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Convict and Colonial History

Joseph Steret R. N.,

Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Date of Seniority Royal Navy 10 March 1824


Joseph Steret was appointed Assistant-Surgeon on 6 December 1813. He was appointed Assistant-Surgeon to the Favourite in 1817 and to the Eurydice in January 1819. [1] He was appointed Assistant-Surgeon to the Conquerer in 1820.[2]


He was promoted to the position of Surgeon in 1824. Others promoted at the same time included Thomas Brownrigg and Andrew Douglas Wilson [3]

He was appointed Surgeon to the Bellerephon in 1824[4]. In 1825 he was transferred from the Jasper to the Ranger. [5]

Four years later he was appointed to the Challenger for foreign service [6]

His next employment was as Surgeon to the Ramilies in 1829 [7], followed by the Curacao in December 1831 [8]

Surgeon Superintendent

Joseph Steret was employed as Surgeon-Superintendent on five convict ship voyages to Australia:

Camden to NSW in 1833
Edward to VDL in 1834
Bardaster to VDL in 1836
Neptune to VDL in 1838
Gilmore to VDL in 1839

He was on the list of surgeons fit for service in 1841[9]

1841 Census (UK)

In the 1841 Census Joseph Steret is age 40. Residing in the same household at Croydon, Surry was Catherine Duff age 60 (independent); Elizabeth Duff age 25; Penelope Steret age 35 and Catherine Reid age 6.[10]


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