1837
Thomas Neaves Norfolk 1837 1837
William Nuttall Hercules 1832 1837
George Newman Royal Sovereign 1835 1835
Joseph Poe Calcutta 1837 1837
Thomas Morgan Prince Regent 1827 1837
William Springall Portland 1832 1837
Henry Hughes Royal Admiral 1830 1830
John Wilson Georgiana 1831 1837
Henry Wright Susan 1834 1837
Edward Cussan Backwell 1835 1837
John Budgell Lady Kennaway 1836 1837
John Webb Susan 1834 1832
Adam Baxter Mangles 1833 1833


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Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell passed through this area in 1831. He conversed with the aboriginal tribe from the Puen Buen area.



Cadell, F.A., A Survey of Newcastle, Royal Australian Historical Society, 1936 p.387


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