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Cyrus Matthew Doyle - Lucan Park - Map 6
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Lucan Park was a grant of 360 acres to Cyrus Matthew Doyle in 1825. Another 500 acres was reserved for purchase.

Cyrus Matthew Doyle was born on 27 November 1793 at Palmerston, near Dublin, the eldest son of Andrew Doyle and Sophia Isabella, née Norris. Andrew Doyle was exiled from Ireland for life for his part in the Irish uprisings in 1798 and 1801. He arrived in Sydney in May 1803 in the Rolla; Sophia and their three eldest children, including Cyrus, came in the same ship as free more at the Australian Dictionary of Biography Online

Cyrus Doyle married Frances Biggers in 1814 and resided on the Hawkesbury river before moving to Lucan Park. After the death of Frances, he married Elizabeth Maria McDougall.

Rev. John McGarvie received a grant of 640 acres by Governor Darling on the 18th July 1828. This land was re-advertised in favour of Cyrus Matthew Doyle in 1838.

When his youngest daughter Elizabeth Maria married Alfred William Phillips in 1850, Cyrus Doyle was residing at Midlorn, Maitland.

Cyrus Matthew Doyle died on 16 March 1855.

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